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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1293 Contradiction

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Chapter 1293 Contradiction

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"It's really strange. Why is he emitting colorful sword qi? Could it be that the attributes of sword qi in the other world are different from those of our Sword Spirit Stars? Although he has the aura of a Sword God, judging from the density and color of sword qi, he should only be a two-soul sword xiuzhe." At this moment, Kieran followed behind Qin An and Gu Li at a slower speed.

The red-haired D-Lu and the white-haired W-Wei simultaneously turned into giant wolves.

'"Respected King Kieran, please come up and let us bring you and Lord Caesar! The situation is chaotic now and the Great War God is a little excited. Let's quickly deal with that outsider human. After taking revenge, we should think of what to do. Look at the chaos around us!" After W Wei turned into a giant wolf, he spoke in a rough voice. He sounded like he was synthesizing heavy metal sounds, like a transformer.

Kieran did not hesitate to jump onto the backs of the two wolves at the same time as Caesar.

Behind them, many of the Heavenly Orcs also turned into beasts. Afterwards, the Green Wild Race people followed Kieran's example and jumped onto the back of the Heavenly Beast Wolf.

A seven to eight hundred Wolf Cavalry began to gather. Afterwards, more of the two races nearby rushed over and killed the Undying Race members nearby at the same time.

"Yes, he should indeed be a two-soul sword xiuzhe, and his strength should be slightly stronger than an ordinary two-soul sword xiuzhe. However, Lord Gu Li should still be able to kill him easily!" Caesar rode on D 'Lu to express his opinion.

"Lord Gu Li's Undying state has been activated. Actually, there is no need for this. After activating this skill, even if you kill your enemies, you will enter a weak state. It seems that Lord Gu Li is really angry." Di Lu sighs.

'"There's no other way. That's her fate. The nobles of Greenfield advocate pure love. As a girl of the nobles of Greenfield, Gu Li was told to find her fate after she was born. However, the man she had to marry, was trampled to death by a single kick. How could she not be excited?" Kieran was hurt for Guri's injury.

As they cleared the road, they quickly chased after Gu Li.

In front of him, Qin An had finally accumulated all his strength, and Gu Li had already caught up to Qin An.

Suddenly, Qin An's body burned with red flames as he slashed back with his sword!

When the sword slashed out, the colorful light sword's spiritual energy rippled. It was like a solid mass of gas that spread out for a thousand meters. Not only did it cover Gu Li, it also surrounded Kieran and the others behind them.

"This … is such a strong suppressive force!" Di Lu and W Wei exclaimed at the same time.

As Heavenly Beasts, their bodies would turn into illusions when they ran, allowing them to ignore resistance.

However, after Qin An released the Sword Spirit Qi, they immediately felt that their bodies were restrained. Sword Spirit Qi floated around like a solid body, constituting resistance that prevented them from moving quickly.

Suppression was also a measure of strength on the Sword Spirit Star.

The stronger the oppressive power, the stronger it would be.

When a Sword God and a person attacked, they would usually only use their suppressive power to suppress the enemy, making it impossible for the enemy to move quickly, and taking their lives would be like taking something from a snatcher.

In the eyes of Ji Lan and the others, Qin An was only a two-soul sword xiuzhe, but his suppressive power could affect them. How could this not be surprising?

The rainbow sword slashed across Gu Li's body.

In this sword strike, Including the power bonus of the Profound Heaven Sword God's Profound Heaven Body, The Flaming Flame Sword God's Flaming Flame Transformation's enhanced state, The Nine Sons Sword God's Heart of Fire's Body Technique bonus, Super Body Sword God's Strength bonus, The magical power of the Dust Extinguishing Sword God, Sword God Shatterer's arrival power, Underworld Ghost Earth Seal's wandering soul's spiritual energy attack, Sword God Thousand Thoughts' sect-returning power, Sword God Yang Slash's skill power, Spirit Realm Sword God's self-replication double attack attribute bonus, Blood Master Sword God's Berserk Blood bonus, and Sword God Tie Yong's breakthrough power!

All of the attack attributes were fused into one sword, which was already Qin An's strongest attack state!

When Qin An attacked, he really felt that his sword could open up the world.

The sword blade pushed the Spirit Qi Blade of the Colorful Light Sword forward. There was a faint red flame on the blade, and the inner layer contained the power to destroy the army's golden armor. Thunder rang out, and lightning flashed across its body.

Gu Li did not stop defending her body at all. She had originally thought that she would not suffer any injuries if she activated the Unharmed Undying state.

However, she did not expect that not only would her body be cut off by Qin An's divine sword, but her body would weaken a lot after recovering quickly.

What happened?

Gu Li raised her hand and saw wrinkles on the originally smooth skin on the back of her hand.

Ah… How is that possible, is she blinded?

Gu Li never dreamed that she would have been hit by Qin Anyang's fourth Sword Severing Skill, the Yang Severing Pass.

Undying and unharmed defense is very powerful. When the Yang Severing Pass's attack attribute is aimed at lifespan.

Originally, Gu Li could have lived for 20,000 years on Earth, but now she has less than 7,000 years left. Qin An's sword cut off Gu Li's 12,000-year lifespan, causing her to enter an aged state. She would die in less than a few hundred years.

Hundreds of years may be a long time for ordinary humans, but for living things that can live for twenty thousand years, it can't be any shorter.

Of course, Guri would be weak, and of course she would be old.

The Heavenly Punishment Divine Sword slashed past Gu Li's body, and the rainbow sword continued to advance towards Kieran and the others.

The king of the Greenfield clansmen, the Four Soul Sword Cultivator, Kieran, possessed a divine sword named Shield Guard!

The four skills were the combination of human shields, shield penetration in all directions, disciplinary wounds, and the completion of the shield technique!

With the combination of human shields, Kieran was able to transform into a shield and had strong defensive capabilities.

Kieran's body and shield had the ability to counterattack, and those who attacked him would suffer a certain degree of backlash.

Disciplinary injuries, the backlash would be like poisoning, and the injuries would become more and more severe until they died.

Heavenly Shield Technique, Summoning Heavenly Lift, Heavenly Descent, and Abyss Spirit Body Shield. These three shields were originally Five Spirit Curse Tablets, which meant that Kieran also had the ability to refine the Curse Tablets. However, his refining process was very complicated and locked. Over the years, he had only managed to conquer three Curse Tablets and cultivate them into three shields.

Since he was refining his sword with a shield, Kieran's defense was naturally strong.

Seeing Qin An's Colorful Light Sword Spirit Qi blade flying over, Kieran quickly activated the Human Shield Unity and turned into a huge golden shield, blocking the front of the Wolf Cavalry behind him.

At the same time, Kieran summoned three more Spiritual Body Shields.

The heavy lift was a pure black circular shield, ten meters in diameter, floating in front of the golden shield when it appeared. The shield weighed a hundred tons, which meant that the density of the constituent material was extremely high.

The sky descended into a pentagonal blue shield. It had the ability to teleport, allowing it to teleport freely in the surrounding space.

The abyss was also a circular shield. Its entire body was gray, and it had the function of absorbing the attack energy of devouring spiritual energy!

Then the formation of the four shields, the battle between the spears and the shields, will soon be revealed…

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