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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1284 The Dumb Cute of a Lustful Woman

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Chapter 1284 The Dumb Cute of a Lustful Woman

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Song Dieyun hated watching ghost movies.

The first time she saw a ghost movie was when Feng Xiaozheng took her to the cinema.

Before watching the movie, the lively Feng Xiaozheng acted cute and said that if the ghost movie was scary, she would definitely escape from the cinema.

Song Dieyun's cold temperament since childhood was considered too precocious, so she felt that she was not afraid of ghosts at all. Only naive people are afraid of something that doesn't exist.

However, that night, it was Song Dieyun who escaped from the cinema first. She was frightened to tears, and she couldn't sleep well for several nights in a row, having nightmares every day.

What made her feel ashamed was that she and Feng Xiaozheng had already become mutants at that time.

Therefore, from that time onwards, Song Dieyun should have understood a truth. There was no telling what was going on in this world. If she hadn't experienced it personally, no one would know what kind of experience it would be, and what kind of performance she would have in the future.

When Song Dieyun's finger touched Qin An's chest, she was slightly stunned.

Okay… Hard?

Yeah, that's good. Hard!

Song Dieyun's only male friend in her life was Plum orchard.

Back then, it was Feng Xiaozheng who fell in love with Plum orchard, so she became familiar with him.

Song Dieyun was now also a woman who was about to reach her third year. Occasionally, she would consider her own emotional trivial matters. In the end, she could only follow her good sister Feng Xiaozheng and guard Plum orchard's side.

In fact, Song Dieyun did not have any concept about Plum orchard's feelings. She was just the shadow of Feng Xiaozheng. She would also like the person Feng Xiaozheng liked.

Therefore, Song Dieyun had no concept of a man.

The woman's breasts were very soft. Song Dieyun knew this when she was twelve years old, because Feng Xiaozheng's growth was very ferocious. She was already magnificent when she was twelve years old.

The two little girls naturally wiped each other's bodies when they took a bath. Therefore, Song Dieyun had touched Feng Xiaozheng's chest enough. She did not understand why those two balls of boring stuff would often attract the attention of others.

As for a man's chest, Song Dieyun did not have the slightest idea.

Although she had seen it before, she had never had too many thoughts.

Just like a child who sees birds flying in the sky and fish swimming in the water, even if no one tells them how it works in adulthood, they will feel that everything is natural.

Birds can fly, fish can swim, men can be unscrupulous, this is the truth, there is no need to care. In the apocalyptic world, women could also do it, but there would always be some malicious words coming from them.

Then at this moment, after Song Dieyun's fingers touched Qin An's chest for more than ten seconds, her palms slowly fell down and all of them stuck to the strong muscles.

Yes, it seems to be very smooth. It seems that under her skin, there is a small oven that burns her palms.

This was a scorching fire in her heart, because the temperature on Song Dieyun's hand did not change much. It was her heart that was being burned.

Why does a man's chest feel so different from a woman's?

In fact, Song Dieyun could not be blamed for this.

Her childhood was spent in horror. When she was a little older, she was with Feng Xiaozheng. After she went to school, she directly entered College of Heroes. The lessons she received were all about how to fight and survive in the apocalypse. Although there were some cultural lessons, Song Dieyun's grades were very trash. The cultural exams were basically single digits.

More importantly, Song Dieyun would also skip class with Feng Xiaozheng, and she had never attended the physiology and hygiene class before.

Therefore, Song Dieyun did not know what the second and third sex traits were, nor did she understand the feelings of men and women when they came into contact.

A woman who had never even seen a reed was basically living in her own world. In terms of gender, she was inferior to even a primary school student.

After a while, Song Dieyun felt that she should be unconscious, but her palm did move a few times on Qin An's chest.

Good… Smooth!

This smoothness was naturally different from what Feng Xiaozheng had given her.

Feng Xiaozheng is that kind of undulating, after landing her hand, she will be deeply trapped.

Qin An's smoothness was unyielding.

Song Dieyun frowned and pressed down on Qin An's chest, but her palm was bounced back.

Yes! It's rebounding!

Song Dieyun could feel it!

The time was actually very short. At the very least, Song Dieyun felt that way. She touched Qin An's chest in order to examine his rune markings. Then, her head went a little wooden and her mind was cut off. It's nothing. It's really nothing.

However, in the eyes of the others, the situation they saw was completely different.

Song Dieyun's behavior made Yuan Jie's eyes almost pop out.

He had been in contact with Song Dieyun for a long time, so he naturally knew the personality of this cold beauty. Normally, other than Feng Xiaozheng and Plum orchard, he would not gossip with anyone else.

Right now, she had spoken a little more in order to lead the troops to war, but that was also entirely business.

Since she rarely said anything, then the number of people she came into contact with was very few. This made the male soldiers beside Song Dieyun very regretful. They only felt that it was a pity that such a bright rose was made of ice.

Then what was Song Dieyun doing?

She roughly pulled off the man's clothes, and then pressed her hand on his chest, gently stroking him back and forth…

As the client, Qin An was also stunned.

She lowered her head and looked at the woman in front of her. The expression on her face was dumbfounded, as if she didn't know what she was doing.

This really made people speechless and confused.

She slowly put her mouth close to the woman's ear, but the other party still did not notice. Qin An whispered,

"Hey, girl, are you taking advantage of me?"

Taking advantage?

Song Dieyun was stunned. Who did she take advantage of? No?

Mm … Her palm moved from Qin An's left chest to the right. Song Dieyun still frowned. Her consciousness was divided into two parts. She was subconsciously surprised. She didn't expect that the feeling of her hand was so good! She was thinking that this rune mark couldn't be traced in the slightest. It didn't seem like a tattoo, but more like a true rank rune mark! But how was this possible? Level 24 mutant …

Hehe, she doesn't believe that this kid must have used some special method to get it up. Could it be the latest technology in the black market of Zangxi, gene engraving?

Thinking of this, the attentive Song Dieyun placed her other hand on Qin An's chest and gently stroked her hands, as if she was about to throw herself into the embrace of her lover!

Everyone present was dumbfounded. Yuan Jie and the others were dumbfounded because of Song Dieyun's abnormal behavior, while the civilians nearby were dumbfounded because of the real cute coins. Could it be that this female official of the Alliance Army was going to stage a big movie in broad daylight? Could it be that Zangxi's openness was even more ferocious than Hellfire's?

Within ten miles of Yong'an Pass, the Dark God Tower stood towering.

He did not know what material the tower was made of, but the previous bombardment from the coalition forces did not cause any damage to it at all.

At the top of the tower, an extremely beautiful woman was lying on the floating black mist. A smile hung on her lips, and the expression on her face was exceptionally lazy.

"Ghost, the surroundings are so noisy!"

After the woman finished speaking, a male voice came from the black mist.

'"They are attacking the city. The sect master of Mo Ling Sect, Wu Wenxin, has returned from Frost City. He wants to personally take charge of the situation here. I have already sent Di Qing into their territory. As long as you give the order, he can quickly kill the leader of the enemy."

The woman laughed and pondered for a moment before saying,

"Ghost, you used to be a Sword God of the True Fire Alliance, right? Have you really thought about it? You want to follow me in the future instead of working for the True Fire?"

"I can't feel the existence of true fire in this world, which means that her soul has already scattered! After entering Earth, the 49 Sword Gods suffered heavy injuries. The other Sword Gods all hid their strength and gathered their fleshly bodies to wait for their resurrection. She was the only one who spent the last bit of strength in her body to wander around and eventually gave her Sword God Force to her son!

"You mean that Qin An?"

"Yes, their children are also the source of their life force!"

The beautiful woman's expression finally darkened.

"Ghost, let your dark gods do their work! I don't want to worry about it. Didn't I recently create a large-scale energy magic array? The kings of the Undying Race should have already received my summons. If they don't gather, then the energy magic array will be activated! The Star of the Sword Spirit was gradually disintegrating, and no creature would be able to survive there anymore. My poor children, you can only come to Earth to live … but the earth is so small, how can it hold the many races of the Sword Spirit Star? "I want them to come here early and fill up the place. In that case, there will be nowhere else to go when the other races arrive, and they can only die!"

After a pause, the beautiful woman suddenly stood up and jumped down from the black mist.

The pink robe on his body immediately danced in the wind.

After the woman left, the black mist quickly transformed into a man dressed in black.

He took two steps forward and spoke softly behind the woman.

"Then what should I do now?"

"Kill! Let all these lowly creatures return to dust! Only the Undying Race is worthy of living in this world … Oh, and your ghost race! My dear man, don't you think we're a perfect match?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Haha, 49 Sword Gods? They will eventually be trampled under my feet. This world is destined to belong to me!"

The man named Ghost seemed to be possessed. He actually knelt on the ground and knelt beside the woman.

The woman lowered her head and sneered at the man.

The Seventh Ghost General was nothing more than this. Wasn't he still under his control?

Sword Spirit Star's 50th Sword God, who did not have any fame, had already appeared. She was destined to destroy everything, because this was her belief. It was the true meaning of immortality that everything turned into nothingness!

This was her way: Where did life come from?

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