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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 836 Lan Yu Captured

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Chapter 836 Lan Yu Captured

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Lan Yue was a little dizzy from Song Zeming's words.

After all, she was no longer a little girl. Although she felt that what she had said earlier might be a little inappropriate and had caused harm to Song Zeming, she did not blame herself too much. She felt a little more surprised in her heart.

She could not understand the Song Zeming in front of her, because his performance was much different from usual.

"If I hurt you, I can apologize. But Zeming, what's wrong with you? The current you make me feel so unfamiliar."

Song Zeming abruptly turned around and looked at Lan Yue. The expression on his face had already become somewhat ferocious.

Lan Yue's heart became much clearer. She quickly retreated, her face turning pale as she said in a trembling voice, "What did you put in the red wine you gave me?"

Song Zeming finally revealed his true colors and laughed,

"Did you find out? But it seems too late.

Lan Yue, although you are older than me, you are still too naive!

Do you think I grew up in Qin Lan City and know my roots? Am I someone you can trust?

You look at people too simply!

If not for the Night Demon Daughter and Guo Shuai, I have a hundred ways to make you obediently become my woman!

Hmph, what a pity! Now I can't wait any longer. Didn't that damn Qin An come back? Look at your current appearance, you haven't even seen his face yet, yet you want to impatiently throw yourself into his embrace! If you see him, don't you just put yourself in his bed!

Bitch. Woman! I won't let you succeed!

Since you think of me as a toy that you can throw away, then I can naturally treat you as a woman who can do her best!

I will take you away from the Qin Alliance to a place where no one can find you!

I will return all the disregard and insult you have shown me over the years, and make you the most miserable woman in the world!

Lan Yue, your fault is that you trust me too much, and then you don't value me!

If you don't want to have any results with me, you shouldn't tell me all the secrets of your Sword God Physique.

In the wine you drank earlier, I put in a little seasoning. I heard that it can make you lose your ability.

If you lose your ability, what kind of weak woman will you become?

Thinking that the First Lady of the Qin Alliance would one day beg for mercy under me, I felt that all of this was worth it! Haha! "

At this moment, Song Zeming had lost all rationality and entered the state of a madman.

Lan Yue bit her lips tightly, feeling sad both physically and mentally. She knew that Song Zeming was not lying, because she had already lost her ability. In other words, the wine she had just drank contained the ingredients of a mysterious drug.

She really looked down on the hearts of the people. She did not expect that Song Zeming, who grew up in Qin Lan City, would actually use such extreme methods to deal with her.

At this moment, two men with transparent wings on their backs flew over from afar and finally landed on the balcony.

Lan Yue used the moonlight to look at their faces and discovered that both of them were Caucasian foreigners.

After they arrived, they looked at Lan Yue and Song Zeming. One of them said in a very poor Chinese,

"Song, our people have already been arranged. We can leave with our target. Also, don't forget to bring your money with you. Otherwise, we won't be able to complete the transaction!"

Lan Yue had been the City Lord for more than twenty years. Although she wasn't a woman with a high IQ, she still had the temperament of a high-ranking person.

Therefore, in the face of danger, she no longer had any fear in her heart. She looked at Song Zeming and said coldly,

"You actually found an Adept outside? Who are they?"

Song Zeming said, "Naturally, you're here to help me! Even if you don't have any abilities, as an ordinary person, I still don't have the ability to bring you away. Moreover, that Shadowless Night Demon is always everywhere. I still need to find someone to deal with her!"

As he spoke, Song Zeming turned around and looked at the two westerners. "One hundred thousand apocalyptic gold coins. I secretly shipped them to a place outside the Nine Dragons Mountain Range. You can take them to the black market in Zangxi and get a lot of weapons!"

When Lan Yue heard Song Zeming's words, she felt more at ease. It seemed that these two Western abilities were indeed hired by Song Zeming on a temporary basis. In other words, Song Zeming did not have any other conspiracies other than wanting to capture her.

However, at this moment, Lan Yue did not feel any guilt towards Song Zeming. She said coldly,

'"Song Zeming, so you're actually this kind of person? A hundred thousand gold coins in the apocalypse world? If you convert it into one million gold coins in the Qin Alliance, it would be equivalent to a hundred million yuan before the apocalypse!" It seems like you've been planning for yourself in the Ministry of Finance for the past few years.

When you said that I thought of you as a toy that could be thrown away at any time, I still felt a little guilty.

Now that I've heard what you said, I don't think it's necessary at all.

You are a rotten person from the bottom of your bones, why should I like you?

Also, do you think you're smart?

I don't have any abilities now, and you are already an ordinary person. If we follow them out of the Qin Alliance's sphere of influence, we will be entering an apocalyptic world without any rules!

At that time, life and death will all be in their minds. Aren't you afraid that you will do a loss business that will cost you your wife and your soldiers?

If they snatch the gold coins, snatch me away, and then kill you! What can you do? Do you have any last moves? Or are you actually hiring another batch of people to protect you? "

After Lan Yue came to her senses in a hurry, she grabbed onto the main point of the matter and said something that made Song Zeming stupid.

At this moment, the two Western Adepts revealed a faint smile on their faces. One of the people who had just spoken said,

"Blue Moon City Lord hello, we have long heard of your name, so now that we meet, also make a self-introduction.

We're not mercenaries from any small faction.

My name is Alex Kingland, and my companion's name is Bernice Butler.

You can call me Alex, call him Butler. We are all from Europe. Have you ever heard of the Sect of Acts? "

European Gate. Order of Apprentices!

Lan Yu was shocked! She had naturally heard the name of this organization.

After the apocalypse erupted, the government organizations of various countries almost disappeared, and many large and small forces appeared one after another.

Among them, the more famous forces were:

A gang alliance in the United States and Canada;

American government organization said to be based in New Moon City on the Moon;

Headquartered in Russia, the birthplace is China's Heavenly Fate Religion;

The Three Great Forces of Chinese Jiulong Mountain Alliance;

Organization of the Government of Zangxi;

Mo Ling Sect in Korea, China and Korea;

A Heavenly Seal sect in southern India;

And the strongest faction in Europe, the Catholic Church!

Lan Yue couldn't understand why the disciples of the Sect would appear in Qin Lan City. One had to know that the relationship between the Qin Alliance and the Sect and Disciple Guild did not violate the rules of the river!

Hearing what Alex said, Song Zeming's expression was a little strange.

Actually, he didn't know that the people he hired were actually disciples of the Sect. Originally, he thought that they were just ordinary wandering abilities, and happened to receive this business after he encountered them.

However, at this time, Song Zeming had no way out. He had already fought against Lan Yue. If he didn't let the operation continue, he wouldn't be able to continue to stay in the Qin Alliance in the future.

Therefore, he began to persist in urging Alex to stop talking nonsense and act quickly.

Naturally, Alex was willing to help. His purpose in coming here was to take Lan Yu away.

The house that Lan Yue lived in was a separate three-story pavilion. It was built at the highest altitude in Qin Lan City. Around Lan Yue's house were the residences of some guards and servants.

The fact that Qin Alliance could become a famous organization in the apocalypse was not a waste of reputation. Moreover, Qin Lan City was the leader of the seven cities of Qin Alliance, so there would naturally be some experts in the city.

Among them was the head guard of Lan Yu, a second-generation fifth-grade mutant named Han Gang.

Han Gang is only twenty-eight years old this year. Although he was born before the apocalypse, because he grew up in the apocalypse, he can be considered a person of the post-apocalyptic era.

Both of his parents were mutants, and now both held positions in Qin Lan City's military headquarters. He lived in the City Lord's Mansion and was specifically responsible for protecting Lan Yue's safety. Guo Shuai naturally had other guards as well, and he had already followed Guo Shuai to Qin City.

After patrolling the backyard of the City Lord's Mansion for a while, Han Gang planned to arrange vigil staff, and then went to sleep by himself.

As the captain of the guards, it was naturally impossible for him to keep vigil every day.

Moreover, Qin Lan City's security was not bad, and it was impossible for them to enter the highest level of alert every day.

After Han Gang arranged for the night watchman, he came to Lan Yue's house again and walked around, wanting to see if there was anything wrong.

Han Gang was a night vision ability, so when he turned to the south side of Lan Yu's house, he saw four people standing on the balcony of Lan Yu's three bedrooms, which was 70 to 80 meters away from him.

Among them, he knew Lan Yue and Song Zeming, and who were the two tall men wearing black cloaks who could only see their backs?

This question had just arisen in Han Gang's heart, and something shocking had happened to him.

The cloaks of the two tall men were suddenly raised, and then transparent wings appeared on their backs. In the next moment, they grabbed Lan Yue and Song Zeming respectively and took them flying!

"Not good!"

Han Gang cried out in alarm and quickly called out to the guards. Although these people did not have the ability to fly, they already had plans to deal with some flying abilities.

There are some domesticated flying mutated beasts in Lan Yu's courtyard.

Han Gang brought along more than 30 Adept Guards and mounted these flying mutated beasts to quickly chase after the two Birdmen who had captured Lan Yu. At the same time, he also had the news of the City Lord being captured reported to the other senior management personnel in the city.

Ten minutes later, the entire Qin Lan City was in complete chaos. However, at this time, the two invaders with wings had already left Qin Lan City with Lan Yue and Song Zeming, heading north. It was as if only Han Gang and his group were still pursuing them relentlessly.

Of course, Han Gang did not know that other than them, there were two people chasing after him from the city. They were Qin An and the Night Demon's daughter!

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