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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1294 Death Spirit Realm Activated

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Chapter 1294 Death Spirit Realm Activated

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The Spirit Qi Blade of the Colorful Light Sword that had been created from the strongest sword had actually directly shredded the Abyss Shield when it came into contact with it, and it was like a bamboo shattering down a bamboo.

When the shield broke, Qin An felt dizzy and his body immediately started to ache. It was as if someone was pulling on his muscles, as if a mysterious force was pulling his bones and blood out of his body!

Qin An was shocked and hastily activated the Heaven Breaking Ballad. The backlash attack did not improve at all.

Helplessly, Qin An could only activate the Undying Body ability to save all living beings and enter a state of rapid repair.

Caesar, Di Lu, and W Wei circled to the side of the four shields. Seeing that the Abyss Shield had been cut off by the rainbow light sword's spiritual energy, their mouths widened in shock.

Kieran was a four-soul sword xiuzhe. Compared to the Great Sword Saint Guri, his strength was not weak. He could also enter the top 1,000 of the Alpha Continent's master rankings. Why was he now directly defeated by the enemy's seemingly simple sword strike by a quarter of his defense? Was this casual slash also a Sword God skill? What is it?

Everyone didn't have time to think about it, because something even more shocking appeared before their eyes. When the Spirit Blade of the Colorful Light Sword came into contact with the four shields, the Spirit Blade quickly cut into the surface of the shield. In order to relieve the force, the Skyfall Shield teleported a meter backwards, but the Colorful Light Sword Spirit Qi Blade also teleported a meter forwards. The two of them seemed to have stopped moving, as if they had never moved. In the next moment, the Heavenly Shield was cut open and fell to both sides like a cabbage.

What … what the hell is this!

Cassa and the others were all dumbfounded. The speed at which they broke through the two shields did not slow down at all. Just how powerful was the enemy's sword?

Originally, Qin An had already used the Undying Body skill to repair his injuries. However, the moment the second shield was broken, the feeling of his body being torn apart came again. Furthermore, it was even stronger than the first time. Even if Qin An's body was cut into several parts, it could still repair itself. However, it now seemed to have lost its effectiveness!

Was this a reverse injury? The stronger the attack, the greater the damage he would suffer.

Qin An understood a little, but he couldn't take back his strongest sword!


The third shield collided with the rainbow light sword's spiritual energy. It emitted a heaven-shaking explosion, Afterwards, sparks filled the sky. The hundred ton heavy heavy shield was not cut open, but shattered into several pieces. These pieces also emitted a heavy muffled sound when they landed. As the dust flew, a rainbow sword blade pierced through the mist and continued to attack Kieran's fourth shield. However, its speed was slightly faster than before.

Qin An's body was shaken to the point that he flew more than ten meters away.

The moment he was floating in the air, Qin An felt his internal organs churning, as if his brain was shaking.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth. The Undying Body's ability had completely lost its effectiveness, and its healing effect had disappeared.

Just as his spirit was about to die, Qin An gathered all his spiritual will and activated the Sword Soul Poison Curse to enter another level of the Undying Body.

Unfortunately, Pudu Sword God's healing state could no longer be activated. Although the Sword Soul Poison Curse had immediately healed Qin An's injuries, the backlash of the skill itself made him feel extremely painful. He only felt as if the blood in his body was burning, burning every corner of his body as it flowed.

The Qi Blade finally advanced to the fourth sword.

While W Wei was shocked, he suddenly came to his senses and shouted at the Heavenly Beast Wolf Cavalry that was still moving behind Kieran's main shield, "Quickly, dodge! All of you, dodge to both sides!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the Qi Blade had already come into contact with the Kieran main shield. After releasing a burst of sparks from the surface of the golden shield, it was actually cut open by the Qi Blade. Blue blood had already flowed out from the incision!

Heavens, even Kieran's main shield was unable to resist the opponent's sword qi blades!

At this time, Gu Li finally arrived from that side. Seeing the Qi Blade break through the three shields, her excitement calmed down. She did not attack Qin An. Instead, she went to the side of the Kieran main shield. Then, she pushed the Kieran main shield away. Then, she reached out and pushed it horizontally. Blue light flashed on her palm. After activating the Skill Blue Shield, it was formed from the blue energy shield formed by the combination of Sword Spirit Qi and bloodline in her body.


The Spirit Qi Blade of the Colorful Light Sword sliced through the blue shield and cut into Gu Li's palm. Her arms were split in half, and then she flew over a thousand meters. Along the way, she cut off the twenty-four legs of six Heavenly Beasts and killed off more than three hundred outsider creatures in a straight line before disappearing!

Caesar and the others were dumbfounded.

Using sword qi to break through the abyss, descend from the sky, lift again, main body, five shields of blue light!

This was too exaggerated! This kind of offensive power had definitely reached the Sword God Realm! It meant that even against a true Sword God, Qin An's Heaven-shocking Sword was capable of breaking through his defenses!

Once the defense was broken, there was a possibility of killing the opponent. This really didn't shock Caesar and the others.

"Kill him!"

Caesar was the first to react. This was not the time to be dumbfounded. Facing an enemy with the ability to kill the Sword God, there were only two choices. One was to kill him, and the other was to turn around and flee.

After judging the form of the scene, Caesar's first reaction was that he couldn't run, because Qin An had already landed after being sent flying by the backlash. The nearby Undying Race puppets and zombie-like humanoid creatures all pounced on him and were biting his body.

It was obvious that the other party was already injured. If he did not want to take his life now, could it be that he would have to wait until next year?

As Caesar roared, Di Lu and W Wei moved at the same time, and the three Four Soul Sword Cultivators pounced towards Qin An.

Kieran had already returned to his true form. His stomach was covered in blue blood and his face was incomparably pale.

Guri supported Kieran and said anxiously,

"King Kieran, how are you?"

"Guri, this person is weird. Since you have already formed a grudge, then you can't stay here for fun. What's wrong with you?"

The weak Kieran's eyes were round as he stared blankly at Gu Li.

At this moment, Gu Li's silver hair had already turned dark gray.

The Greenfield tribesmen only turned grey when they reached the age of death.

Moreover, Gu Li, whose skin was originally smooth and beautiful, had now turned into an old woman. Her eyes had caved in, and her face was full of wrinkles. The muscles under her skin seemed to have lost. Her wrinkled skin was sticking to her bones, making her look a little strange.

Raising his hand, his palm was already trembling.

"Guri, you… you're getting old?"

Gu Li closed her eyes slightly and did not say anything.

There were other Greenfield clansmen coming forward from behind.

Gu Li pushed the severely injured Kieran into the arms of a Green Wild Race clansman. Then, she turned around and ran to where Qin An was. The blue light in her eyes was even more dazzling. It was already dazzling.

What else to say?

Everything was in vain. Right now, there was only one thing Gu Li had to do, and that was to kill Qin An without end!

Qin An was lying on the ground, feeling the pain coming from his body. The zombies of the Undying Race puppets were tearing at his flesh.

Heavens, it hurts so much. How many years has it been since I felt such pain?

The Heaven-shocking Sword was very powerful. It had already reached the Sword God Realm, so the backlash Qin An received had almost reached the Sword God Realm.

However, with all of Qin An's current skills, the attack strength that he wanted to resist the Demigod Force was useless, let alone the Sword God Realm.

The Sword Spirit Qi in his body was completely exhausted, and the dual Undying Body ability was about to lose its effect due to the lack of Sword Spirit Qi.

Qin An suddenly felt some regret when he was in pain. Could it be that he would die just like that? I'm so unwilling! He's still in a semi-amnesia state, he hasn't even found himself yet!

Suddenly, a trace of spiritual will swam through his body. Qin An's side instantly turned pitch black, and everything disappeared. The second Heavenly Punishment skill he comprehended, the Realm of the Dead Spirit, automatically activated!

Five days ago, Ling'er brought Yu'er and Dumb Melon Yan Liuxiang to search for the Heavenly Residence, wanting to tell the woman inside about Qin An's disappearance.

However, after arriving there, she did not find the entrance to the Heavenly Residence. Instead, she met Qin Le and Liu Su in the Yahoo squad camp.

It turned out that all the girls in Heavenly Residence had already found out about Qin An's disappearance, so Wuma Siqi appeared and put away Heavenly Residence. She had already headed north to search for Qin An.

Hearing that, Ling'er hesitated for a moment before finally bidding farewell to Qin Le and heading north. Naturally, she was also unable to rest assured of Qin An.

There were quite a few people in the middle of the sky,

Qin Xiaoyan, Liu Xia, Lan Yue, Li Na and Qin Wenxin.

Wang Hui, Wang Yunzhi, Liu Ru, and Gong Xue said,

Wuma Danxin, Wuma Siqi, and Wuma Tienan,

Little maidservant Jing Yi, Empress Dowager Ci An's master and

Shangguan Feiyan, Cheng Jiayao, He Tianyu, Lu Lu, Ye Lingxuan,

Tang Yu, who had transformed into Hongluan and had now recovered her true form.

Qiu Jinse, a mute girl who was officially incorporated into Qin An's wife army but had not been recognized by Qin An, said,

There were also Weng Die, who had just arrived for a tour.

As the saying goes, if there were so many women living in the living space today, it would naturally be exceptionally lively.

Liu Yuanchao and Jin Gang felt that this place was full of Qin An's wife and lovers. It was a little embarrassing for Qin An not to get along with them anymore, so they left with Wu Yan, Liu Wenli and Wu Zhen to participate in the battle between Dong Junwei's army and the Ten Route Army opened by the zombies.

As for Cheng Gang, the Heavenly Winged Golden King, he was also at the frontlines of the battle with the zombies. He had never returned. The Five Little Beauties actually wanted to go to the frontlines, but they were suppressed by Cheng Gang. He was unwilling to let his daughter take risks. After all, apart from He Tianyu, who had already obtained the Sword Soul to become a Sword Cultivator, the other four were still weaker.

At this time, the Heavenly Residence was already a two-level Heavenly Residence. The first floor was opened by Wuma Siqi, and the second floor was Qin An's.

Qin Xiaoyan and the others planned to build a small city in the apocalypse. After Qin An left, they naturally focused on this while taking care of the children.

First, he had to sketch out some areas in Tian Ju Li, which meant that he had to work out the design first. Then, when Qin An came back and let him activate the ability to construct Tian Ju skills, the small city would have an initial shape. After that, he could ask Ling'er to help him install the hardware and software.

Women still don't know how to get along, so they usually don't gather together. Most of them live together, and then try to communicate with each other. Naturally, it's not uncommon for them to talk nonsense. It was impossible for people to be amiable, so as women of the same man, it would be a big deal if they didn't fight. How could they still get along as well as a person?

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