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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 834 An Unexpected Reversal

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Chapter 834 An Unexpected Reversal

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After all, Qin Alliance was still a place where the rule of law was upheld.

Wang Dashan was Liu Wenjun's household registration introducer. It was precisely because of Wang Dashan's guarantee and recommendation that Liu Wenjun could become a fourth-class citizen.

However, Wang Dashan didn't mean well. He had his own goals.

As an old woman in her forties, Liu Wenjun was quite beautiful.

After the apocalypse, the physical fitness of humans had been greatly improved. Wang Dashan, an old man in his seventies, was still able to do things between husband and wife. However, his wife and family had already died when the apocalypse erupted, so he could only go and get other women.

These past few years, Wang Dashan had played quite a bit, but women's beauty was average, and they were all older. That was why he had always been thinking about Liu Wenjun, but because of this woman's refusal, he had never succeeded. He did not dare to force himself on him. It was the same saying. Qin Alliance was a place where there was a rule of law.

This time, Wang Dashan had caught hold of Liu Wenjun, so he naturally had to make good use of it.

Therefore, what Qin An saw was Wang Dashan using Liu Wenjun's fault to threaten her.

In the room of the villa, Liu Wenjun seemed to have compromised. At this moment, he took off all his clothes and wiggled his butt in front of Wang Dashan, following Wang Dashan's orders and doing some seductive actions.

Wang Dashan was naked as well. His entire body was covered in wrinkles, and he looked as if he was going to die of old age. However, he was still energetic, and his lower body had already reacted to Liu Wenjun's stimulation.

Qin An thought for a moment and took out a bottle of red wine from his Tian Qi Ring. He opened the bottle cap and drank heavily, completely wasting the value of this bottle of good wine.

He didn't want to meddle.

In the apocalypse, there were too many things like this. Although Wang Dashan was not considered a gentleman, Liu Wenjun was obviously not a virgin. If the two of them exchanged for the same price, this could only be considered a business at most.

Twenty-five years after the apocalypse, the moral code was different from before. Even Qin An, who considered himself to be a good person at the Virgin level, did not feel that there was anything wrong with the scene in front of him. It could be seen how much the world had changed.

A hint of excitement even rose in Qin An's blood. Although he was knowledgeable and had seen countless women's bodies with his clairvoyant vision, he was still interested in the big drama that was about to be played out in front of him. This was peeping! Then the reason why Qin An felt a little ashamed before was because he realized that there were obviously many problems with the population hierarchy he had formulated back then. It seemed that the decision of a superior was very important, and he had to be cautious!

However, Qin An was now an open-minded person. Qin Alliance was no longer his Qin City, so he could not decide whether the population hierarchy should continue to be implemented. At the very least, this matter would allow him to reflect on himself. In the future, when he built his own city, he would definitely not be able to set up a population hierarchy. Otherwise, in a few decades, the rules of inequality might not be the same.

Qin An licked his lips gently. At this moment, he looked down on himself. He whispered to himself, "Qin An, you are actually a scum wearing the outer skin of the Holy Mother. See yourself clearly and be a good person!"

Of course, Qin An was also very proud. After all, he had protected his nature for so many years. Although there were times when evil thoughts would burst forth in his heart, he still insisted on being a good person.

At this time, the men and women in the room had reached a critical moment. Liu Wenjun walked to Wang Dashan's side and sat on the old man's lap.

Qin An couldn't help but sigh. The apocalypse was really a good thing for the survivors.

Before the apocalypse, many men had almost entered the decadent stage when they were in their fifties or sixties. Look at the old man in front of them. He was still in his seventies, but he was still able to use the might of a dragon and the might of a tiger. This was the best gift for people in the apocalypse, wasn't it? At least for men!

Qin An drank another mouthful of wine and found a very big tree in the neighborhood. He jumped onto the tree trunk and half lay down to see the scenery in the room.

The ability to see through was a special experience. Although Qin An was still about fifty meters away from the two of them, and there were two walls between them, he could still clearly see the situation over there.

Just as the passion drama was about to begin, an unexpected change suddenly occurred to Qin An. The following plot also underwent a complete reversal, making people somewhat overwhelmed!

In the room where Wang Dashan and Liu Wenjun were, a burly man without any clothes suddenly appeared.

Qin An frowned slightly. What was the situation? Before this big fellow appeared, he actually didn't notice anything. Could it be that this kid would be invisible?

Wang Dashan also saw the big man. He was so shocked that his mouth widened and he shouted, "Who are you? Why did you appear in my house?"

The naked man ignored Wang Dashan and said to Liu Wenjun,

"Stinking bitch, chatter. Hurry up and finish it. Don't you know you're going to take action today?"

The previously reluctant Liu Wenjun's expression had completely changed. He looked somewhat seductive.

"Du Biao, you're really annoying. Why are you trying to disturb my interest? Do your actions have anything to do with me?"

"Do you think I'm willing to come? You're such a pervert. It's fine if you like the old man. You still have to pretend that you don't want to be hurt. I can't stand to watch you! You're so fucking disgusting!"

That fellow Song Zeming has already handed over the first batch of gold coins to us. These gold coins are very useful. Be it in Qin Alliance or Zangxi, they can buy large quantities of materials. Our people have already entered the City Lord's Mansion. It won't be long before we can capture the target and bring him out of the city.

"You've been hiding here for five years. The higher-ups said that you should be promoted. You can return to the organization and come back after receiving the reward. So follow us!"

Liu Wenjun sighed, then curled his lips and said, "Alright, wait for me for a few minutes, my side will be over soon!"

After saying that, she turned to look at Wang Dashan and revealed an exceptionally seductive smile.

"Old man, didn't you always want to chase me away? I'll let you do as you wish today, but if you want to play with me, you'll have to pay the price. That's your soul!"

As he spoke, Liu Wenjun abruptly lowered his head and kissed Wang Dashan's mouth. After that, Wang Dashan's face turned pale. His eyes began to fill with blood, and his entire body began to twitch.

Qin An quickly jumped down from the tree. A teleportation did not enter the room, but only reached the outside wall of the villa.

Qin An focused his attention and opened his clairvoyant eyes. He looked through Wang Dashan's external body and saw the internal structure of his body.

Liu Wenjun was spitting a fist-sized ball of flesh and blood into Wang Dashan's mouth. Then, the ball of flesh and blood began to wriggle rapidly. It didn't take long for it to pass through Wang Dashan's esophagus and enter his stomach before stopping!

This scene looked terrifying, but it was also somewhat disgusting. At the very least, Qin An almost spat out all the wine he had drunk tonight after seeing it.

His mind began to circulate rapidly.

Liu Wenjun was actually an undercover agent hiding in Qin Lan City? Then which faction did she belong to? Heavenly Fate Sect or Late Spirit Sect? What exactly was their goal?

Previously, a big man named Du Biao said that their people had already entered the City Lord's Mansion. What kind of target were they going to capture?

City Lord's Mansion? Where is the City Lord's Mansion? Could it be Qin Lan City?

One had to know that the City Lord of Qinlan City was Lan Yue!

Could it be that they were going to catch Lan Yue? Who was Song Zeming who paid them gold coins to do these things?

At this time, Wang Dashan in the room had already lost all consciousness, as if his soul had been devoured.

The meatballs that entered his stomach exploded and turned into hundreds of three-inch-long giant worms. These worms had sharp teeth and began to quickly devour Wang Dashan's internal organs when they appeared. A few of them crawled into Wang Dashan's head and ate his brain.

From the outside, Wang Dashan was still intact, but his body was already covered in moths.

Liu Wenjun was extremely excited. She did not let Wang Dashan go because he had turned into a puppet. Wang Dashan's lower body remained the same as before. Liu Wenjun sat on him and willfully twisted his body, indulging in the desire that grew from the depths of the dark side of human nature!

Qin An was no longer in the mood to pay attention to this matter. He raised his hand and drank all the wine in the red wine bottle in one gulp.

After that, he activated the super hearing enhancement state. His hearing could reach a range of 17 to 18 kilometers. He wanted to find Qin Lan City's City Lord's Mansion to ensure that Blue Moon was safe.

Right at this moment, a beautiful woman wearing a tight black suit suddenly appeared beside Qin An.

Qin An was naturally shocked. At the same time, he couldn't understand why there were so many people in Qin Lan City who could be invisible.

If the other party could not be invisible, it was impossible for him to suddenly appear beside him without him noticing anything.

However, invisibility was a very special ability. It was not something a traditional Adept could possess!

This kind of invisibility was not the kind of ability that could only conceal one's body and still exist in space, because if it was the latter, even if Qin An could not see it, he could still hear their movements with his super hearing.

Just as Qin An thought that the woman who appeared next to him was the enemy and was about to attack, the woman suddenly knelt in front of Qin An and said softly with a trembling voice,

"Benefactor, you've finally returned. The sinful woman known as the Shadowless Night Demon greets you! It's a great honor for me to meet you again in this lifetime!"

Qin An was frightened by the black-clothed woman's words. He didn't expect that she was actually the legendary Shadowless Night Demon's daughter!

What did she call herself? Benefactor?

Qin An opened his eyes wide and looked at the woman's appearance.

She did not use a black veil to cover her face. In fact, even if it was covered, it would be useless to Qin An.

The woman looked to be in her early twenties. This was obviously impossible, because she had been in the Qin Alliance for more than twenty years! Therefore, women should be affected by Qin An's ability to symbiosis, so they did not grow old, or even become younger.

She had an exquisite and delicate face, her features bright and handsome, and she seemed to have a trace of heroism.

A woman's neck is long and her skin is delicate.

She was about 1.6 meters tall, well-proportioned, and in a moderate proportion. She could be considered a pretty lady in all respects.

However, the problem was that Qin An found that he did not know her and did not even have the slightest impression of her.

Who was this woman who had existed in the Qin Alliance for more than twenty years, accompanied by the night and blood?

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