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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1288 Am I A Star

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Chapter 1288 Am I A Star

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Darkness can often give birth to fear, but light does not necessarily allow people to escape from fear.

When the Adept Warriors under Song Dieyun took out a few synthetic Super Luminous Pearls from their backpacks to illuminate the space, some people cried out in fright, some screamed in shock, and some fainted.

Little Ninth Sister seemed to feel that her biological father's chest was safer, so she gave up on her mother and threw herself into Qin An's embrace.

Dong Sheng's legs, who thought he was courageous, went limp. He actually sat on the ground and hugged Zhang Kaiyang, who was also trembling.

Wang Fu was only as tall as Guan Xiaoshan's chest, but Guan Xiaoshan still squatted on the ground and squeezed into Wang Fu's arms for comfort.

Lu Ya's face was already pale and her lips were trembling.

Yin Yao and Yin Shiyao were lucky. They had the memories of the Sword Spirit Star and were rich in experience, so their spiritual energy was also stronger. They weren't frightened at all.

Qin An raised his head to look outside the transparent Cosmos Shield. His blood had already turned black, and his broken flesh and bones were tightly clinging to the energy wall. What frightened everyone was the faces of those creatures from other worlds.

Those faces were all incomplete, and some of the bones in their chests pierced through their necks and stabbed out of their skin when they fell. Half of his face had already caved in, so the other side of his face bulged and his eyes fell into his mouth. Some of the heads had already ruptured, and brain fluid flowed out of the cracks and fused with blood. Under the light of the luminous pearl, it was dark yellow in color.

Strange human form, four words were enough to describe the scene in front of him.

Qin An looked outside for a while and was dazed. He lowered his head and found that Little Ninth Sister was hanging on him like a sloth.

The corner of his mouth curled into a smile. Qin An said softly, "Little girl, don't be afraid."

Qin An didn't know why he was still so calm. Perhaps in the part of his memories that he still hadn't remembered, he was a person with rich experience, right?

Qin An had already learned from others that the apocalypse had lasted for twenty-five years, so what had he done in the past twenty-five years?

Yin Yao saw the interaction between Qin An and Little Ninth Sister and was slightly stunned.

Could it really be that father and daughter were connected? Why did she feel that the two of them looked so harmonious together?

Speaking of which, Little Ninth Sister looks a little similar to Qin An. She has a deep facial features and a melon seed face.

When Yin Shiyao saw the father and daughter together, she inadvertently shed tears. She knew her future fate. She could die. After death, she would fuse with her body and never separate from her daughter again.

Actually, Yin Shiyao had been very happy these past few days. Perhaps it was because Little Ninth Sister felt a little ashamed of her avatar mother, so she had always been very considerate to her.

That's enough. She doesn't want to live as an independent person anymore. She can give up on herself for her daughter and… and for a man.

Qin An turned around and looked at Song Dieyun.

At this time, Song Dieyun was arranging for people to gather all the ordinary civilians nearby. While calming their emotions, she also continued to check if there were any enemies amongst them.

Song Dieyun did not understand the current situation at all and had nothing to do. However, she already understood in her heart that perhaps this strange man was really a Level 24 mutant. This kind of cognition made her feel terrifying and made her even more curious about his identity.

"This… what should I call you? Call you Lord like them. Lord Song, we need to escape!"

My name is Qin An. I temporarily lost my memory because of some things, but I think I should be able to recover soon.

I remember I was with you. Can we work together now? "

Qin An!

Hearing Qin An's words, Song Dieyun was stunned.

Song Dieyun was no stranger to the name Qin An. Previously, Plum orchard did not know why she kept mentioning this person in front of her and Feng Xiaozheng.

At the previous battle conference, Qin An went to Sea City without attending. Song Dieyun had also spoken disdainfully of Qin An, saying that he was a hypocrite. In the past, he went to the United States to look for his ex-wife before the apocalypse. However, when he returned, he had a pile of Yingying swallows.

Heavens, is this Qin An in front of you the same person that I've heard of before?

Song Dieyun stared at Qin An's face for a while, and her heart beat quickened in the end. She was frightened.

She recalled the photos of Qin An that she had seen before. Now, the comparison should really be the same person.

This was truly shocking. How could this strong and impressive man be Qin An!

"Sir? What are you looking at?"

Qin An asked knowingly. Song Dieyun was looking straight at Zai's face. The reason why Qin An asked this was because he didn't know what happened to this woman all of a sudden.

"Ah! No, I didn't see anything… Are you Qin An? Did you say you lost your memory?"

"En, from your expression, it seems that you also know my name. Could it be that I used to be a celebrity?"

Qin An still had a faint smile on his face as he spoke.

Song Dieyun frowned slowly and said after a long time,

"Well, you are one of the top ten Golden Kings awarded by Zangxi.

You are also the leader of the Qin Alliance Alliance, the leader of 20 million people. You are still the Commander-in-Chief of the City Protection Corps of Kowloon City. Right now, half of the military power of the Zangxi government rests with you.

You… You have more than sixty wives and a hundred children.

You are already 70 or 80 years old, but because you are a mutant, you do not lose your teeth and have immortal youth.

Oh right, I heard that your biggest hobby is classical ballet, and I think I've seen you dancing in a ballet group.

Lord Qin, I didn't expect it to be you. You are indeed very famous. You are very, very famous. You are the idol of the women of the country! "

More than sixty wives? More than a hundred children? And a ballet dancer? The idol of a national woman?

The smile on Qin An's face froze. His face was green and his mouth was wide open. He could put an ostrich egg in it.


Song Dieyun couldn't help but laugh out loud, and after laughing for a while, she quickly stiffened her face, suppressing it until her face was completely red.

Now that she was in such a crisis, Song Dieyun felt that it was not appropriate for her to laugh out loud.

Moreover, she was also very surprised. What was wrong with her? After knowing that this man was Qin An, he actually made such a joke with him?

Was this a kind of contempt for Qin An? Satirize how many women he had?

I've really seen a ghost! Why didn't his mouth use his brain to talk nonsense?

On the other hand, Lu Ya was feeling sad. She originally wanted to turn Qin An into her own man, but she had even given her first time as a woman.

Now that Qin An seemed to have not only recovered many memories, but also met many acquaintances, it seemed that it was impossible to take Qin An away.

Seeing that Qin An was frightened by Song Dieyun's words, Lu Ya curled her lips and said, "Honey, don't listen to her nonsense. You only have four… five wives and one daughter."

After saying that, Lu Ya was a little embarrassed. Originally, she did not count herself in, but later, she felt that it was a little inappropriate, so she changed four to five.

Lu Ya did not know that Qin An had married a string of wives later.

Hearing Lu Ya's words, Qin An was still a little conflicted. He actually had five wives? Is it permitted by law? This was enough to create a table of mahjong.

Moreover, did he actually have a daughter?

In Qin An's arms, Little Ninth Sister, who was hugging Qin An tightly and refused to leave, raised her mouth and secretly glanced at her mother.

Yin Yao gave her a comforting look and said with her mouth, "Be good, Mom will let you recognize your ancestors and return to your sect."

Looking at her mother's spoken language, Little Ninth Sister felt a little relieved. Then, she remembered that she still had a half-sister.

Behind Song Dieyun, Yuan Jie frowned.

The current Song Dieyun was obviously different from the past. He had followed Song Dieyun for a while and had never seen her joke with any man, not even Plum orchard.

Well, now this Qin An…

Yuan Jie narrowed his eyes slightly and rolled his eyes. Then, he stepped forward and spoke excitedly.

"God! It was actually Lord Qin An! I didn't expect you to come to the battlefield. Haha, don't mind. My lord is joking with you. Let's get down to business. Lord Qin, what exactly happened? Did you turn on this transparent energy magnetic field? What do you mean we're running? What are all the strange-looking creatures outside? "

Yuan Jie wisely chose to change the topic and let the interaction between Qin An and Song Dieyun end.

Qin An looked at Yuan Jie and asked him politely. He did not think too much and calmed down. He glanced at Song Dieyun with the corner of his eyes.

Hearing her tone, they did not know and had never seen her before. They really did not know why she would joke with him like that, saying that he had more than sixty wives. It was truly frightening.

After coughing lightly, Qin An looked around and finally spoke about the situation he was facing.

Everyone was dumbfounded once again. The aliens descending from the sky covered tens of kilometers or even more of the alien creatures in the surroundings. They had already piled up an enormous plateau of flesh that exceeded a hundred meters in height. All of this was too shocking.

In the end, Qin An said in a somewhat painful tone,

"Therefore, we must escape. The first step was to reach the top layer of the biosphere through a thickness of a hundred meters. Then, he would search for a place where he could rest on the ground. After that, he would make plans for the next step. Now that the outside world was in chaos, the outsiders at the top were fighting each other, dying and turning into corpses, and there would be new living outsiders crawling out from below. "The terrifying thing is that the area of the physical plateau is really too large. The east coast is probably already filled up, attracting many strange beasts in the sea."

After Qin An finished explaining the current situation, no one spoke for a long time in the Cosmos Cover.

In the end, it was Yin Yao who broke the silence and said, "Qin An, do you have a way to escape?"

Qin An thought for a moment and then nodded, "My memory is recovering quickly now. Although I don't remember anything from the apocalypse, I understand my abilities better. I think there is a way to try, but I don't know if it will work!"

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