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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 427 The Seed Of Envy

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Chapter 427 The Seed Of Envy

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427 The Seed of Envy

"Is that all you wanted to know?"

"Don't worry your reward will be big, Professor Fernando,"

"Just keep him busy for a week,"

"I have given him enough work to keep him busy, but if he completes that early I can't do anything,"

"His results in academics is unheard of, even Eva Williams who is considered a prodigy is not on his level,"

"Professor Fernando, this wasn't a request, I am sure you know,"


"I am sure you know, that I am already busy with my upcoming project with Reece,"


A notification popped up in the ID Bracelet.

"Well, I will leave you now," He said.

Fernando looked at the door at the figure of Leonard Tarvian leaving his room as he grabbed his head.

"What kind of mess have you made me fall in Professor Argas," Fernando muttered.



Alyssa who was standing on the spot, with tears that were forming around her eyes, removed her mask and wiped those tears.

The words that Elena spoke, highlighted her insecurity that she was running away from.

The question she would ask herself many times.

Why is he talking with me?

Doesn't he find me ugly?

But she would never ask those questions out loud, she shut all these feelings, her insecurities while spending time with Asher.

But many people would raise the same question, after all, Asher Greville was undoubtedly the most attractive person. Many people compared Kevin and Asher all the time, and the only reason Kevin won in such debates was because he was well-liked by the people.

In comparison, Alyssa had no charm to present herself, and the hatred she gained from her connection to the Garcia Family, made people stay away from her.

Alyssa was about to turn to leave when she noticed someone standing in front of her that had light blond hair and black eyes.

It was Alan Astaria, her half-brother who was standing there with a grin on his face.

Alyssa's eyes turned cold as she adjusted her mask.

"Hoh, what do we have here!" Alan said out loud.

"What do you want?" Alyssa asked.

It wasn't the first time Alan had confronted her, it had happened multiple times in their classroom but it would stop at just insults while he would sometimes use his mana to hurt her.

It was against the rules, but nobody in the class stepped up for her, as for them it was something she deserved.

Due to Alyssa's health condition, Alan knew simply pressuring her with his mana would be painful for her.

He had used that tactic to torture her since they were kids, and it didn't stop even in the World Academy.

"What do I want? Why would I need something from a b***h like you," Alan scoffed.

"Didn't you hear the message that Father sent you," Alan spoke.

"Leave this World Academy, he will arrange some things for you to live a decent life or whatever," Alan said with a frown.

"I am not leaving," Alyssa replied.

"Didn't he disown me already, I am not an Astaria anymore," Alyssa said.

"Did you just ignore the words of Father?" Alan asked as he used his mana openly.

Alyssa clenched her fist, as she gritted her teeth and beared the pain.

"Yeah, what if we disown you? Do you think you deserve the riches of the Astaria Family?" Alan asked.

"All of that belongs to me, and you are nothing but a stain that ruins the reputation of my family,"

"But we are having mercy on you, just leave the Academy, Father had arranged a good place for you," Alan said.

"And some doctor as well called Wagxon or whatever," Alan muttered.

"Anyway, pack your things, and tell the Faculty Council you are leaving," Alan said.

"I am not leaving," Alyssa muttered as she countered Alan's mana using her own.

Alan's eyes went wide with surprise and soon that look of surprise turned into anger.

"Did I hear those words correctly?" Alan asked.

"I don't belong to your family, they never helped me so why should I even listen to them?" Alyssa said.

Alan's face twisted as he increased the force of mana.

He was breaking the rules of World Academy openly, he didn't even care if anyone would see them.

"Why should we even help you?" Alan said.

"You should have been killed just like they killed your mother and her family,"

"Father made a mistake by even marrying a b***h like her," Alan said as Alyssa's hand started shaking.

"Oh, is someone angry? What can you do?" Alan mocked Alyssa.

Alyssa's head started hurting as screams in her head started getting louder.




Her breathing became uneven, as Alan looked fed up.

"You will be leaving World Academy is that clear?" Alan said.

"…NO" Alyssa shouted.

She broke Alan's mana pressure as her eyes looked murderous.

"So you will not leave willingly?" Alan smiled.

He disappeared in front of her as he appeared just behind as he injected something in her neck.

He used the hilt of his sword to hit her in the head, making Alyssa fall on the ground as she started losing consciousness.

"Well, I gave you the choice, have fun resting, because the next year I will make you regret staying in this Academy," Alan said as Alyssa saw him crouching touching her wound.

She could barely hear anything as her eyes were closing.

Was it from the hit or the thing Alan injected she didn't know?

"…is this much blood enoug… or Leonard?"

She barely heard what Alan was saying as she closed her eyes.

Everything went black for her as she opened her eyes and looked at the bright light in front of her eyes and the oxygen mask on her face.

Her eyes went wide, as she felt a pain coursing through her body.

"Use Mana Sealing Bracelets on her! Stop the Flow of the mana!" A voice shouted.

"Monitor her heartbeat, her body is collapsing!" It said.

"Hey, you can't enter in this room!"

"I don't care even if it's someone from the Greville Family!"

Alyssa was hearing voices but she couldn't make sense of anything right now.

'What happened to me?'

'Who are these people?'

Alyssa didn't remember much as she felt weak and couldn't feel her mana at all.

She couldn't lift her hand, and she could barely breathe as her body was shaking. But even with all the anesthetics, Alyssa's body could still feel the pain due to the fact that her mana was all messed up affecting her mana heart.

"Keeping her awake will hinder the procedure," A man spoke out.

"There's no other way, inform the concerned Professors about this, we can't do anything now," The head doctor said.

One of them headed out, as the door opened Alyssa, whose eyes were closing again saw a familiar pair of eyes that were looking directly.

In a moment of panic, seeing those eyes, Alyssa calmed down as she fell unconscious.

"Sorry, it seems her body had collapsed due to her health conditions," The man who went out said to the doctors who were holding Asher back.

"What happened?" Asher asked.

"Ah, I-,"

"Just tell him," The doctor standing there gave the permission.

Due to Asher's status, they couldn't just deny his request, and all of them didn't want unnecessary trouble.

"As you know, her body is already a mess she barely would live past 30, but it seems like she lost control of her mana during training," He spoke.

"Lost control?" Asher frowned.

"Umm, may I know why you are so concerned about that girl, isn't she-," he said but he stopped.

"Does that matter?" Asher asked with his eyes turned cold.

"We received the alert from the security system of Rankers Dorm, we found her there," He replied.

"We tried our best, but her recovery will take at least a week," he said.

"I need to go inform Professor Argas about this, as he is in charge of the matches,"

Asher stepped aside, as the doctors told him politely to let them handle the process.

While he went out, they were confused as to why the Heir of the Greville family was so concerned about Alyssa Astaria that they themselves weren't happy to be treating her.

If it wasn't due to the mana oaths they took, they would have hesitated to give her proper treatment.

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