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List Novels (Confident Protagonist) 96 Results
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# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A World Worth ProtectingWeb Novel20181445/1457
2Abyss DominationWeb Novel2014530/1126
3Ascending the Heavens as an Evil GodWeb Novel2017588/605
4Banished to Another WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(659)
5Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!Web NovelN/A630/1979
6BreakersWeb Novel2016Completed(234)
7Custom Made Demon KingWeb NovelN/ACompleted(489)
8Dimensional SovereignWeb Novel2016Completed(179)
9Dominating Sword ImmortalWeb Novel2013913/1485
10Don't Shoot, I'm an Ally!Published Novel2018Completed(302)
11Doomsday WonderlandWeb Novel2014855/1262
12Dragon Emperor, Martial GodWeb Novel2012746/1810
13Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20143054/3221
14Dual CultivationWeb Novel20191073/?
15Dungeon DefenseKorean Novel2016Completed(54)
16Emperor FuWeb Novel2008Completed(2251)
17FFF-Class Trashero-NovelWeb Novel2018442/428
18Fairy TombWeb Novel20172265/2233
19Fatal ShotWeb NovelN/A718/1346
20Fights Break SphereWeb Novel2009Completed(1649)
21Fishing the Myriad HeavensWeb Novel2016641/1550
22Gamers of the UnderworldWeb Novel2019Completed(587)
23God Level DemonWeb Novel2016137/2963
24God Level SummonerWeb Novel2016Completed(393)
25God Of SlaughterWeb Novel2011Completed(1618)
26God of FishingWeb Novel20193710/2728
27Grasping EvilWeb Novel2013833/1243
28Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008Completed(1028)
29Great DominateWeb Novel2013Completed(1560)
30Hear My Heart: My World Falls into the River of LoveWeb Novel2016Completed(67)
31Hello, Mr. Major GeneralWeb Novel20162264/2263
32I Loot The Tomb AloneWeb NovelN/ACompleted(416)
33I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space MercenaryWeb Novel2019432/400
34I am a Gao Fushuai VillainWeb Novel2019530/1319
35ICDSWeb Novel2015Completed(353)
36In Different World with Naruto SystemWeb NovelN/ACompleted(383)
37Invincible Kungfu HealerWeb Novel20141081/1446
38King of GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(1585)
39Legend of SwordsmanWeb Novel20165490/5826
40Long Live Summons!Web Novel20101037/1399
41Mages Are Too OPWeb Novel2019Completed(800)
42Martial God SpaceWeb Novel2012951/3886
43Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient GreeceWeb Novel2019896/1324
44Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
45My Cold and Elegant CEO WifeWeb Novel2016Completed(2512)
46My Disciple Died Yet AgainWeb Novel2014Completed(394)
47My Disciples Are All VillainsWeb Novel2019Completed(1834)
48My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’Web NovelN/ACompleted(1012)
49My Wife is a Beautiful CEOWeb Novel2011Completed(1664)
50National School Prince Is A GirlWeb Novel2017Completed(1782)
51Omnipotent SageWeb Novel2010Completed(897)
52Omniscient First-Person’s ViewpointWeb Novel2021152/431
53Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014636/676
54Peerless Battle SpiritWeb Novel20152341/2526
55Pet CharmWeb Novel2013Completed(1822)
56Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come HereWeb NovelN/A1267/3122
57Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal GodWeb Novel20222290/1700
58Reign of the HuntersWeb NovelN/A488/468
59ReincarnatorWeb Novel2015Completed(493)
60Return of the AvengerWeb Novel2015Completed(1370)
61Reverend InsanityWeb Novel2012Completed(2334)
62Sangvis OverlordWeb Novel2015Completed(355)
63Sanjie DuzunWeb Novel2014Completed(2376)
64Sovereign of JudgmentWeb Novel2016Completed(211)
65Stealing The HeavensWeb Novel2011987/1201
66Tales of Herding GodsWeb Novel20171840/1516
67Taming MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(598)
68The Amber SwordWeb Novel2010877/1467
69The Divine Martial StarsWeb Novel20171035/1245
70The Founder of DiabolismWeb Novel2016Completed(128)
71The Hero ReturnsWeb NovelN/ACompleted(555)
72The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016Completed(282)
73The King’s AvatarWeb Novel2011Completed(1729)
74The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2Web Novel2015108/544
75The Lazy SwordmasterWeb Novel2016222/253
76The Legend of FutianWeb Novel20182969/2967
77The Monarch's ChronicleWeb Novel2016334/348
78The Portal of WonderlandWeb Novel2015745/1130
79The Strongest Interstellar CommanderWeb Novel2020219/1083
80The Supreme Lord DonghuangWeb NovelN/ACompleted(327)
81The Ultimate EvolutionWeb Novel2011Completed(1460)
82The World Turned into a Game After I Woke upWeb Novel2017Completed(301)
83Toaru Majutsu no IndexLight Novel2004Completed(155)
84Transmigration with QQ FarmWeb Novel2014597/666
85Transmigrator Meets ReincarnatorWeb Novel2016Completed(709)
86Trash of the Count’s FamilyWeb Novel2017949/800
87Unrivaled Medicine GodWeb Novel2015Completed(3119)
88Very Pure and Ambiguous: The PrequelWeb Novel2006Completed(745)
89Vô Địch Thiên HạWeb NovelN/A3747/3280
90War Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWeb Novel20144692/4480
91Way of the DevilWeb Novel2017773/1213
92Witch Face RaidersWeb NovelN/ACompleted(401)
93World Defying Dan GodWeb Novel20123819/4512
94Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20171847/2212
95Wuji TianxiaWeb Novel2012Completed(2275)
96ZhanxianWeb Novel20111166/2665