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List Novels (Necromancer) 44 Results
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This tag is to be used if the protagonist is a necromancer by profession, or if necromancers are an important part of the story. A necromancer is a magician/sorcerer who specializes in magic related to death, and the recreation of dead beings.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
139 – The Legend of Sun KnightChinese Novel2015Completed(14)
2Advent of the ArchmageWeb Novel2016Completed(726)
3Assassin’s ChronicleWeb Novel2007Completed(580)
4Bringing The Farm To Live In Another WorldWeb Novel20112074/11068
5Chong Sheng Zhi Zei Xing Tian XiaWeb Novel2010Completed(995)
6DD2Web Novel20121733/1729
7Demon’s DiaryWeb Novel20131276/1552
8Emperor of Solo PlayWeb Novel2015Completed(192)
9Fairy TombWeb Novel20172265/2233
10Genius WarlockWeb Novel2021357/634
11Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008Completed(1028)
12Hail the KingWeb Novel2011Completed(1635)
13Holy Emperor’s Grandson is a NecromancerWeb Novel2018Completed(384)
14I Was a Sword When I ReincarnatedWeb Novel20151111/968
15I am the MonarchWeb Novel2016334/348
16Kill the HeroWeb Novel2018Completed(276)
17MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary GuardianWeb Novel2011Completed(856)
18Maou Gakuin No FutekigoushaWeb Novel2017153/476
19Mother of LearningWeb Novel2011112/108
20My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of DeathWeb Novel2020771/1000
21Only I Am a NecromancerWeb Novel2019Completed(519)
22OverlordLight Novel2010191/200
23Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingWeb Novel2017Completed(772)
24Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?Light Novel2009222/300
25SSS-Class Suicide HunterWeb Novel2018263/400
26Seoul-yeog NekeulomaenseoPublished Novel2016Completed(209)
27Shen Yin Wang ZuoWeb Novel2011Completed(872)
28Solo LevelingWeb NovelN/ACompleted(270)
29Taming MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(598)
30TenebroumWeb Novel202280/100
31The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015377/483
32The Experimental Log of the Crazy LichWeb Novel2014Completed(840)
33The Girl Who Ate a Death GodWeb Novel2012Completed(38)
34The Great Worm LichWeb NovelN/A677/761
35The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016Completed(282)
36The Legend of Sun KnightPublished Novel2007Completed(108)
37The Legendary Moonlight SculptorWeb Novel2007695/700
38The Portal of WonderlandWeb Novel2015745/1130
39The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True LoveWeb Novel2013199/200
40The Strange Adventure of a Broke MercenaryWeb Novel2016289/384
41The Villain Who Robbed the HeroinesWeb Novel2021178/280
42The Villains Need to Save the World?Web Novel2016554/1207
43Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel2013Completed(910)
44Trash of the Count’s FamilyWeb Novel2017905/800