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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1285 The Rise of Foreign Races

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Chapter 1285 The Rise of Foreign Races

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Song Dieyun almost jumped away from Qin An, and she finally reacted.

Heavens …

Was she stupid? Why didn't he touch her chest?

Compared to being shy, Song Dieyun was more annoyed, so her voice trembled.

"Confirm his mutation level!"

The medical officer at the side hurriedly took out the blood collection equipment and test equipment from the medicine chest, intending to give Qin An a comprehensive examination.

There was nothing else to say. Song Dieyun felt that all she had to do now was eliminate her doubts. It was just a man. It wasn't like she hadn't seen him before!

She hadn't been fantasizing just now, she was just checking the other party's level runic imprint.

Song Dieyun subconsciously clenched her fists and felt her palms burning.

He scanned Qin An's chest with his eyes and hurriedly let his gaze leave.

Damn it!

She … she really wasn't thinking nonsense just now, but at this moment, she was a little fantastic. Why couldn't the temperature on her palm dissipate!

Giant Ant King Yuan Jie's expression turned very bad after being stunned for a long time. He had known Song Dieyun for many years and had worked together for many years.

He originally thought that one day, this woman who didn't know why she loved him would fall into his hands, but seeing Song Dieyun's appearance made him somewhat anxious.

Could it be that this girl is about to open her eyes? And the man who enlightened her was not Plum orchard, nor herself, but this brat who accidentally encountered her?

An angry feeling arose in his heart. Yuan Jie narrowed his eyes and gave Qin An a meaningful look.

At this moment,

A few hundred meters away, Di Qing wore a black robe and a smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

He looked at Dong Sheng beside him and said,

"Young man, although our exchange is brief, I'm still quite happy. Hide behind me. The will of the Lord God has already merged into my soul. I'm going to start killing!"

"Kill? Kill who?" Dong Sheng's attention was originally focused on Qin An, but when he heard Di Qing's words, he immediately turned to look at him.

As for Di Qing, he had already moved. His body emitted a gloomy cold aura. His long hair floated without any wind. An ancient brass mask appeared on his face, and a longbow appeared in his hand!

This bow was pitch black, and it was made of some unknown material. It seemed to be aged wood, but it was also like metal.

With the longbow in his hand, Di Qing stood up. The empty string was pulled full. After letting go, a black smoke rose from the bowstring. A black arrow gathered from the thousand-year-old ghost energy pierced through the air, causing the surrounding air currents to rotate at a high speed, forming a dark gray tornado with a radius of more than three meters.


An air explosion sounded. Cremation flashed in the air around the tornado. A huge arc half a meter deep leaked out from the ground. The people sitting on the ground turned into broken bones and the minced meat disappeared. That power was simply too terrifying.

Qin An, Yin Yao, Lu Ya, Little Ninth Sister, and Song Dieyun all noticed that terrifying energy fluctuation when Di Qing attacked.

The target of Di Qing's attack was Song Dieyun, one of the leaders of the Alliance Army.

Facing the tornado that had suddenly arrived beside her, Song Dieyun naturally hurriedly dodged.

The Ghost Qi Arrow missed its target and charged forward. The tornado surrounding the arrow took the lives of everyone along the way.

However, Song Dieyun, who had originally been hiding to the side, lowered her head and was surprised to discover that the black arrow had already pierced through her chest!

Impossible, she obviously dodged…

Song Dieyun's face turned ashen.

Di Qing wore a mask and could not see his expression clearly.

The arrow of ghost Qi was formed from the resentment of a thousand years of ghost Qi. It was different from ordinary arrows.

Resentment was something that followed behind her like a shadow, so Song Dieyun naturally could not dodge this kind of attack that was actually aimed at her Spirit Attribute.

The disheveled Di Qing stood there with a mask on his face. The ghost aura emitted from his body became even more turbulent. He held a bow in his left hand and a long saber in his right hand slowly flashed out of the void and held it in his hand.

"Die Yun!"

Seeing that his sweetheart was injured, Yuan Jie hurriedly jumped over and carried his tottering body into his embrace.

"Die Yun! How are you? Are you alright? Are you alright?"

"I can't die! Send out a warning signal, this guy is very strong!" A trace of blood flowed out from the corner of Song Dieyun's mouth. She pushed Yuan Jie away and knelt on one knee. Her mouth slightly opened as she began to chant softly.

Her voice was originally not loud, but after the sound medium carried the sound source a meter away from the main body, the potential energy caused the air nearby to wrinkle, as if the sound had an infinite quality.

At this time, she had already brought her own people to hide in the distant Qin An's team. Yin Yao softly let out a sigh, and then she seemed to be talking to herself naturally, as if she was saying to Qin An,

"This woman called Song Dieyun is actually not a mutant! She should be a believer of the Third Sword God Tian Ge, a singer! And that Di Qing is a follower of the Seventh Sword God Ghost General! A ghost whisperer! Hehe, the ghost whisperer versus the war song whisperer is such a hot-blooded scene! It's as if she has returned to my planet Sword Spirit!"

Mutants? Ghost whispering, song whispering?

Nine Master Gods, Forty-Nine Sword Gods!

Sword Spirit Star, alien invasion of Earth, apocalypse…

All of a sudden, Qin An's mind surged with this information. The power of the Amnesia Curse Token continued to dissipate, and he was slowly recovering his memories.

The concentration camp was in complete chaos. Not only did Di Qing's arrow injure Song Dieyun, it also killed more than 600 civilians!

The people in the concentration camp were too concentrated. Everyone except Song Dieyun was not spared wherever the ghost energy arrow flew.

A red signal flare pierced through the air. The warning signal was sent out. The abilities that followed Song Dieyun summoned parasitic beasts and surrounded Di Qing.

Di Qing stood motionless on the spot, the black gas surrounding his body quickly transforming into a solid armor, wrapping around his entire body.

The attacks of the Adepts landed on him, but he was as unharmed as a rock.

Ordinary Adepts, Armor Piercing Bullets, and Laser Bullets were simply unable to break through their defenses.

The Adept Warriors were shocked. They didn't know who the other party was, but he actually possessed such strength.

Dong Sheng had already run back to Yin Yao's side.

He was smart enough to run when Di Qing made his move. Otherwise, it would be impossible to move a single step in the concentration camp. The civilians inside were running out, while the surrounding guards were heading this way. At that moment, the roads leading to the periphery were blocked.

"All of you, step back and control the order. Leave him to me!"

Song Dieyun's low-pitched chanting had a healing effect. This was also considered a spiritual attribute ability. It actually devoured the ghost qi arrow on her body!

She already knew that the man in front of her, who was currently covered in black armor, was definitely not an ordinary Adept. He should be a member of the nine God Races.

Under Di Qing's feet, black light flickered. Gradually, a group of tall horses covered in black armor rose from the ground and carried Di Qing on their backs.

Di Qing's strongest attack state was activated. He was once the most valiant general in the history of the Song Dynasty, but now he was a ghost that crawled out of hell like a god of death in the apocalypse!

Song Dieyun's eyebrows were tightly knitted, not caring at all that the clothes on her chest had already been torn into a small hole, revealing tender white muscles inside.

Dark Song's healing ability had already restored the injuries she had suffered earlier. The handsome and petite woman slowly closed her eyes and the humming melody in her mouth became a little louder, making people feel relaxed and happy to hear it.

In this kind of singing, the originally chaotic commoners gradually calmed down. It was as if they were being controlled. They retreated to both sides in an orderly manner, leaving an empty space between Song Dieyun and Di Qing.

The two major powers with the will of the Master God were three hundred meters apart.

In the singing, some tangible notes slowly formed. Some of them were only a few centimeters in size, some were half a meter long, some were flat like paper, and some were three-dimensional like building blocks.

On the other side, Di Qing, who was originally motionless, suddenly raised his hand to rein in the horse's reins. The black horse from hell raised its front foot, and a cold red flame rose from the horse's hoof. After a long hiss, its four feet alternately landed on the ground, bringing along a yin wind as it rushed towards Song Dieyun. After starting, he hung his saber and horse, pulled his bow, and fired three ghost energy arrows at Song Dieyun!

Song Dieyun's expression was solemn, and she didn't dare to be careless at all.

Space-time, Death Qi of the Myriad Realms, and the Heavenly Battle Gods activated their three great Sword God abilities at the same time.

The dark gray mist instantly occupied all the empty space. Countless monsters from other worlds rushed out from the void and rushed towards Di Qing. The Death Qi of All Realms followed closely behind the monster. Six War God golems from other worlds stood in front of Song Dieyun.

The three ghost energy tornadoes were like bamboo, crushing all the monsters. The Myriad Realms Death Qi was also not spared. It was blown away by the fierce winds, and the three black arrows were finally blocked by the three Otherworldly War God golems.

Di Qing's horse had already arrived ten meters in front of Song Dieyun. He pushed the long saber with both of his hands. Black ghost energy surrounded the saber, and a ghost energy blade flew towards Song Dieyun as the long saber descended.

One of the Battle God Puppets was a three-meter-diameter ball of meat. When the Ghost Qi Blade flew over, it also rolled forward, rolling five to six meters. Its body extended from a ball of meat to a wall of meat. Its side was five meters long and its thickness was half a meter.

After the Ghost Qi Blade attacked, it collided with the meat wall. In the end, the meat wall was torn apart. The defeated puppet was heavily injured and disappeared. The energy of the Ghost Qi Blade was cancelled out and disappeared without a trace.

Di Qing was already closer to Song Dieyun. The other five Battle God Puppets moved forward together with Di Qing, who was holding a long saber in his hand. The translucent colored notes that were originally floating beside Song Dieyun also flew forward and merged into the bodies of the five Battle God Puppets.

These talismans had the power, speed, defense, agility, and other blessings, making the Battle God Puppet even more powerful.

However, the five Battle God Puppets couldn't take advantage of Di Qing's saber. Although they didn't let him get close to Song Dieyun, they were constantly injured. If it weren't for the blessing and healing effects of those notes, they wouldn't have been able to walk three rounds in front of Di Qing.

Song Dieyun's face became paler and paler. Slowly, she opened her eyes, which were already filled with worry.

What should we do? She was actually no match for this fellow. Not long after, he would be able to break through his defenses and reach his side. And could she face the seemingly ordinary but actually incomparably powerful saber in his hand?

The Star of the Sword Spirit was the 68th continent in the West, also known as the Alpha Continent.

On the absurd plains, the Undying Race, the Heavenly Beast Race, the Greenfield Race, and the allied forces of other minority races had fought for more than eighty days, and the number of participating races had exceeded seven billion!

The Alpha Continent was originally very large, but one day, a devouring wind suddenly appeared on the surrounding sea surface!

The so-called Devouring Wind was the new energy substance on the Sword Spirit Star. They looked like ordinary tornadoes, but they had an unbreakable devouring ability.

They blew across the sea, across the earth, through the air, and then the sea, and the earth, and the air, vanished without a trace, and everything became nothingness, and no creature could live in this nothingness.

There were no spatial tunnels on the Alpha Continent, which meant that the only way to leave the continent was by sea.

However, the Wind of Devouring had already surrounded the Alpha Continent. They were devouring the continent at a very fast speed, forcing many races on the continent to gather at the center of the continent and finally meet in the Absurd Plains.

The Undying Race had four billion people. Half of them were intelligent creatures, and the other half were wild beasts controlled by intelligent creatures.

The Undying Race were not welcome on any continent on the Sword Spirit Star because they symbolized death, and there was no place for them other than war and violence.

Therefore, the Undying Race that the other races had no choice but to face could only form an alliance and start a decisive battle with the Undying Race on the absurd plains.

It was an unavoidable war because the continent was being swallowed up rapidly and becoming smaller and smaller.

This was a war that could not be won, because when the continent disappeared, all races and all living beings would be devoured.

The Green Wild Race, the Heavenly Orc Race, and humans had the same appearance, and the language they used was similar to Chinese.

The difference was that the Heavenly Beast Race belonged to the orcs and could transform into giant wolves. The Green Wild Race belonged to the human race. They were born warriors, the recipients of the Sword Spirit Qi, and were born at the Body Strengthening Realm. Of course, orcs were born at the Body Strengthening Realm.

Within the territory of the Green Wild Race in the Absurd Plains, the Four Soul Sword Cultivator, the king of the Green Wild Race, Alder Kieran, was standing with his brows knitted together as he looked at the dark army of the Undying Race in the distance.

The battle didn't stop for a moment, because the Undying Race army was actually connected to the camp of the Alliance Army.

The continent had shrunk to the point where there was nowhere for the seven billion living creatures to escape. They could only choose to be forced to squeeze together and continue to fight, allowing blood to flow into rivers and the stench of decay to fill the sky.

Standing beside Kieran was Stigma Guri, the Four Soul Sword Cultivator, the Greenfield War God!

"Kieran, what exactly should we do?"

Gu Li's face was filled with sorrow. She had long silver hair, her blue eyes looked exceptionally seductive, and her snow-white skin seemed to be able to break through by blowing.

Kieran was two meters tall and had silver hair and blue eyes. His facial features were deep and handsome.

Kieran sighed and said softly,

"What else can I do? Either live or die … Did the king of the Heavenly Beast Race bring me any news?"

Gu Li nodded slightly.

"Demon D said, let's give them some territory. The Wind of Devouring is less than a hundred meters away from their rear."

Kieran hesitated for a moment before saying,

"Tell Demon D that I don't have anywhere to give it to him anymore. We also have the wind of devouring behind us. Let him rob the Undying Race's territory!"

"D-Sea, C-Blue, and A-Plus have already gone to the frontlines to fight. However, the Undying Race has also sent out the Horn of Death to fight. I wonder if the news is accurate. They say C-Blue is dead."

"The Horn of Death has appeared …"

"Well, Kieran, do you want me to go…"

"Where are Kana and Stern?"

'"Kana is fighting at the western frontline. Now, Stern's forces have mixed with the Heavenly Beast Race's A + War God's forces. They are fighting against the Undying Race's Tomb of Death army and at the center of the continent."

'"The Horn of Death and the Tomb of Death are both here! Then the Undying level enemies are likely to appear as well, right? It seems that their situation is the same as ours. The rear is already filled with devouring winds, so they desperately need land to stand on! Ah, what should we do?"

When Kieran finished speaking, Guri did not answer, because this was an unanswered question.

At this time, an old man slowly walked up to the high ground and arrived beside Kieran and Guri.

When Kieran Guri found him, she was disrespectful at the same time.

"My beloved Demon Director Sharjah, have you come up with a solution to the current situation?" Kieran said anxiously.

Sharjah looked like a kind-hearted old man with a faint smile on his face. He did not bow before he said,

"Greetings, my king. Greetings, Great War God."

After that, he paused for a moment before continuing,

"I have no other choice. The Wind of Devouring is the supreme energy of the Laws. It is impossible to break it. However, perhaps the Undying Race has a way!"

"What? Lord Devil Director Sharjah, are you joking? How can the Undying Race have a way?" Gu Li asked in surprise.

At this time, the mountain breeze blew a beautiful silver thread, making her look exceptionally beautiful.

Sharjah still wore a smile and raised his left hand. A silver light appeared in his hand.


I felt that mysterious and powerful power!

A gorgeous magic array would be activated, and the giant space-time door would cover the Undying Race troops that had gathered. That was the power of space-time summoning from another world!

I will use the supreme law of life to exhaust my entire life's power, increase the mysterious power, and let gorgeous magic arrays descend on our territory at the same time!

Therefore, my beloved King Kieran, my admired Great War God Guri, and Sharjah will bid you farewell and will no longer be able to accompany the two of you!

My younger brother Caesar has already cultivated to the level of a Four Soul Sword Cultivator. I recommend him to be my successor as the next Demon Director!

Sharjah is going. You will embark on the same dangerous journey in the new world as you are now. The dark clouds of the apocalypse will not dissipate, but they will continue … "

As he spoke, Sharjah raised his hand and pressed it against his head.

The silver light immediately flourished and devoured Sharjah's entire body, releasing even more dazzling silver light!

"Lord Sharjah!"

Guri and Kieran shouted at the same time, but because the silver light was too intense, they were unable to open their eyes, nor could they see that the giant teleportation magic array that Sharjah had mentioned had been formed, and it covered all the remaining lands of the Alpha Continent!

Seven billion lifeforms will be teleported. As Sharjah said, the apocalypse will continue. Without an end, the army of outsiders will rise up in that alien world.

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