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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 835 Lan Yu's Mind

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Chapter 835 Lan Yu's Mind

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The Qin Alliance had many peculiar and widely circulated people.

Qin An was considered a person, but as the master of the Qin Alliance, he had never appeared before.

Guo Shuai was also an odd person, willing to be the man behind Qin An and not change his mind when he took charge of Qin An's Qin Alliance at the beginning of the twentieth year.

The Shadowless Night Demon's Daughter was naturally one of them. She was the woman behind Qin An, more like Lan Yue.

People couldn't imagine what kind of relationship she had with Qin An, and why she had been willing to be a terrible executioner for so many years in order to protect Qin An's reputation. Over the past twenty years, thousands of lives had died in the hands of the Shadowless Night Demon because of his disrespectful words towards Qin An!

In a sense, it was precisely because of the existence of the Daughter of the Night Demons that the tens of millions of people in the Qin Alliance did not forget Qin An, the so-called Alliance Master.

Before Qin An went to Zangxi, he had been wandering around, but his soul had returned to Qin Alliance a few times. At that time, he had already heard of the name of the Shadowless Night Demon Daughter. However, he could not think of who this woman was even after racking his brains.

Now that they had finally met, Qin An still didn't know who she was.

One had to know that Qin An possessed extremely strong mental energy, so his memory ability was far better than that of ordinary people.

If he had ever interacted with the Shadowless Night Demon's daughter, Qin An would have remembered her.

If they didn't intersect, why would the Shadowless Night Demon's Daughter be willing to risk her life for Qin An? This obviously didn't make sense.

Therefore, Qin An was a little confused at this moment, but he was only confused for a few seconds.

"Can you tell me your name? Just Shadowless Night Demon?"

Qin An hurriedly asked.

Shadowless Night Demon's face flushed red. He sighed and said, "No wonder you don't recognize me. After all, my current appearance is much different from back then. My original name is Li Wanhua!"

Li Wanhua? … Well, Qin An still doesn't remember who she is.

"Then Li Wanhua, do you know where the City Lord's Mansion is? Also, Qin Lan City's City Lord's Mansion is where Lan Yue lives?"

"Yes, Vice Alliance Leader Guo Shuai also lives there. The City Lord's Mansion is quite big, and there are many guards stationed nearby."

Qin An interrupted Li Wanhua and said, "Then do you know who Song Zeming is?"

"Song Zeming? He was a section chief under Qin Lan City's Finance Department, and now he was Blue Moon's most powerful pursuer. "But don't worry, they haven't had any intimate contact with each other. Furthermore, I can tell that Lan Yue doesn't really like Song Zeming. She's just too angry with you. That's why she has a few Berserk Bee Wave Butterflies around her like Song Zeming."

Hearing Li Wanhua's words, Qin An already understood that since Song Zeming knew Lan Yue, the target of him paying for someone to enter the City Lord's Mansion was likely Lan Yue! In the room, two special abilities called Liu Wenjun and Du Biao were obviously extraordinary. Moreover, Liu Wenjun had worked as an undercover agent in the Qin Alliance for five years. So, what was the purpose of her and the organization behind her? What exactly were they coming to the Qin Alliance for? Could it be that Song Zeming was one of them? Probably not? The managers of the Qin Alliance are all first-class citizens!

Without thinking too much, Qin An said to Li Wanhua, "Can you take me to the City Lord's Mansion?" At this moment, Qin An could only choose to trust the woman in front of him.

Li Wanhua did not hesitate at all. She had always regarded herself as Qin An's loyal servant, so she would carry out any request from Qin An without any objection.

"Follow me. The City Lord's Mansion is about twenty kilometers away from here. It is on the highest mountain in the south of Qin Lan City."

Qin An nodded and did not speak. Before he left, he summoned the black-haired, An Ya and the other eight blood spirits and instructed them to keep an eye on Liu Wenjun and the other two in the villa. If anything unusual happened, they would be killed. Qin An did not personally take action immediately, in order to see if he could get any more information from them.

In the next moment, Qin An did not waste any more time. He grabbed Li Wanhua's hand and led her all the way to Lan Yue's residence. As for Li Wanhua's identity, Qin An could only wait for the matter to be resolved before asking.

Qin Lan City's City Lord's Mansion was indeed very big. It was divided into a front courtyard and a back courtyard. The front courtyard was where Guo Shuai lived, and the back courtyard belonged to Lan Yue.

After returning to Qin Lan City, Lan Yue was in a bad mood.

Today was New Year's Day, and it was already eleven o'clock at night. Lan Yue was still unable to fall asleep. She was standing on the balcony of the study, looking at the night scenery of the city and feeling lonely. Even if Song Zeming stood behind Lan Yue at this moment, the loneliness in his heart did not improve at all.

Lan Yue sighed softly and said, "Zeming, there have been quite a few people chasing me these past few years. Do you know why I'm the closest of all the suitors to you?"

Song Zeming held a bottle of red wine in his hand and walked to Lan Yue's side. He smiled and shook his head, "Are we close? I haven't even pulled your hand yet … Strange to say, I've been with you for so long tonight. Why hasn't the Daughter of the Night Demons come out to cause trouble?"

Lan Yue was stunned by Song Zeming's words for a moment, then her expression turned ugly. "She is his slave, and now that her master has returned, she naturally has to show off her merits! … Zeming, let's not talk about her!"

Song Zeming saw that Lan Yue was in a bad mood, so he smiled considerately and said, "Alright, let's not talk about her. I'll accompany you whatever you want to say. Oh right, why are you so close to me amongst your many suitors? Do you like me a little?"

Lan Yue sighed again and then said, "It's because you look like Qin An. Sigh, it's been so many years. Whether it's hate or love, I still can't forget him!"

Hearing Lan Yue's words, the corner of Song Zeming's mouth twitched.

Of course, he knew the reason. There were many statues of Qin An in the seven main cities of Qin Alliance, so Song Zeming knew that he looked like Qin An. He just didn't expect Lan Yue to tell him personally, not caring about his feelings at all.

At this moment, Lan Yue suddenly said, "Choose Ming, let's get married!"

"What?!" Song Zeming was completely frightened. The red wine in his hand almost landed on the ground. The surprise came so suddenly that he couldn't believe it.

I want to see Qin An's reaction and also want to make him feel embarrassed. After all, I am the woman he married openly. If he chose to remarry at the moment of his return, what kind of mood do you think he would have?

Choi Ming, are you willing to help me? "

Lan Yue turned to look at Song Zeming, her eyes filled with anticipation.

Song Zeming's face turned a little pale. It turned out that his position in Lan Yue's heart was not even Bei Tai, it was just a tool to test her true love.

Song Zeming smiled faintly. His smile was filled with sorrow. Even Lan Yue, who was completely focused on Qin An, could feel it. This made Lan Yue feel a little embarrassed.

"Well, after all, I love you so much, so I won't refuse your request.

Lan Yue, we've known each other for a few years. Can we not think about others now?

Today is the New Year of 2040. Let's not talk about love and affection, but simply wish each other a happy New Year, okay? "

As he spoke, Song Zeming poured two glasses of red wine and handed one of the glasses to Lan Yue.

Perhaps because she realized that what she said was a little unfair to Song Zeming, Lan Yue did not decline apologetically.

She took the initiative to drink all the red wine in one gulp and then said to the handsome man in front of her,

"Choose bright, I'm sorry, maybe some of my practices hurt you.

Happy New Year, anyway!

Another year has passed. How old are you? Thirty? Or 31?

"Ah, although I look younger than you, my real age is already in my early fifties, so it's really not suitable for us."

Song Zeming's gaze was very calm. He watched as Lan Yue drank all the wine in her hand, but he did not drink the wine in his hand. Instead, he placed it on the windowsill.

He looked into Lan Yue's eyes and whispered, "Since it's inappropriate, why didn't you reject me when I chased after you? For so many years, did you only treat me as your toy?"

Lan Yue was stunned for a moment and felt that Song Zeming's tone was a little strange. However, she did not say anything because she did not know how to answer Song Zeming's question.

Song Zeming shifted his gaze away from Lan Yue and leaned on the balcony railing to look at the city lights below.

"Lan Yue, my parents are both first-class citizens. I grew up in Qin Lan City.

Actually, I started to like you when I was very young.

I admit that when you grow up, your thoughts of marrying you are not simple. After all, you are the City Lord of Qin Lan City and the woman of the Honorary Alliance Leader of Qin Alliance.

In other words, marrying you is equivalent to possessing Qin Lan City and the wife of Honorary Alliance Master Qin An. What a great honor!

That's why I've been chasing after you. It's been hard!

I'm very handsome, aren't I? In Qinlan City, they have some status, so there are actually many women who actively pursue me. They are even willing to strip naked and lie on my bed as my wreck at any time, but I have always disdained them. This is all because of you!

I want to give you the best impression that I don't want anyone to catch anything, so now that I'm 31, I'm still a virgin. As for the man, he hasn't interacted with any other woman!

But yours? I haven't even pulled my hand in all these years!

Hmph, although there is a reason for the Shadowless Night Demon's Daughter, Lan Yue, ask yourself, if you really have some affection for me, will our relationship be like this? Will there be no development at all? Therefore, the Shadowless Night Demon's Daughter is only an excuse for you! You have already rejected all the men in Qin Lan City with her help, but you always say that you are a widow, wanting to find a new love, giving those of us who pursue you a sliver of hope! Don't you think it's selfish and shameless? "

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