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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1286 The Doomsday of Deep Fear

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Chapter 1286 The Doomsday of Deep Fear

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Song Dieyun had no choice but to retreat.

Her specialty was controlling and summoning biological warfare. Her melee combat ability was really average.

As for Di Qing, who had almost reached the level of a Four Soul Sword Cultivator, his melee combat ability was obviously extremely strong.

A black horse coupled with a broadsword longbow made his ability to advance and break through exaggerated to the point of exploding.

"Protect my lord!"

Yuan Jie saw that Song Dieyun's strength was not comparable to the other party's, so he hurriedly shouted for the nearby Adept Warriors to come forward and block in front of Song Dieyun.

Facing such an expert, without a protective barrier, they were unable to break through the other party's defenses. This battle was truly impossible to fight.

It was a tragedy for Song Dieyun to see the Thousand Soldiers taking the head of the general from the Thousand Soldiers.

After Yuan Jie shouted, Di Qing had already arrived in front of the wall of Adept Warriors. With a pull of his reins, the black cavalry actually jumped ten meters high and thirty meters away. In an instant, they arrived in front of Song Dieyun. The broadsword carried a sinister ghost aura and slashed down vertically. Its speed was so fast that Song Dieyun could not dodge.

In an instant, Song Dieyun was in a trance. She was originally tired, but after releasing a wave of skills, her body became even weaker.

Unexpectedly… I really can't dodge it?

Most people don't think of fear when facing death.

Just like Song Dieyun, she actually felt a little regretful.

Her painful childhood, her youth like Feng Xiaozheng's shadow, these ten years of baptism in battle … What exactly did she obtain? What was the point of her being alive?

Ah … Perhaps she should have died with her parents and family back then? Then she wouldn't be so lonely in the apocalypse.

Goodbye, her only friend, Feng Xiaozheng.

Goodbye … Plum orchard!

The woman who felt the danger of death did not give up. Her body wanted to continue living, so she subconsciously raised her hands to defend against the broadsword.

Will her hand be cut off?

Will her body be cut in half by that cold ghost qi blade?

Would her internal organs fall to the ground when her body was damaged?

Ah … what a disgusting scene!

The emotions in her mind swiftly changed, but Song Dieyun's hands were unable to collide with the broadsword in the end.

Good … hot? Why are your palms so hot? It was like … that strong chest just now?

Song Dieyun was stunned. Twenty-four flower leaves wrapped in heart-shaped wounds appeared in her eyes. Then, they got closer and closer to her eyes. In the end, she was devoured and her body merged into an incomparably warm, solid and elastic chest.

Qin An made his move. After the amount of information slowly appeared in his mind, he finally remembered his position. He belonged to Zangxi and seemed to be a relatively important person!

Since Qin An had taken a stand, he naturally wouldn't be a spectator. He discovered that the Adept named Song Dieyun was about to be killed by Di Qing and the horse. Qin An quickly activated his teleportation ability and appeared between the horse and Song Dieyun. Then, he pulled the woman who wanted to raise her hand into his arms and jumped a few hundred meters away.

Releasing her petite body, Qin An left without hesitation. By the time he teleported back to Di Qing, Yin Yao was already standing there. She was holding a long sword with a strange shape in her hand. She swung out her sword and collided with Di Qing's broadsword!

The Spiritual Energy of the Colorful Light Sword and the Black Eerie Ghost Energy exploded, It caused the air within a hundred meters to wrinkle, and the potential energy immediately surged in all directions like waves of water. Even Qin An, who had just arrived nearby, was pushed back more than twenty meters by the wave of air. The others nearby flew even further away. Some ordinary civilians with no special abilities actually fell directly to their deaths.

At that moment, dust flew up, blocking everyone's line of sight like a fog. No one knew what had just happened.

Qin An's movements were too fast. Yuan Jie and the others hadn't seen him at all. Song Dieyun had already been taken a hundred meters away.

Song Dieyun herself couldn't figure out what was going on, because she didn't see Qin An's face, and she didn't know if the chest and 24-colored petals were hallucinations.

Yin Yao took action after Qin An. She did not understand her thoughts when she took action, but after a few battles with Di Qing, she finally understood her heart depressingly.

She had already witnessed Di Qing's strength, which was slightly weaker than her own, but she definitely had the strength to compete with the Four Soul Sword Cultivator.

So when she saw Qin An suddenly make a move, she couldn't help but make a move for a moment, afraid that Qin An would be injured by the other party.

And she regretted it a little after she attacked … Qin An, this fellow, suddenly acted in order to save the other women, why did she have to meddle in other women's affairs?

Yes, she was distracted just now. She was thinking about Qin An's 24-colored runic imprint. Song Dieyun was not sure. She could tell at a glance that the 24-colored runic imprint on Qin An's chest was real. This made Yin Yao find it hard to accept.

How could Qin An be a Level 24 mutation? One had to know that an ordinary Three Soul Sword Cultivator's mutation frequency was at most Level 24. This so-called maximum was actually a limit state. Most ordinary Three Soul Sword Cultivators had less than 20 mutations. The more mutations they had, the lower their chances of being able to continue mutating. Similarly, the higher the mutation level, the stronger the body technique ability, and the easier it was to comprehend other Sword God skills.

Therefore, Song Dieyun could not imagine why Qin An was able to reach Level 24 mutation.

This is Earth, There was almost no Sword Spirit Qi. Even if she, the real Sword God, did not activate the Fifth Sword God's ability to summon the Sword Spirit, her strength was still at the peak of the Four Souls Sword Cultivation Stage. In other words, her ability was still limited by the laws and conditions of the Earth. As a pure earthling, how could Qin An complete the twenty-four levels of mutation?

Actually, anyone from the Sword Spirit Star would be surprised upon seeing this, because even the first and second Sword Gods did not know of the existence of the Heavenly Punishment Spiritual Will. The Heavenly Punishment Spiritual Will had been trapped since birth, and it was the purest and purest energy spirit of the Sword Spirit Star.

Because of the Heavenly Punishment Spiritual Will, Qin An had obtained the first Heavenly Punishment Curse of the Sword God's ability, and had achieved a leaping and evolving physique. This had already made him a special existence.

Previously, in the monster passageway, he had used the power of his bloodline to activate the complex energy mixture. Then, he had countless curse tokens open on his body, protecting his body and allowing him to survive. At the same time, he had absorbed the powerful energies of the Nine Dragons Beast, the Time Blade Law Beast, the Corpse Queen, many Sword Soul Stones, and so on.

Now, the energy accumulated in his body could actually make him mutate again.

However, the energy required for a Level 24 to Level 25 mutation was too much. Although Qin An was only a step away, this step was still very far.

As for Qin An, once he mutated, he would most likely jump to Level 25 and enter a higher level of evolution. At that time, he would probably scare a large number of people to death.

In short, because she was distracted by Qin An's mutation level that she had just learned, she acted immediately when Qin An was in danger. This was the explanation Yin Yao had given her.

This explanation was still very conflicted. Although Yin Yao pretended to be Wang Fang and Qin An had a night of fate, and even had a child, she really did not have much affection for Qin An.

What was hateful was the clones. Perhaps because they were separated from their daughters, they liked to run to Qin An's side and wander around. This made Yin Yao's memories of Qin An more and more, causing her main body's thoughts to be affected.

It seemed that it was time to sort out his emotions!

While fighting, Yin Yao was still very strong. The Fragrant Shadow Sword God in her hand was able to break through Di Qing's defense. With the strange ability of the Fragrant Shadow Avatar and Yin Yao's body technique, Di Qing was beaten back repeatedly. Although she was not defeated, she was always at a disadvantage.

Yuan Jie and the others nearby stared blankly.

In their hearts, Song Dieyun was already considered a super expert. And now, the guy who had beaten Song Dieyun to the point that she didn't have the strength to fight back was actually beaten back by the woman who suddenly jumped out. Who was this woman? Why was he so strong?

At this time, Qin An was also surprised by Yin Yao's ability. Her fight with Di Qing was not fancy, and her movements did not seem to be very fast. This was because a translucent chaotic energy magnetic field had already formed around the two of them.

If it was an ordinary person, they would probably explode if they were deeply immersed in this energy magnetic field. If it was an ordinary Adept, they would probably be directly immobilized and unable to move freely in this energy magnetic field.

Moreover, Qin An felt that Yin Yao did not use her full strength at this moment, as if she was fighting with an ordinary child.

Qin An steadied himself and shook his clothes to let the dust scatter. Then, he tied the button.

"Did you just save me?"

Without looking back, Qin An knew that the person who spoke was Song Dieyun who had returned from a hundred meters away.

She turned around and looked down at the petite and beautiful woman.

Just as Qin An was about to say something, his body suddenly trembled. He felt dizzy and his legs went limp and he knelt on the ground!

What… what's going on?

An indescribable sound wave entered Qin An's ears, causing him to feel as if his eardrums were cracked.

Moreover, the fear in his heart had already made it impossible for him to breathe.

Yin Yao, who was fighting with Di Qing, was originally sprinting forward, but her body suddenly stopped and her face turned pale.

In the next moment, she quickly moved backwards and retreated to Qin An's side.

"Not good! A great calamity is imminent!"

As a Sword God, Yin Yao had a much stronger ability to warn of crises than Qin An.

Now, her body unconsciously trembled, and her heart was filled with fear, a situation that she had never experienced in countless years.

In the past, even if he fought against other Sword Gods, he had never felt such fear.

In countless years of her life, she had been to many dangerous and strange places on the Sword Spirit Star, and she had never suffered such fear.

What happened? What exactly was going to happen?

Ignoring Di Qing, Yin Yao grabbed Qin An's arm and ran away. A few of them jumped to Little Ninth Sister's side and waited in formation.

Song Dieyun was still in a dazed and forced state. Seeing that the mysterious man who might be her savior had run away, she glanced at Di Qing who was riding on the horse opposite her and followed behind Qin An.

Now that she was unable to defeat Di Qing, this mysterious man who had suddenly appeared and the mysterious woman who had just attacked Di Qing might be able to help. However, she needed to find out their identities first.

Yuan Jie was Song Dieyun's lackey. Seeing her run away, he followed. The shock in his heart had not subsided. He did not know Yin Yao's identity, nor did he know that Qin An had once appeared to save Song Dieyun. It was only because Qin An's movements were too fast.

On the other side, Yin Yao held Little Ninth Sister tightly with one hand and Qin An's hand with the other.

Because of the abnormal reaction of Qin An's body, she didn't care that she was taken advantage of by Yin Yao. Turning on her healing ability allowed her to recover from the intense sound waves that she had just suffered. Then, she began to look around. She didn't dare to turn on her super hearing anymore, afraid of hearing more terrifying sounds.

After about ten seconds, a faint red and blue light suddenly appeared on the ground!

Qin An looked around with his super vision and was surprised to discover that there was such a faint light on the ground within a few dozen kilometers.

Actually, what Qin An saw was also one-sided.

Above the Peacock Stage, a Zangxi fighter jet that had just completed its bombing mission was flying at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

The pilot had originally planned to return to the base because there was no ammunition on board.

Suddenly, he noticed the faint light on the ground. Through the monitoring of the scanner, the pilot was shocked to discover that the faint light formed a huge circle.

The circle is really big, because it has a diameter of 1,800 kilometers.

After reporting the situation to his superior, the squadron leader immediately ordered the plane to fly everywhere to see what exactly was the sudden appearance of the luminous circle.

In the end, they found that the northernmost part of the circle was in Russia, the westernmost part was in the central part of Inner Mongolia, the easternmost part covered the Korean Peninsula deep into the sea, and the southernmost part was close to the Shanhaiguan generation.

What exactly was going on? Nobody knows.

At this moment, the three battlefields and the monster passageways were already shrouded in this strange halo.

After receiving the news, Dong Junwei immediately sent out more reconnaissance planes to investigate.

At this time, the Shanhaiguan army of the Tenth Route had already been fighting with the zombies, and many small cities of the Heavenly Fate Sect behind Coldwinter City had also been destroyed by the Alliance Army.

Although the battle did not succeed, because of the success of the surprise attack, the advantage still rested with the Alliance Army. Dong Junwei didn't want anything unexpected to happen at such a time.

Half an hour later,

The Shulan City concentration camp where Qin An was located was completely silent.

Di Qing didn't know if he was afraid of Yin Yao, or if he was frightened by the red and blue light that suddenly appeared on the ground. After Yin Yao retreated, he ran away without a trace.

The reason why the crowd quieted down was because the environment around them was too strange.

The dark clouds in the sky gathered together. The sea was gale-ridden, and the huge waves caused waves of sea water to surge ashore. The ten-mile coastline of Prison Fire Stronghold near the sea had already been flooded. The people on the coast, whether they were the Alliance Army or the people from Hellfire Stronghold, were all moving westward, and many of them were swallowed up by the waves.

This situation was even more like the end of the world than when the end had just arrived, causing everyone to tremble in fear.


Suddenly, Yin Yao let out a tender cry. Then, an even bigger phenomenon appeared. The originally dark clouds in the sky also emitted red and blue light. They also formed a 1,800-meter-wide circle that covered most of the northeast and extended into Russia and the Korean Peninsula.

Between heaven and earth, red and blue light quickly appeared. The luminous medium flowed between heaven and earth. Originally, it was daytime, but now, due to the dark clouds in the sky and the red and blue light substance between heaven and earth, the world had turned red, blue, and black. It was like hell.

"This … this is the Demonic Curse Tablet opened by the Sword God! What exactly does the ghost general want?"

Yin Yao only sensed the spiritual sense of the Seventh Master God Ghost General. She didn't know that the fiftieth Sword God had already appeared on the Sword Spirit Star and had arrived on Earth through the portal. She was plotting to use the Undying Race to destroy the world.

Mo Luo Curse Token?

Qin An's mind flashed with some information.

The so-called Mo Luo Curse Tablet was considered a rank 5 curse technique, and only Xuan Cai Sword Spirit Qi could be activated.

In other words, on the Sword Spirit Star, apart from those exceptionally talented Sword Spirit Progenitor Beasts, only 49 Sword Gods were able to use this type of curse token.

Mo Luo could create the skeleton of the formation, and then convert the Xuan Cai Sword's spiritual energy into powerful spatial energy, thus forming an enormous spatial teleportation formation.

Qin An frowned, not knowing what this message meant.

"Mom, look!"

Little Ninth Sister, who had inherited her father's super vision, shouted loudly and raised her finger to the sky. Her slender and delicate fingers were trembling incessantly, and her little face was also pale with fear.

Yin Yao raised her head. Although she was a Sword God, her eyesight was not comparable to Little Ninth Sister's. She only saw that the dark clouds seemed darker, but she didn't see anything else.

A few seconds later, a voice came from the dark clouds. It was as if countless people were shouting, as if countless ghosts were wailing.

Originally, there were still some places in the Prison Fire Stronghold where there were battles, but the sound coming from the sky was too loud. It had already concealed the sound of gunfire.

At this moment, Qin An was also looking up. His eyes were wide open, clearly visible, but he couldn't believe his own eyes.

In the dark clouds, at the border between red and blue, an unknown number of living things suddenly appeared.

Some of them were human-shaped, some were giant wolves, some were zombie skeletons, and some were strange and indescribable!

Qin An swept his gaze over them, and his super vision began to form a comprehensive mental structure in his mind, calculating their numbers.

100,000, 1,000,000, 1,000,000, over a hundred million Qin An actually couldn't see how many living things there were!

"Ah! Heavens! What is that! It fell! Run!"

The originally quiet crowd suddenly exploded, because after appearing, countless living things that were floating four kilometers above the ground actually began to fall!

Qin An gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He quickly raised his hand and opened the Cosmos Shield, guarding Fang Yuan's space of several hundred meters.

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