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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 832 See You Again

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Chapter 832 See You Again

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Wang Hui and Wang Yunzhi were naturally because of Qin An. The two women hadn't had any conflicts with any men for so many years, so they couldn't forget about Qin An. Among them, Wang Yunzhi was different from Wang Hui. She possessed the Earth Seal Sword God in her body and had a husband-and-wife relationship with Qin An back then.

Weng Die was also a little excited because she was about to see Qin An. This was a special feeling. Qin An was his brother-in-law and the person who saved her life in the early Doomsday. Of course, there was very little love in this kind of emotion. After all, Qin An had never expressed any love to her. She also felt that her relationship with Qin An was just a family affair. Weng Die was still single. It wasn't that she didn't want to find a man to marry. However, her IQ was a little high. Anyone who approached her, she could quickly understand their thoughts through some small details. The love between men and women is not simple in itself, some people are for the sake of sex, some people are for the sake of power, some people just want to have a rely. Weng Die, who understood the intentions of men, could not make up her mind to marry someone. As a result, she slowly turned into a leftover woman, finally becoming a leftover Qi Tian who was over fifty years old. Fortunately, she hadn't aged yet and still looked like she was in her twenties. Otherwise, she would have truly lamented the ruthlessness of time.

The reason why Qin Bing was excited was because of Qin Xiaoyan. He had already received some information about Qin Xiaoyan from the guide. Sure enough, her sister was still alive. She never thought that she would become the host of the Sword God Body like her brother-in-law, Qin An. She had been living in Zangxi all these years. And it is very likely that Qin An will arrive in Qin City with him this time. How could he not be excited? Twenty-five years after the apocalypse, the siblings had been separated. The so-called long separation and reunion was a great blessing in life!

The guide Guo Shuai sent was his personal soldier, so he knew a little about Qin An, including his former friends. Therefore, Shi Jing had also heard from the guide that Big Brother Batian and Sister-in-law Guo Xiaomei were together, so she was looking forward to seeing her siblings again.

Big Dipper was a real person. The most dangerous moment of his life was when he was trapped underground with Qin Bing, the mother of Qin Bing, He Qin. That time, Qin An had saved them from the well, so Big Dipper would never forget this life-saving kindness. How could he not be happy to see his savior again?

Wang Fang, on the other hand, was because of her son, Fang Lei!

She always knew that her son Fang Lei was in Qin City, but after landing in Lushun port, she fled to North Korea to avoid the tornado and then turned to South Korea. Over there, like Big Dipper and Qin Bing, she met her sweetheart, became a family, and quickly had her own child.

Unfortunately, they accidentally made a grudge with the people of the Spirit Severing Sect, and their families died miserably in the end. As a result, they had been wandering around these years, killing many people of the Spirit Severing Sect as revenge for their families.

When the group got off the three planes, Wang Fang saw Fang Lei standing beside Guo Shuai at first glance. Fang Lei didn't recognize his mother in the crowd because Wang Fang looked to be in her twenties. As one of the Thirteen Wolf Cavalry, she had shared the same tribulation with Qin An. She had also been saved by Qin An, so she naturally couldn't forget Qin An's kindness. The ability to sympathize with oneself worked on her.

Wang Fang ran towards Fang Lei with tears running down her cheeks and threw herself into his embrace.

Fang Lei was stunned and looked at Guo Shuai helplessly.

He was now a middle-aged upper echelon who was almost fifty years old. Although he looked to be only thirty years old, he was no longer a spearhead. Therefore, he did not have much surprise or surprise at the sudden encounter. Instead, he was more frightened.

Just as he was about to push away the young woman in his arms, Wang Fang raised her head and looked into Fang Lei's eyes with tears in her eyes. She said in a trembling voice, "Xiao Lei, can't you recognize me?" I'm your mother! That's right. Perhaps it's because I acquired a special ability that I didn't grow old. Instead, I became younger. Haha, a seventy-year-old granny looks like a twenty-year-old girl, so it's not your fault for not recognizing her. "But Xiao Lei, you're taking a good look. You're recalling what your mother looked like when you were young. Have you really forgotten about me?"

Fang Lei was petrified!

He thought that his mother had died a long time ago, so even if he discovered that the woman in his arms looked a little similar to the mother he remembered, he did not dare to think that way.

Hearing Wang Fang's crying, his heart went blank and he didn't know how to think.

"Mom… Mom? You're my mom?"

Fang Lei replied in a dull voice. Wang Fang heard her son call her mother after more than twenty years away, and her emotions became even more intense. She hugged Fang Lei tightly again. Finally, Fang Lei finally confirmed his mother's identity. His eyes were filled with tears, and he could not help but feel helpless.

At this time, the convoy from Sword Sharp City stopped nearby.

The first person to get off the first carriage was also a young woman in her twenties. Her name was Yun Duo, one of the Thirteen Wolf Cavalry of the past.

Yun Duo was Weng Die's assistant before the apocalypse. After the apocalypse, she met Qin An in Misty Mountain City and became an Adept.

Back then, when Ruyan City fled and landed, Cloud was walking with Wang Hui, Wang Yunzhi, Jesse, and Liu Tian. Later, they met near Gaizhou Airport with Qin An.

At that time, Sun Dehai, Qin An's old squad member in Qin City, appeared at the home of Wei San and Hong Yuxi, the hosts of the Twin Swords God, almost betraying Qin An.

After Qin An fought against the Earth Seal Demonic Twin Sword Gods, he left Yunduo and Sun Dehai at the Gaizhou Airport and asked them to gather a team in order to control the Gaizhou Airport, wanting to leave a path for him to retreat.

Later, Yunduo and Sun Dehai got married for a long time and had a daughter named Sun Duoduo.

In the fifteenth year of the apocalypse, they left Gaizhou Airport and brought more than two thousand people to join Guo Shuai, becoming his trusted aides.

This time, Guo Shuai had sent Yunduo to take the car to the Sword Sword Sharp to pick them up.

When the convoy arrived, the first people to follow Yunduo were Jin Gang, Ba Tian, Guo Xiaomei, Wu Zhen, and Liu Wenli.

By this time, the Thirteen Wolf Cavalry had already gathered twelve people. Only Wu Yan did not know where they were.

After Jin Gang, Ba Tian, Big Dipper, Qin Bing, Guo Xiaomei, Wu Zhen, Liu Wenli, Wang Fang, Yunduo, Shi Jing, Wang Hui, and Wang Yunzhi saw each other, they naturally burst into tears. Wang Fang cried the most ferociously because her feelings were the strongest.

Afterwards, Cheng Gang, Cheng Jiayao, Shangguan Feiyan, Roland and the others also got off the car one after another

For a moment, the place below Qin City became lively. Some were crying, some were laughing.

Not long after, another group of people rushed over from Qin Lan's main city, but Liu Wenjuan was the one leading the group.

Since Liu Wenli and Liu Wenjuan had not seen each other for many years, they naturally sighed again and staged all sorts of true Qing dramas in the apocalypse.

In the Rogue Camp near Qin City, Yin Hanchao, Ma Qiang, Wu Yan, and Liu Xia had just woken up and were walking out of their respective rooms, gathering in the courtyard.

Yin Hanchao straightened his belly and said,

'"What's going on? What the hell are the people of Qin City doing? It was so noisy last night. Why is it so noisy in the morning? We're two to three kilometers away from there, aren't we? We can actually hear their noises. How irritating."

Wu Yan wore casual clothes, a pair of slippers, a pair of shorts, and a small white sling on her upper body. Today was the first day of 2040. Although the sun was bright, the temperature was still relatively low. However, as a mutant, Wu Yan was naturally not afraid of the cold. She brushed her teeth as she spoke. Although she could not speak clearly, she could still express her meaning completely.

'"Who cares? We've lived here for so many years and no one has disturbed us. It's good to have someone making trouble nearby now. It's the Gregorian New Year! Ah, another year old!"

Yin Hanchao was a little unhappy and shouted at Wu Yan,

"What are you complaining about? Ma Ma Qiang and I are getting older year by year. You Liu Xia already have an immortal youth. What are you trying to do!"

Wu Yan laughed and didn't say anything. After brushing her teeth, she looked at Liu Xia, who was still sitting on a stone stool, and said,

"Little girl, what's wrong with you? Are you uneasy?"

Liu Xia finally regained her senses after being called by Wu Yan and said depressingly, "Big sister, can you stop calling me little girl?"

Wu Yan said, "Didn't someone call you that back then?"

Liu Xia curled her lips and said, "But this is not what it used to be. Moreover, someone doesn't know where he is!"

Ma Qiang had been busy cooking breakfast in the courtyard. After hearing Liu Xia's words, he stopped and turned to her with a mysterious smile.

"Liu Xia, you know that I was born in Tibet's west, right?"

Liu Xia nodded slightly wooden and said,

"And then?"

Ma Qiang said,

"Yesterday, one of my old comrades at the edge of the sword called me and told me some things, including the Battle of Blood Crying in Western Tibet a few days ago."

Liu Xia pouted her lips unenthusiastically. The four of them had been living in seclusion all these years without hearing anything outside the window, so Liu Xia was not interested in the Battle of Crying Blood.

Ma Qiang continued,

"He said that the victory of the Bloodshed Battle was due to the fact that the Maze City had attracted one-third of the zombies.

He also said that in the Maze City, the several King Heroes who led numerous abilities to fight against the zombies were also indispensable.

At this point, Ma Qiang looked at Wu Yan and sighed,

"Well, it's my fault. I've been reluctant to pay attention to the outside world all these years, so I didn't know anything that I could have found out about until today.

"Among the heroes with the title of King, two of them are likely acquaintances of ours … More accurately, they should be acquaintances of yours. Do you know who they are?"

Liu Xia and Wu Yan were still not interested and did not even have the mood to ask back.

Yin Hanchao gave Ma Qiang some face and cooperated, "Who is it?"

Ma Qiang took a deep breath before slowly saying, "Qin An! Liu Yuanchao!"


Liu Xia and Wu Yan were petrified at the same time, dumbfounded in the courtyard, unable to make any sound for a long time!

At the end of this volume.

When Apocalyptic city wrote this, there were actually many things that woke me up.

The characters were too complex, the main lines were not clear, and there were too many holes dug in the early stages.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with such a setting. If I were a great god and could obtain enough support, I believe that I can patiently write the characters in the story more fully. At the very least, it should be better than the current dangerous city.

But I'm not a great god, I'm just a little shrimp amongst the many netizen writers.

Thanks to the readers who subscribed to the authentic edition of Zongheng Chinese Net. If it weren't for you, I think Dangerous City would have died a long time ago or ended up with a rotten tail.

Now that Qin An had finally returned to Qin City and had been separated for more than 20 years, there were still many stories he could write.

After all, the real war between humans and zombies and evil forces had never been written before.

From scratch, Fate City, Blue Sea City, Wanguo City, Forgotten Worry City, such as Smoke City, Divine Tree City, Dark Light City, Noah City, Heavenly Prison City, Maze City, and so on, had been writing stories. The story of the protagonist, the story of the supporting character.

As a result, there were fewer zombies, and perhaps less apocalyptic atmosphere. Some people said that this book was covered in apocalyptic romance, fantasy, and reasoning.

I don't deny it, and I feel that if I can perfectly fuse all of these elements together, it will be considered a positive result.

I hate web tags. It is the existence of web tags that constrains the development of web articles.

Actually, I have read online novels as well. However, four to six years ago, the label was not clear. I still have some impressions of Huang Yi's Kunlun secret mansion. It should have been a martial arts novel, but he mixed in many novel elements, making me feel refreshed at that time.

Of course, because I have not received any professional training and my personal abilities need to be improved, I am still far from my ultimate goal of perfectly combining multiple elements. I will continue to work hard.

So back in the city, this book.

Actually, he had been writing new books and manuscripts at this stage, so Dangerous City seemed to be a little weak.

However, after this volume ends, starting from the next chapter, I hope to inject new vitality into the city and open up a new battlefield in the face of death. After all, this is my first book. Whether it's good or bad, I want him to have a good ending.

So where do we look next?

Forget it, let's just write it down here … More than 4,000 words should be charged!

I can only say that I have not given up on the dangerous city, I hope that the readers who follow me can continue to persevere!

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