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List Novels (Summoning Magic) 44 Results
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Magic that can be used to call forth beigns/familars that are normally under the caster's control, but might not always. ONLY use if it plays a significant part in the story.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Abe the WizardWeb Novel2017Completed(1511)
2Age of AdeptsWeb Novel2016Completed(1513)
3ArenaWeb Novel2014Completed(201)
4Assassin’s ChronicleWeb Novel2007Completed(580)
5Custom Made Demon KingWeb NovelN/ACompleted(489)
6Dimensional SovereignWeb Novel2016Completed(179)
7Divine Beast AdventuresWeb Novel2018Completed(581)
8Doomsday Online: Supreme BlessingWeb Novel2020Completed(208)
9Evil Emperor’s Wild ConsortWeb Novel2015Completed(1799)
10FFF-Class Trashero-NovelWeb Novel2018442/428
11Fate/ZeroLight Novel2006Completed(95)
12Fey Evolution MerchantWeb NovelN/A3023/1640
13Fugitive Poison User ~I Am Somehow Recovering in a World Full of Miasma~Web Novel2017Completed(74)
14Genius WarlockWeb Novel2021437/634
15Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008Completed(1028)
16I Have a Manor in the Post-apocalyptic EraWeb NovelN/A315/569
17I Was a Sword When I ReincarnatedWeb Novel20151268/968
18ICDSWeb Novel2015Completed(353)
19In Different World with Naruto SystemWeb NovelN/ACompleted(383)
20Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to OmoimasuWeb Novel2016472/340
21Lazy Dungeon MasterWeb Novel2015565/500
22Level Up Just By EatingWeb Novel2016Completed(114)
23Long Live Summons!Web Novel20101037/1399
24Lord of the Magical BeastsWeb Novel2018750/845
25Main Character Hides His StrengthWeb Novel2016273/349
26Mitou Shoukan://Blood-SignLight Novel2014Completed(115)
27Monster ParadiseWeb Novel20171935/1758
28My Doomsday TerritoryWeb Novel2018680/857
29Only Sense OnlineLight Novel201299/150
30Pet CharmWeb Novel2013Completed(1822)
31Running Away From The Hero!Web Novel2014266/300
32Seoul-yeog NekeulomaenseoPublished Novel2016Completed(209)
33Shoujo Grand SummoningWeb Novel20151573/2000
34Skeleton Knight, in Another WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(197)
35Stunning EdgeWeb Novel2010Completed(332)
36Summoner of MiraclesWeb Novel2018372/2599
37Summoning the Holy SwordWeb Novel2012Completed(1381)
38Suterareta Yuusha no EiyuutanWeb Novel2014Completed(80)
39Taming MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(598)
40Tensei Shitara Slime Datta KenWeb Novel2013Completed(304)
41The Amber SwordWeb Novel2010877/1467
42The Urban Dao ChildWeb Novel2021Completed(632)
43Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand YearsWeb Novel20211172/867
44Versatile MageWeb Novel20153149/3214