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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1291 Avenge Oneself

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Chapter 1291 Avenge Oneself

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Qin An was a little excited. He really didn't expect that he would be able to instantly kill this Level 33 mutated monster. The Cosmos Shield really worked. Although the monster's spatial teleportation ability was abnormal, its defensive ability was average. At the very least, it couldn't completely defend itself.

The Heavenly Punishment Divine Sword, coupled with its offensive and strength attributes, made Qin An's slash very powerful.

When Qin An attacked, he no longer had the feeling of being able to unlock anything. He only used all his strength and naturally attacked. He was one with the sword and was invincible.

After killing the enemy, Qin An quickly returned to his normal state.

He had already felt a little tired. It seemed that multiple activations of the ability would greatly drain his physical strength.

The battle in front of him clearly had a long way to go.

Qin An's eyebrows furrowed when he lifted his Giant state. He turned his head and saw three silver-haired blue-eyed men running over from afar.

The only reason Qin An paid attention to them was because their speed was extremely fast, and all obstacles along the way would be quickly removed by them. Obviously, their strength was very strong.

He wielded his sword to slay the nearby alien creatures, including the Undying Race and the Green Wild Human Race.

Actually, it really wasn't Qin An's fault. Those green-eyed humans had already been killed red-eyed. They were the first to attack Qin An with weapons in their hands. Of course, Qin An wouldn't be polite in order to protect himself.

Great Devil Director Caesar saw the black-haired man kill his clansmen with his own eyes, and his eyes were filled with rage.

As he ran, he raised his hand to condense the Sword Spirit Qi in his palm. After swinging it out, it had already formed a spatial tunnel.

The tunnel was made up of two doors. The shape of the door was like an oval mirror, emitting a faint blue light. One door was right in front of Qin An, while the other door was right in front of Caesar and the others.

They rushed into the spatial door and immediately disappeared. After that, they crossed two kilometers and walked out of the spatial door beside Qin An.

Kieran held a giant sword in his hand and slashed down. The sword energy rippled. Qin An felt the powerful power contained within it and immediately activated the teleportation ability to escape.

Gu Li arrived at the position where Qin An had stood before and crouched down to pull away the outsiders with both hands. Finally, she pulled a silver-haired blue-eyed man out of her arms.

"Suke! Suke!"

Gu Li cried out in pain.

Kieran walked over to Guri with his sword in hand and checked Suk's condition. His blue eyes actually emitted a faint light.

"Gu Li, he's already dead!"

Actually, this couldn't be blamed on Qin An. This kid was originally on the verge of death. Qin An accidentally stepped on him in the Giant state and sent him to the Western Elysium.

If the Greenfield clansmen were familiar with Qin An at this time, perhaps Qin An could still save Suke with his universal power.

Unfortunately, not only did they not know each other well, they also had hatred and became enemies.

The new Great Devil Director Caesar, Level 30 Mutation, Divine Sword Devil Abyss, Four Skills Space Tunnel, Undead Entering Body, Corpse Technique Soul Returning, Demonic Wind Limitless.

Seeing Suke's tragic death, Caesar pounced on Qin An crazily.

A black weapon appeared in his hand. It looked like a mage's cane.

The meaning of the sword on the Sword Spirit Star was somewhat special. They called all kinds of weapons swords, so the swords on the Sword Spirit Star were varied.

After the Devil Abyss appeared, Caesar directly activated the Undead to enter his body. At this moment, there were too many living beings who had died nearby. After their bodies died, they had the power of the Undead. Caesar was able to gather the power of the Undead into his body in an instant and then transform into an illusory shadow, possessing unparalleled divine power.

Therefore, when Caesar arrived beside Qin An, his body had already turned translucent. Qin An dodged the attack of the weapon in his hand and brandished the Heavenly Punishment Divine Sword towards his waist. However, the blade of the sword was not hindered at all. It actually swept past Caesar's translucent body.

Qin An was shocked, but he didn't have time to think about it, because his opponent's weapon had already smashed towards his head with the sound of breaking through the air.

Qin An activated Shadowless Stealth and entered the void, dodging the attack.


Caesar was slightly stunned. He had some doubts in his heart. He could already confirm that the black-haired man's body contained a lot of Sword God Force.

This was strange. Wasn't Sword God Force something only a Sword God would possess? Why did this outsider black-haired man also have this aura?

"Hmph, invisibility is meaningless to me!"

As he spoke, Caesar activated his Fiendish Wind Limitless ability.

The so-called Fiendish Wind Limitless was an attack of the Spirit Attribute, Caesar could use the death energy to gather into a breeze and then release it into the surrounding space. In this space, any barrier would be broken, and there would be nowhere to hide in the void. What was even more terrifying was that Caesar's phantom could gain wind acceleration in this state, giving him a movement technique similar to teleportation.

After the wind blew up, the void energy around Qin An was blown away. His invisibility disappeared and his true body appeared.

Caesar moved with the wind and once again arrived beside Qin An. The Devil Abyss Divine Sword in his hand smashed towards Qin An. Black light surged and his strength broke through ten thousand jun!

If the concept of Earth was used to describe him, Caesar should be considered a necromancer. His abilities were all related to death. He was an existence that could become a Sword God as long as he comprehended the fifth Summoned Sword Spirit skill.

However, this was not easy. There were so many Four Soul Sword Cultivators on the Sword Spirit Star that only 49 could become Sword Gods in many years.

Up until now, no one knew that the fiftieth Sword God had appeared and had arrived on Earth.


Caesar roared. Qin An did not dodge. The Cosmos Shield on his arm formed a shield to resist the opponent's attack. Then, his body was pushed back a few meters by the force of the rebound. He felt his arm numb and his internal bones clicking. There were signs of fractures. The TC virus had already started to gather and repair the damage.

Damn, just how strong is this guy? Qin An felt very depressed, but he wasn't panicking. He knew that he had many healing abilities and could even revive his soul. As long as his soul didn't die, he wouldn't die easily!

The battle on this side should end first. There are still two Undying Tathagata to deal with. They can continuously teleport the outsider monsters to the Southern Mountain. Right now, Yin Yao is still fighting bitterly. Originally, Nan Shan had the ability to attack. He could reduce the enemies on the mountain and automatically summon creatures to attack. However, there were too many outsider monsters on the mountain now. Nan Shan's attack ability was simply unable to digest so many monsters. He could only rely on Yin Yao's many avatars to defend against the monsters' charge.

These fellows weren't ordinary humans, but countless sword xiuzhe. Most of their body strengths surpassed the Body Strengthening Realm. If it wasn't for Yin Yao, the Southern Mountain Pavilion would have been razed to the ground long ago.

Thinking of this, Qin An activated his teleportation skill and quickly left. Caesar naturally chased after him.

Right at this moment, two light shadows flashed. Kieran and Guri actually ran in front of Qin An.

Qin An was very depressed. He didn't expect the other party's speed to be so fast. After taking a closer look, he was relieved. It turned out that the other party had a mount…

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