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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1290 Cause Trouble

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Chapter 1290 Cause Trouble

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Level 33 mutated creature, Undying Tathagata!

Buddhism does not exist on the Sword Spirit Star, but there is the word "Tathagata", which refers to evil and terrifying creatures.

Undying Tathagata was naturally an undying creature, and its strength far surpassed that of a dead creature.

It could absorb the bodies of dead creatures and fuse them into its own body, turning them into gigantic irregular signs.

However, it was not a mutant of the power attribute. Instead, it was a type of mage that could activate group teleportation abilities and possess other abilities.

The moment Nan Shan appeared, he was immediately noticed by the king of the Undying Race.

An Undying Tribe had many Undying Kings, so the closest one to South Mountain, who was leading his subordinates to fight against a group of Green Wild Human warriors, was about to be annihilated. Unexpectedly, a large mountain suddenly appeared behind him, killing many of his clansmen.

The Undying King angrily sent three Undying Tathagata to attack the mountain.

The Undying Race was originally a race that liked killing, bloodshed, and violence. Now, they did not know where they were. The chaos around them made them extremely shocked. Thus, they saw the sudden appearance of the Southern Mountain and the human race that had escaped to the mountain. How could they let it go?

The three Undying Tathagata absorbed the debris at the foot of the Southern Mountain to increase their abilities. After that, they activated their teleportation abilities at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of Undying Race puppet creatures and ordinary creatures filled the entire Southern Mountain. Then, they shouted and roared as they charged towards the Southern Mountain Pavilion.

Qin An stood on the top of the mountain and sighed. It seemed that Yin Yao was right. Even though she had some ability to protect herself, it was still difficult to protect the people around her.

"Qin An, those three Undying Tathagata must be killed. You go. Since you want these people to live, then I will do my best to help you!" Yin Yao said this when Qin An was unprepared. After that, thousands of avatars appeared nearby at the same time and rushed down with Fragrant Shadow Divine Swords in their hands!

That scene was too fierce. Every avatar was extremely powerful, killing all the Undying race monsters that rushed forward!

Qin An was stunned for a few seconds, but did not reply. He immediately flashed down the mountain and ran towards an Undying Tathagata.

After witnessing Yin Yao's strength with his own eyes, he naturally had no worries.

Moreover, Qin An's heart originally only hoped that the people around him could survive, but he did not stubbornly treat this as his own responsibility.

The Undying Tathagata in front of him said,

It was like an enlarged meat patty. There were no bones inside its body, and it was filled with flesh and blood meridians. The outer layer was covered with skin tissue that was one meter thick. The diameter of its entire body had already exceeded a hundred meters. There were dozens of tentacles beneath its body. Those tentacles acted like a vacuum cleaner, absorbing all the minced corpses nearby into its body, allowing its body to grow larger after accumulating energy.

On the upper part of this mutant's body, there were 33-colored crystal stones, proving its mutation level.

Qin An transformed into a light shadow and quickly stood on the Undying Tathagata's back. The Heavenly Punishment Divine Sword was already in his hand. The power of the Earth-shattering Heavy Fist was poured into his arms. The Yang Severing Mountain and River skill was activated. Both of his hands held onto the long hilt of the sword and slashed down.

Tathagata, who looked like a monster, was actually intelligent, and his IQ far surpassed that of ordinary humans.

Therefore, when Qin An ran down the mountain, he already knew that it was not easy to deal with.

The moment Qin An attacked, it quickly circulated its energy to activate its teleportation ability.

Qin An only felt his body pause. Light flashed in front of him. The sword he chopped down crushed almost a thousand nearby abilities in an instant. The Spiritual Qi of the Colorful Light Sword fluctuated wildly, causing flesh and blood to surge like waves.

However, Qin An was somewhat shocked to discover that he was almost ten kilometers away from the foot of the Southern Mountain, which meant that he was unable to immunize against the Undying Tathagata's teleportation ability. This was truly too abnormal. It actually teleported him ten kilometers away, thus neutralizing his attack.


Qin An coldly snorted and stood on the spot to attack again. The second sword of the Yang Slash pierced through the nine heavens.

The rainbow-colored sword blade sliced through the sky and instantly arrived in front of the big cake Tathagata.

This was the Yang Slash's long-range attack ability. It was only a matter of raising one's hand to obtain a human head for tens of kilometers. However, its attack power was much weaker than the Broken Mountain and River Sword.

The Nine Heavens Splitting Sword Qi did not injure the Tathagata. The sword blade sliced through its back and created a sparkling cremation, as if it was a metal delivery.

Transparent wings emerged from behind Qin An. Qin An's speed became even faster when he activated his state of emergency. Combined with his flash ability, it only took him a dozen seconds to return to the Tathagata Pancake.

However, the other party activated his teleportation ability once again and unexpectedly teleported Qin An away.

This mud horse was simply inexplicable. No matter how strong Qin An was, he was unable to crack the other party's teleportation attack. It was all for nothing.

Sky Breaking Ballad?

Suddenly, Qin An remembered this skill.

Fortunately, his memories were constantly recovering. Otherwise, there was really nothing he could do at this time.

The Divine Guardian Sword God's Heaven Breaking Ballad was able to withstand and eliminate many forms of energy attacks, so could it withstand the opponent's teleportation ability?

Thinking of this, Qin An moved forward again, his morale undiminished in the slightest.

The Greenfield King Kieran, the Great War God Guri, and the Great Devil Director Caesar had already gathered together.

Caesar's expression was very bad. He had used the teleportation talisman to teleport Kieran and Guri over from countless creatures. Otherwise, the three of them wouldn't have been able to meet.

"My beloved king, the situation is out of control. My brother Sharjah used his life force to expand the mysterious magic array, causing the teleportation to lose its balance. Thus, the Undying Race, the Green Wild Race, the Heavenly Beast Race, and the other races are all intertwined! "Ah, the seven billion living things are all intertwined in chaos. This is simply a catastrophe!"

The Great Sword Saint Gu Li drew out her sword and killed some of the Undying Race clansmen nearby. Then, she pulled some of the Green Wild Race clansmen from beneath her feet.

"Kieran, what should we do? We don't even have a place to stand!"

Gu Li was right. There were Sword Spirit creatures crowded together beneath her feet, and there were also creatures nearby. If she didn't kill all the people who were close to her, she wouldn't be able to stand up at all. Undying monsters would occasionally appear beneath his feet, causing the situation to be in constant danger.

"Let's gather our clansmen first! One of them counts as one, and then kill all the Undying Clansmen!"

As the king of the Green Wild Race, Kieran could only make this decision.

Just at this moment, a large mountain appeared a few kilometers away. After landing, blood splattered everywhere below.

"That's… That's South Mountain?" Although Gu Li looked young, she had lived with Kieran and Caesar for many years, so she could sense the boundless power of the Southern Mountain Sword God.

"Yes, but it doesn't seem to be very pure. I once came into close contact with the Southern Mountain Sword God, and I don't feel that the aura is very similar." Caesar's face was filled with doubt.

"Let's go and take a look!" Kieran immediately made up his mind, and the three of them immediately brought some of the clansmen that had just gathered and ran towards South Mountain.

The so-called running was actually very staggering, because the ground beneath his feet was not solid, but the intertwined fleshly plateau.

Some of the Greenfield Race clansmen were killed by the Undying Race as they marched, while others struggled out of the plateau to join Kieran's army.

Of course, there were also some Heavenly Orcs. They transformed into giant wolves and dragged the Greenfield Race members up before running wildly together.

When they finally arrived near the Southern Mountain, they had already gathered more than 600 troops.

"Then … that person is a black-haired man, not a member of our clan. Black-haired Wanderers are rare in the Alpha Continent!" Gu Li saw Qin An running down from the Southern Mountain and asked doubtfully.

"His strength doesn't seem weak. How can his speed be so fast? Unfortunately, in the face of the Undying Tathagata, if he doesn't have the ability to attack from a long distance, he won't be able to defeat him because he can't immunize against its teleportation attacks." Caesar saw Qin An teleported away twice in a row, sighed slightly, and shook his head to express his opinion.

"Don't you find it strange? He seems to have many different abilities on him. I can sense the Phantom Sword God Force …" Kieran was stunned halfway through his words.

This was because the black-haired man flew towards Da Bian Tathagata for the third time and turned into a golden-armored giant that was a hundred meters tall.

A flash of light flashed past, and the Pancake Tathagata activated its teleportation ability again, flashing onto the black-haired man's body.

This time, the black-haired man was not teleported away. A colorful sword qi suddenly flashed out from his enormous body, forming an energy barrier that canceled out the other party's attack.

Afterwards, the black-clothed man successfully arrived beside Dabing Tathagata. The long sword that had grown larger with his body quickly slashed down and directly slashed into Dabing Tathagata's back. Intense light flickered, and a loud metal delivery sound sounded. The Level 33 mutated Dabing Tathagata was actually slashed in half by a single blade!

To Big Biscuit Tathagata, breaking through defense was equivalent to death.

Kieran, Guri, and Caesar were all dumbfounded.

They knew how strong this Undying Tathagata, which looked like a big cake, was. The three of them were all four-soul sword xiuzhe, and their mutation levels had also reached Level 30. However, they were still not confident that they could break through their defenses. So, who exactly was this black-haired man? Not only did he defend against the teleportation attack, he also instantly killed him with a single saber strike?


Suddenly, Gu Li exclaimed.

She saw the silver-haired man crawling out of the crowd. That was her fiance!

At this moment, this person named Suk's entire body was covered in blood, and he was incomparably weak.

He was one of the first to fall from the highest altitude. Relying on the ability of the Three Soul Sword Cultivator, he wasn't killed, but was suppressed by the life form that fell from behind.

Now, with great difficulty, he had climbed up. On the way, he had even come into contact with many Undying Race monsters. His body had suffered heavy injuries, so it could be said that he was on the verge of death.

After the golden-armored giant killed Big Pancake Tathagata, it took a big step forward and unexpectedly stepped on Su Ke who had just climbed up into the bio-pile. Gu Li's heart almost jumped out when she saw this scene, and her face turned pale with fright.

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