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List Novels (Perverted Protagonist) 52 Results
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This tag is to be used when the protagonist of the story shows signs of perversion. This mainly refers to their sexual behaviour, where in they have abnormal sexual hunger.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
110 nen goshi no HikiNiito o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishitetaWeb Novel2015211/519
2A Reincarnated Mage’s Tower Dungeon ManagementWeb Novel2015Completed(106)
3Absolute ChoiceWeb Novel2016Completed(605)
4Amazing Doctor With Super VisionWeb Novel2019663/2259
5Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu‎Light Novel2007Completed(158)
6Beauty and the BodyguardWeb Novel201110859/10444
7Breakthrough with the Forbidden MasterWeb Novel2019328/397
8Castle of Black IronWeb Novel2013Completed(2015)
9Crazy DetectiveWeb Novel20172686/1505
10Devil’s Son-in-LawWeb Novel20141287/1275
11Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~Web Novel2016Completed(88)
12God Of SlaughterWeb Novel2011Completed(1618)
13Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008Completed(1028)
14Heaven-Defying Evil GodWeb Novel20142031/1927
15Heavy ObjectLight Novel2009143/150
16High School DxDLight Novel2008Completed(298)
17Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy AtaraxiaLight Novel2014139/100
18I Am Loaded with Passive SkillsWeb NovelN/A2443/1300
19I Got a Cheat and Moved to Another World, so I Want to Live as I LikeWeb Novel2016595/332
20I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space MercenaryWeb Novel2019432/400
21I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a GirlWeb Novel2012924/1360
22Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!Light Novel2013130/150
23Kyoukai Senjou no HorizonLight Novel2008660/1000
24Legend of the AsuraWeb Novel2012297/742
25Legend of the Great SageWeb Novel20121684/1662
26Level Up Just By EatingWeb Novel2016Completed(114)
27Long Live Summons!Web Novel20101037/1399
28MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary GuardianWeb Novel2011Completed(856)
29Martial King’s Retired LifeWeb Novel20161609/1842
30Mushoku TenseiWeb Novel2012Completed(285)
31My Cold and Elegant CEO WifeWeb Novel2016Completed(2512)
32My Girlfriend is a ZombieWeb Novel2011753/1362
33My Wife is a Beautiful CEOWeb Novel2011Completed(1664)
34Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014636/676
35Path to HeavenWeb Novel2011319/1286
36Portraits of BeautyWeb Novel2012Completed(2492)
37Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20164890/3521
38Red Packet ServerWeb Novel20161722/2035
39Return of the Former HeroWeb Novel2013201/261
40Shoujo Grand SummoningWeb Novel20151573/2000
41Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other WorldWeb Novel2011Completed(225)
42So Pure, So FlirtatiousWeb Novel20081621/2385
43The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can EnterWeb Novel2017146/170
44The Spearmaster and the Black CatWeb Novel2016426/864
45The Villains Need to Save the World?Web Novel2016554/1207
46Tian Zhu BianWeb Novel2011Completed(903)
47Ultimate Scheming SystemWeb Novel2016Completed(1900)
48Very Pure and Ambiguous: The PrequelWeb Novel2006Completed(745)
49Womanizing MageWeb Novel2014Completed(683)
50World Defying Dan GodWeb Novel20123819/4512
51World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm DominationWeb Novel2012Completed(562)
52Zhan LongWeb Novel20131462/1379