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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 833 Impact

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Chapter 833 Impact

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843 Impact

Before Qin An's apocalypse, he did not like to drink, but in the apocalypse, he became an alcoholic. Although he hadn't reached the realm of no wine, he still drank every time he drank wine.

At noon, he finally arrived at Qin City and drank with everyone until midnight.

At the banquet, Qin An shed tears. Fortunately, after so many years of apocalypse, most of the people he cared about were still alive. Qin An also cried bitterly, for those who had left some footprints in his life but were no longer in the world, such as Li Wenjie, another Wang Fang, and his wife Weng Lan…

After sobbing and getting drunk, Qin An left the banquet hall of Qin City and activated the Extreme Speed ability to run through the mountains alone for more than a hundred kilometers before entering Qin Lan City.

Qin Lan City, what an interesting name. It seems to be the epitome of Qin An and Weng Lan's names. But now, Weng Lan doesn't know where she is and whether she is alive or not. In the city, there was another woman he was worried about, Lan Yue…

At this moment, Qin An did not want to see Lan Yue, nor did he want to see anyone familiar with her. He just wanted to walk around alone to calm his heart.

Tonight was really a bit chaotic. During the dinner party,

Cheng Gang denounced Qin An for seducing his daughter Cheng Jiayao.

Wang Hui expressed her deep admiration for Qin An, saying that she didn't want much, just didn't want to miss it.

Although Wang Yunzhi did not say much, she had been looking at Qin An affectionately all night.

Ling'er, Shi Dali, Cheng Jiayao, Shangguan Feiyan, He Tianyu, Luo Lan, Gong Xue, and many others also looked at Qin An with their eyes. However, the emotions in their eyes were hatred, anger, disdain, curiosity, and jealousy!

Lu Lu's parents Lu Li and Li Lu's family came to toast Qin An, naturally to express their gratitude for saving his life back then.

The brothers and sisters of the Thirteen Wolf Cavalry also drank countless cups of wine with Qin An.

Guo Shuai, who had changed from a little fatty to a big handsome guy, was naturally very happy to see Qin An again. However, he had become much more reserved than when he was a child, making Qin An somewhat confused. He did not know how to mention Guo Shuai's prediction about the final outcome between them.

The female giant Lu Ya also went to join in the fun, causing quite a stir when she appeared.

In short, many emotions collided together, making Qin An unable to handle it. After wandering alone for more than twenty years, he yearned for friendship and family, but when these things surged towards him like cheap goods in the supermarket, he was afraid and chose to flee in the end!

As the saying goes, everything goes, everything you have is too much, so it's not a good thing!

At this moment, it was still January 1, 2040.

At eleven o'clock in the night, Qin Lan City was decorated with lanterns and colorful lights. The streets were filled with people who had come out to party to welcome the New Year.

This city was different from the metropolis before the apocalypse. Because it was built in the mountains, the terrain was very winding, highlighting an apocalyptic style of beautiful scenery.

A residential building was a hundred meters tall, but it was surrounded by an incomparably majestic peak of Optimus Prime. There were many bridges between the building and the peak of the pillars, allowing people living in the building to directly reach the peak of the pillars from their homes, while there were natural forest parks over there.

In some places, the terrain was relatively low and the pot was filled. In the early years, it was originally a forest filled with trees. Now, the trees were no longer there. The architects used the terrain to build a huge sports hall here. The natural slope became the seat, and the pot was paved to be the sports ground.

There were also towering trees that had not been cut down, and among them rose rows of houses, all the way to the top of the canopy. Living here naturally requires a touch of emotion, Birds could be heard in the daytime and bugs could be heard in the evenings. Although it was noisy, there were still many people who were willing to stay here. Because when they woke up in the morning, they could see the rising sun shining through the leaves of the trees. It was a feeling that no outsider could express.

In the apocalypse, people are more knowledgeable about enjoying life and are more willing to pursue individuality. This is a spiritual gift brought to people by the great era!

At this time, Qin An was walking on the mountain road. This section of road was not steep. There were trees on both sides, and the end point of the road was a huge square. People who lived nearby could usually climb the stairs to exercise, or take the short-distance rail bus built on the hillside to the plaza. After more than 20 years of construction, Qin Lan City was already an apocalyptic city with perfect public facilities. Even compared to Noah City, it didn't give them the slightest bit of trouble.

The breeze blew past, bringing a burst of cold air, but Qin An felt exceptionally comfortable. The pressure in his heart seemed to lessen a lot, and his drunk mind became clearer.

At this moment, the conversation between a couple hundreds of meters away suddenly entered Qin An's ears, causing him to frown.

The woman was crying as she prayed.

"Brother Wang, please don't do this. Please let me go."

The man's voice sounded,

"I won't force you. I'm not the one who made the mistake. If you don't want to do it, you can leave now. I'm too lazy to waste my breath on you during the Spring Festival."

The man's voice was deep and old. It was obvious that he was no longer young.

Qin An turned around and looked in the direction of the voice. On the other side of the forest, there was a villa area. In the living room of one of the villas, an old man who looked to be sixty or seventy years old was sitting naked on the sofa. Three meters away from him, there was a woman who was only forty years old.

This woman's face was not bad, and her figure was also very plump. At this moment, her clothes were a little untidy, and her face was very pale.

After stopping for a few seconds, Qin An left the mountain climbing path and entered the woods. He walked towards the villa. Anyway, he was also strolling around, so he naturally didn't mind going to see the liveliness.

At this time, the interaction between the old man and the middle-aged woman was still going on. When Qin An walked slowly to the villa for seven or eight minutes, he had already understood what had happened between the two of them. After that, Qin An's heart was greatly touched, and he actually felt a little ashamed.

This old man's name was Wang Dashan, and the middle-aged woman's name was Liu Wenjun. They were all very ordinary people in Misty Mountain City, but they were different in nature.

The Qin Alliance was now a huge force with tens of millions of people, but its origin was still Qin City, the super prison that Qin An had arrived at in order to seek refuge.

Although Qin An did not stay in Qin City for long before leaving, as the owner of Qin City at that time, Qin An still did some things. First, he set up his own team and set some policies.

One of the policies was very special, and that was the population classification system of Qin City.

Because of the mistrust between people in the apocalypse, the native people of Qin City were naturally reluctant to accept outsiders. Back then, Qin An had created a hierarchical citizenship system so that outsiders could be accepted, so that those who were passionate in the apocalypse could have a place to live in peace.

In this system, senior citizens have access to more resources, better living conditions, and the right to recommend guarantees and supervision for the advancement of foreign citizens.

Such a system had been preserved since Qin An had formulated it, and it continued to this day. Therefore, there was still a hierarchy of residents in Qin Lan City.

Low-level citizens naturally wanted to become high-level citizens. Only in this way could they obtain more food resources and a better living environment.

In order to restrict the rights of senior citizens, Qin An also formulated some rules for the demotion of citizens at that time. The meaning of the rules was the same as the literal meaning. If senior citizens made mistakes, they would be demotioned in the end.

Wang Dashan was a second-class citizen, while Liu Wenjun was only a fourth-class citizen. This was the difference between them.

As a second-class citizen, Wang Dashan did not need to work in production. He used to be a soldier and was responsible for protecting the safety of the city. Now that he had retired because he was older, he could get very good retirement protection. Being able to live in this villa area proved that he was doing well.

Liu Wenjun joined the Qin Alliance in the twentieth year of the apocalypse. In other words, he had lived here for five years. Normally, a low-level citizen who had lived in the Qin Alliance for more than three years would be promoted to a third-class citizen with an introducer. However, Liu Wenjun had a special situation, and that was, there was a flowing character on her forehead, which meant that she was a vagrant.

Qin Alliance was willing to accept vagrants, but they were always treated with colored glasses. Thus, although Liu Wenjun had joined Qin Alliance for a few years and had Wang Dashan as his voucher, who he had known since the early days of the apocalypse, he was still only a fourth-class citizen.

As a fourth-class citizen, Liu Wenjun was unable to live in Qin Lan's main city. He could only live in a stronghold fifteen kilometers away from Qin Lan City.

Almost all of the people living in this village were fourth-class citizens. They had to work hard and pay taxes in kind to Qin Lan City. Qin Lan City provided them with a place to live and an absolute safety guarantee for their lives.

Before the apocalypse, Jiulong Mountain was only a huge mountain in the wilderness, but now it has become a precious land with an inch of land and an inch of gold.

Originally, as a fourth-class citizen, his life was not bad, and he was no different from the ordinary working class before the apocalypse. At the very least, Liu Wenjun would be able to eat his fill every month, and he would be able to exchange some of his savings for gold coins to deposit in the bank. Liu Wenjun was already satisfied living alone here.

But just two days ago, when she was harvesting a winter crop in the mountain forest, she accidentally set the field on fire, causing almost an acre of crops to be completely destroyed.

Actually, this wasn't a big deal. Qin Alliance's policy was more humane. The most serious punishment for this kind of thing was to deduct some wages. It could be considered a duty mistake.

However, Liu Wenjun took advantage of the fact that there was no one nearby to conceal this matter. Then the nature of this matter was somewhat complicated. According to the laws of the Qin Alliance, it was a crime to conceal one's negligence without reporting it. Citizens above the third grade are subject to heavy fines, Fourth-class citizens would be directly demoted to fifth-class citizens. They would be expelled to live in the Tramp Camp near the Nine Dragons Mountain Range. There, they would not be able to get jobs and relief, but would also be bullied by the manager of the Tramp Camp. Liu Wenjun, an unaccompanied middle-aged woman, would definitely become a meat seller.

If this matter was really concealed, it would be fine. However, Wang Dashan had witnessed everything that day!

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