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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1287 Physical Plateau

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Chapter 1287 Physical Plateau

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Body bomber!

Qin An couldn't help but think of this word in his heart.

Thousands of metres into the sky, countless living things fell. Although their body strength surpassed that of ordinary humans on Earth, they were still smashed to pieces after landing on the ground.

Within a diameter of 1,800 kilometers, dense living things flew everywhere after falling, causing the earth to tremble and the waves to roar even more.

The people standing inside the Cosmos Cover were completely stunned. The first thing they saw was a blood red patch. Afterwards, only darkness could be seen in their eyes. The falling object had already formed a five-meter thick layer of flesh and blood on the surface of the ground, covering the ground and covering the sky.

Qin An could naturally see further into the distance. Outsiders were still constantly appearing in the sky.

Because it appeared too quickly, much faster than falling, there were far more creatures in the sky than falling creatures.

This brings the newest creatures closer to the ground.

Because of the lower altitude, some of the creatures that fell could survive, but they would still be killed by the creatures that fell later.

After several tens of seconds, the organisms that appeared from the sky were only about three hundred meters away from the ground. At this moment, broken corpses thirty meters thick had already piled up on the ground.

The falling organisms would not be killed again, and the following falling organisms would not smash the living organisms that had already landed to death.

Just like that, the living creatures continued to pile up. More and more alien species were gathered together. The ground was completely covered. The corpses and living creatures interweaved together. The scene was too spectacular and terrifying. It was as if the world had turned into hell in an instant. Seven billion aliens had piled up and forged a huge physical heights!

"Dad… Uncle! I'm scared!"

Little Ninth Sister was close to Qin An in the darkness. Her palms were already covered in cold sweat. The Cosmos Cover was not soundproof. The miserable screams mixed together, and the suppressed death aura spread throughout the corpse. Not to mention Little Ninth Sister, even Qin An felt his heart beating rapidly, as if a heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Therefore, he did not pay attention to the first word that Little Ninth Sister said. Instead, he held her small hand tightly as a form of comfort.

Inside the Cosmos Cover, there were about three to four hundred people trapped. Outside the Cosmos Cover, there were sixty meters of corpses and forty meters of living bodies.

Qin An had never thought that he would experience such a strange thing under the pressure of a hundred meters thick meat, and most of the others did not know what had happened.

"Qin An, what should we do?"

At this time, Yin Yao was also a little dizzy. Even if she was a Sword God, she did not know what to do in the face of this chaotic situation.

Lu Ya, Little Ninth Sister, Yin Yao, Yin Shiyao, Song Dieyun, Dong Sheng, Zhang Kaiyang, Guan Xiaoshan, Wang Fu, and Yuan Jie all gathered around Qin An, while the rest of the ordinary people gathered around.

Qin An had been looking at the situation outside through his clairvoyant vision. When he heard Yin Yao's question, he frowned and thought for a while before he said with a serious expression,

"The creatures outside have stopped falling. The situation is very bad. The average height at the top is already more than a hundred meters from the ground. These creatures are obviously not from the same camp. They will fight against the outsiders around them. The scene is already unimaginable. We have to find a way to escape from here, because the living races above are constantly moving, making the corpses below more and more solid. The air passageway is being compressed, and I think it won't be long before it becomes an oxygen-deficient zone, and we'll suffocate to death. "Furthermore, my shield doesn't seem to be able to be activated for too long … I have to escape. Only by escaping to the living alien layer will I have a chance to survive!"

Hearing Qin An's words, Yin Yao quickly nodded.

Qin An raised his head and opened his X-ray vision. He frowned even more tightly. It seemed very difficult to escape because there seemed to be a lot of monsters in the living biological layer. These monsters had strong bodies and were powerful. They were biting and devouring everything around them randomly.

After looking at it for a while, Qin An sighed softly. Now that there were hundreds of people trapped here, it seemed impossible for them to escape.

"Li Qiang! Li Qiang! Child, my child!"

A miserable scream came from dozens of meters away. Qin An subconsciously looked over and saw that the woman called Chen Yuelang was crying with her child in her arms. At this time, one of the two adorable little lolis was crying, while the other had already fainted.

The child named Li Qiang was trampled to death by the crowd during the crowd earlier. His eyeball fell out, and the situation was very sad.

Qin An concentrated his mental energy to let his soul consciousness enter the boy's brain. Finally, he sighed slightly. He was completely dead, and even he could not revive him.

"Mom, Mom, Sister, Sister!"

The two-year-old loli couldn't see anything in the darkness. She grabbed her twin sister with one hand and pulled her mother's clothes with the other while crying.

Chen Yuelang was already crying until she could not stop crying. When she heard her daughter's cry, she suddenly came to her senses. She groped around like a madman and let go of her son who no longer had any aura. She hugged her two daughters tightly in her arms.

"Li Ying! My little Li Ying, don't be afraid. Mom is here! Li Hui, wake up quickly. Big sister is calling you. Don't scare Mom!"

Li Ying?

In an instant, Qin An's mind went dizzy, and a portion of the memories that disappeared flooded in like a flood of ferocious beasts.

He remembered his childhood, his name, his life in the army, the experience of working in Hanghai City, the talent market, the woman called Li Ying he met in the talent market, and the sweetness and sorrow of their seven-year marriage.

All of a sudden, all the memories from before the apocalypse were restored. Until the apocalypse erupted, Li Ying left him a lot of food and then left.


A teardrop unconsciously flowed out and Qin An raised his hand to wipe it away.

What's wrong with him? Why did he suddenly feel so sad, why did he suddenly shed such a tear?

After being stunned for a while, Qin An subconsciously raised his hand and sent a white light to the little loli named Li Ying.

The little girl who had been trampled on and had suffered internal injuries instantly recovered from her injuries. She woke up and actually called out for her mother.

Chen Yuelang was already crying sadly. At this moment, she was crying with extreme joy. She remembered that her son had died miserably. For a moment, her emotions were complicated. She felt as if the entire world had collapsed. She had turned into a walking corpse. She had no other wish in her life. She only lived because of her two surviving daughters…

Qin An stood there for a long time, and finally whispered, "You must escape!"

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