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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1279 There Is No Right Or Wrong in This World

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Chapter 1279 There Is No Right Or Wrong in This World

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Qin An took a bite of the steamed bun and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Super Listening has gathered all the information.

"Ah, don't look at Li Mu who is usually weak. In fact, his temper is very hot, and he likes to be jealous the most."

"That's right. His wife Chen Yuelang is indeed not an honest and peaceful woman, but she has always been kept under control. I didn't expect that there would be such a dirty thing that she would actually have sex with her own slaves."

'"It wouldn't be a big deal if it was placed in someone else's house, but Li Mu was a person from the pre-apocalyptic era and his thoughts were very rigid. Now that he has raised a child for a slave, I think he is going to die of anger."

These people who spoke clearly knew the weak man. They discussed and expressed their opinions.

Qin An's super vision locked onto the slave named Jiang Suo. When the weak man Li Mu glared at his wife Chen Yuelang and the three children, the corner of Jiang Suo's mouth revealed an undetectable smile.

Qin An also revealed a smile. With the help of his Heaven Scryer Spiritual Sense and soul power, Qin An had grasped everything.

Chen Yuelang was indeed related to Jiang Suo, but these three children did not seem to be Jiang Suo's. In other words, Jiang Suo knew what Li Mu's temper was, so he said these words to provoke him.

Just as he was thinking, Li Mu suddenly jumped onto Chen Yuelang's body and grabbed her neck with both hands.

"Bitch, I'm going to strangle you to death! I'm going to strangle you to death!"

He shouted angrily, a little hoarse.

Chen Yuelang was choked speechless. His face immediately turned red and tears gushed out of his eyes.

The eldest of the three children on the side was stunned for a while. He quickly ran over to push Li Mu and cried, "Don't hit Mom, Dad, don't hit Mom, Mom is uncomfortable!"

A pair of little lolis sat on the ground and looked at each other. In the end, they all started crying. While crying, they got up from the ground and ran behind their brother with their short legs swaying. However, they did not know what to do. It was very pitiful!

In the face of morality, who can tell right from wrong?

Jiang Suo had always been enslaved. He understood Li Mu's character, so he lied and wanted to kill without seeing blood.

Li Mu looked weak and stingy, wanting to kill his wife in order to vent his anger.

Chen Yuelang seemed innocent, but she had once had an affair with Jiang Suo for her desire, and now she was caught.

Probably the most innocent of them all.

The world they saw in their eyes was their world outlook for the future.

If the children were to grow up in this morally bankrupt world, Qin An would find it hard to imagine what they would become in the future.

Qin An lightly sighed. He activated the ability to control people's will, allowing Li Mu to let go of Chen Yuelang. At the same time, he used his soul power to attack Li Mu's soul, causing him to faint.

Jiang Suo was dumbfounded. This was obviously not the outcome he wanted to see. He couldn't understand why Li Mu suddenly fainted.

Chen Yuelang, who had regained his freedom, sat up from the ground and carried all three children into his arms. His eyes were still filled with tears as he looked up at Jiang Suo and heavily breathed.

Jiang Suo looked at Chen Yuelang's angry gaze and smiled again.

This matter was naturally not over for him.

What he wanted to see was the destruction of Li Mu's family.

Although he had once had an affair with Chen Yuelang, he was not willing to do so. He only wanted to occasionally get some food Chen Yuelang gave him when he was locked up by Li Mu in the dungeon.

Everything was a disgrace. In Jiang Suo's opinion, only if all five members of the Li Mu Clan died could this hatred be washed away.

Since the Alliance soldiers didn't allow him to attack, he could only use this strategy.

Jiang Suo thought about how to provoke them the next time he came to deliver food, and then turned around to leave with the food team.

He knew that his words had convinced Li Mu, so he should show him some false evidence next.

Just as he walked a dozen or so steps away, a series of shocked cries suddenly came from behind him.

Jiang Suo subconsciously turned around to look and was completely stunned.

Chen Yuelang had already held a metal hairpin on her head in her hand and was sitting beside Li Mu, piercing the hairpin into Li Mu's chest time and time again.

A dozen times later, Li Mu's body did not have the slightest bit of self-examination, and he was stabbed to death by Chen Yuelang in a coma.

Behind Chen Yuelang, her eldest son was covering his two younger sisters' eyes with his hands.

The six-year-old boy actually didn't know why he did this, as his mother had whispered in his ear just now.

This kid listened to his mother very much, so not only did he cover his two sisters' eyes, he also closed his eyes tightly.

In the distance, Qin An was shocked, his brows furrowed, and his heartbeat accelerated.

He already knew what Chen Yuelang was thinking.

This woman knew her man better than Jiang Suo, so she knew just how petty Li Mu was. As long as he had doubts, he would not let her go.

What Jiang Suo said was also the truth. She and Li Mu had indeed been married for several years without a child. Afterwards, she unintentionally had a few relationships with Jiang Suo and became pregnant.

At the beginning, Chen Yuelang was very scared. She did not know who the child was.

So after the baby was born, Chen Yuelang secretly went to have a paternity test and finally relaxed after discovering that the baby was Li Mu's.

After that, she did not have any relationship with Li Mu.

A woman who had become a mother did not want herself to pollute the word mother for the sake of desire.

Then the twin daughters that were born later naturally had nothing to do with Jiang Suo.

Although Chen Yuelang understood her own affairs, she was unable to explain it to Li Mu.

She felt that Li Mu would not let go of her, nor would he let go of her children. This weak-looking but vicious-hearted man would definitely kill them.

Seeing Jiang Suo leave with a strange smile on his face, he looked at Li Mu, who was lying on the ground in front of him, unable to stand up.

Chen Yuelang bit her lips and her body started to tremble.

Finally, she made up her mind to take off her hairpin and stab Li Mu to death.

Facing such an outcome, how could Qin An not be shocked?

Originally, he had fainted Li Mu to save Chen Yuelang, but Li Mu was killed by Chen Yuelang because of this.

But after Qin An understood Chen Yuelang's thoughts, he could not blame such a woman.

She was trying to protect her own child, that was why she killed Li Mu, who was extremely extreme in her mental world.

Qin An did not think that Jiang Suo was wrong, because he was only seeking revenge.

As for the dead Li Mu, he wasn't wrong. Since his wife had cheated on someone, he naturally had an atmosphere.

Could it be that he was wrong to die? He shouldn't be meddling?

The three Alliance soldiers frowned and looked at Chen Yuelang. Then, they went forward to check on Li Mu. They were indeed dead.

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