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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1280 General Mian Nie

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Chapter 1280 General Mian Nie

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The three warriors shook their heads helplessly. One of them shouted, "We're still at war, so you'd better be honest if you don't want to die!"

As he finished speaking, the warrior who spoke looked at Chen Yuelang again. In the end, he didn't say anything. Now that there were too many things, how could he have the time to meddle? The order was not to harm innocent civilians, but it did not say that they should not be allowed to fight amongst themselves.

And who knew how many of these commoners were true commoners, and how many were followers of the Death Spirit? Although they were now like honest Mianyang, if the Fire Bath Army came back from Yong'an Pass, they would very likely become hungry wolves that ate people.

Raising his hand, he pulled Li Mu's corpse up, and the members of the catering team began to wander around, giving each person a steamed bun.

Before Jiang Suo left, he turned to look at Chen Yuelang. His eyes were filled with hatred, but there was nothing he could do about it. After all, the people in control of the Peacock Terrace were from the Alliance Army.

Qin An stared blankly at Chen Yuelang for a while before finally shaking his head helplessly.

Sigh, it's better to think about his own matters. For him now, how to recover his memories is the most important thing.

After five days of contact, Qin An could confirm that Qi Lu must have lied to him. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him and her to not have a bit of heartbeat in the process of contact. They should not be husband and wife.

Yin Shiyao was very special. When she looked at him, she always made him feel uneasy.

That Little Ninth Sister is very strange. She has cried in Yin Shiyao's arms four or five times. Qin An originally thought that they were just ordinary acquaintances, but now it seems that his previous judgment was wrong, because Little Ninth Sister actually called Yin Shiyao mother.

As for Yin Yao, it was even more strange. She was also Little Ninth Sister's mother. She should know Yin Shiyao, but the two women did not speak once, as if they were strangers.

Just as he was thinking about it, Little Ninth Sister walked over to Qin An and sat down. He took out two cooked eggs from his arms and stuffed them into Qin An's hands.

"Uncle … Uncle, eat!"

The little girl blushed when she spoke to Qin An, making Qin An a little confused. She did not know what their relationship was, nor did she understand why she called her uncle.

Looking at the egg in his hand, Qin An sighed again. There really was Jianghu where there were people!

Raising his head, Qin An found the boy called Dong Sheng in the crowd.

Dong Sheng, his grandfather Zhang Kaiyang, wang Fu, and Guan Xiaoshan had followed Yin Yao and her daughter for the rest of their lives after the catastrophe in the apocalypse merchant city. Now, they were considered their followers and also their servants.

As a person who grew up in the apocalypse, Dong Sheng had a set of methods and principles for dealing with people.

He was very good at using the word "benefit", and in this enclosed concentration camp, he had managed to control the benefits and accomplish some things.

Dong Sheng would wander around the concentration camp every day, so he knew a few women.

These women were all gorgeous and used to work in an entertainment club in Shulan City.

The entertainment clubs in Shulan City were naturally different from before the apocalypse.

The people who came here to consume were all the absolute nobles in the city, and the women who served here were also absolute beauties.

To put it bluntly, in the apocalypse, in the ruling district of Mo Ling Sect, women wanted to do it. Chickens, relying on their bodies for money, were not qualified to do it without absolute beauty.

Ordinary people could only be slaves, or stand on the streets, and a plate of fried meat would be willing to let customers toss about all night.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that the women Dong Sheng went to chat up were really beautiful.

After getting to know these women, Dong Sheng began to talk to the guards outside the barbed wire fence.

Of course, everything was done secretly. After some communication, the passage was finally established.

After midnight, Dong Sheng would bring a few beauties out of the barbed wire fence. Those women would provide some special services for the soldiers and then obtain some revenge. Dong Sheng could also obtain some benefits in this way.

That was why Qin An sighed. Where there were people, there were rivers and lakes.

Those soldiers seemed to be the righteous side, and they did what they wanted to do in order to safeguard the unity of state power.

However, they were still ordinary people, still had seven emotions and six desires, still willing to indulge themselves to a certain extent.

This was Jianghu. No one was a facial mask. Everyone had their own selfish desires.

In the cracks of desire, there would always be people who could find some laws that were beyond the Laws, and then make themselves and the people around them live a better life.

For such people, Qin An could not judge them with good and evil, because they did not seem to have done anything bad, but they did violate morality and etiquette.

At this time, the two eggs in his hand were obtained by Dong Sheng. He secretly gave them to Little Ninth Sister. After putting them on her body for a day, Little Ninth Sister finally ran over and secretly gave them to him.

Qin An couldn't help but smile, which was why he wanted to recover his memories quickly. He really wanted to know what kind of relationship he had with the people around him.

Following Dong Sheng's gaze, Qin An casually returned the egg to Little Ninth Sister and whispered,

"Keep it for yourself. The eggs in the apocalypse are much better than the ones before the apocalypse. I think they must contain a lot of nutrients, so eat more."

Qin An was just casually saying something to be polite to Little Ninth Sister, but these words stopped in Little Ninth Sister's ears really mean a lot.

The two eggs also merged into this meaning. For Little Ninth Sister, they became eggs given by his father. There was nothing wrong with Dong Sheng anymore.

Qin An could feel the excitement in Little Ninth Sister's heart and could not help but smile bitterly and shake his head.

Although he was already used to this little sister who wanted to please him from time to time, he didn't know the reason.

Look, isn't it just two eggs? Little sister originally wanted to give it to him, but he didn't want to give it back to her. Why is she so happy? Why is she still holding back her laughter? Dimples have appeared on her cheeks.

Although Qin An put all of Little Ninth Sister's expression and actions into his eyes, his eyes actually did not look at Little Ninth Sister, but still landed on Dong Sheng's body.

The young man had a half-withered grass in his mouth as he wandered about.

Finally, he came to a man's side and stopped. Then, he frowned slightly.

Qin An subconsciously followed his gaze towards the man. After a few seconds of stunning, he also frowned.

There were thousands of people in this barbed-wire enclosure, Before the Zangxi Alliance Army could come over to count the identities of these people, Because Si Mei was still taking turns leading her troops to fight with the Prison Fire Army, it was impossible to separate out too many soldiers to manage these people. She could only temporarily detain them and then investigate and verify their identities in batches. In the end, she was airlifting the identified people back to Jiulong Mountain's Sword Front City. This process didn't seem complicated, but there were more than 20 million people in the entire Peacock Platform. Although some of them had already fled to Yong'an Pass, there were still more than 10 million civilians.

In short, in this concentration camp, the Alliance Army had not counted the number of detainees, nor did they know their original identities and backgrounds in Shulan City.

Qin An did this. In five days, he had already known everyone in the concentration camp.

Remember what they look like and know each person's name through their conversation.

In that case, Qin An could tell with a glance that the man beside the young man, Dong Sheng, was probably not in this sealed barbed wire space a few minutes ago! In other words, he should be able to use some sort of teleportation ability, and then suddenly enter this place.

How strange. This is a concentration camp. Then what is this man doing here?

It was impossible for him to be an Alliance Adept. Since that was the case, he should be an Adept from Hellfire?

Qin An didn't have any position in his heart, he was just being a spectator.

After carefully examining the man, Qin An suddenly felt a suppressed aura in his heart. He did not know that this was an early warning from the Sword God's ability, meaning that this person was extremely dangerous.

Actually, he was very handsome. He looked like he was thirty years old. He wore a simple black robe and sat on the ground taller. He was estimated to be at least 1.8 meters tall when he stood up.

To Qin An's surprise, the man sat there very quietly.

To Qin An, silence meant that there was no sound. There was no circulation of blood in his body, no beating of his heart, and no breathing.

Qin An opened his X-ray vision to look inside his body, but he was surprised to find that there was nothing inside!

Qin An thought that his eyes were dizzy. He rubbed his eyes and concentrated his attention again. He found that as expected, there was only a black patch in his body. He couldn't see anything at all!

Qin An's brows knitted tightly. His heart was filled with surprise. This kind of clairvoyant ability he possessed actually failed on this man's body? This was the first time he had encountered such a thing since he woke up.

"Hey, handsome guy, I've been in the concentration camp for the past two days. Why haven't I seen you before?"

Dong Sheng smiled as he squatted on the ground and spoke to the man.

The man's eyes were tightly shut. After Dong Sheng spoke, his ears moved. However, he did not open his eyes. He only spoke in a very soft voice,

"Young man, why are you interested in me?"

Qin An nodded slightly from afar. He thought to himself that Dong Sheng was really a talented person. He didn't have any special abilities. He just wandered around the concentration camp every day, but could he roughly remember the faces of the thousands of people here? If it weren't for that, he wouldn't have been interested in that man.

"Haha, I just think you're a noodle boy. Handsome guy, make a friend. My name is Dong Sheng. May I know your name?"

Qin An felt that this clever boy was more familiar with him than Little Ninth Sister, but he felt that he had already greeted him and asked him to know him.

The handsome man he spoke of had long black hair. After listening to Dong Sheng's question, he did not open his eyes. However, the corners of his mouth curved upwards. He continued to speak in a very soft voice,

"Alright, then let's leave it to our friends. I am General Mian Nie, and Di Qing is also!"

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