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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 428 A Talent That...

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Chapter 428 A Talent That…

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428 A Talent that…

"Isn't he the one that awakened just before the start of the Academy?"

"Why would they make someone like him a Heir?"

"Isn't his younger sister also a prodigy who is an augmenter?"

A lot of murmurs were happening, as all the people of the various guilds talked but stopped as the people representing the Abyss Guild entered.

They didn't stop because it was just someone representing the Abyss Guild, but the person that had come today was a known figure.

"Is that Emmy, the White Mist?"

"The White Mist herself?"

Emmy, who was the personal maid of Asher once was now assigned to lead the Greyhounds in the Abyss Guild.

After the death of Hassan Trevino, and Nathaniel Von Greville, the balance between the Abyss Guild and the Greyhounds wasn't maintained properly.

Although things remained in control as Arthur took over and made sure the balance remained changes were made.

Although the smaller guilds gave their respects to them, the other Four Big Guilds remained arrogant as Abyss Guild wasn't the same now.

Two years ago, the Abyss Guild was one of the most ferocious and strong guilds that was under the control of the Sword God, but after that many hunters of the Abyss Guild left to go outside Somaria.

It was something bound to happen, as except for the Greyhounds, who were loyal to the Greville Family, Abyss Guild was a different matter.

"Young Master is growing fast," Emmy muttered.

She remembered it wasn't long ago, Asher was behind all the students but he had caught up.

But his achievement was outshined was someone else who stood out among all the students in the World Academy, and it was Kevin Whiteheart who was on the stage with a spear in his hand.

"Rank B- already, it seems the future of the Whiteheart family is quite bright," One of the Guild representatives spoke.

On the other hand, this made people ignore, the growth of Asher Greville who had already reached the C+ Rank.magic

"Kamden Whiteheart would be enjoying this quite much," Osbert muttered.

"That boy is indeed talented," Farnus commented.

"For the World's Strongest to say such a thing, I wonder what this boy will achieve in the future," Osbert smiled.

Farnus observed Osbert's reaction and stayed silent.

Kevin wasn't just famous for his talent, but it was the lightning attribute he possessed.

It was an extremely rare element, and it was also the one the world's strongest hunter possessed, and it made people say that Kevin was on the same path of the glory that Farnus Calmort walked on.

There were even rumors about whether Farnus would take Kevin Whiteheart as his successor in the future.

Kevin's success in World Academy, attracted a lot of attention so much so that, many people started to make connections with the Whiteheart family.

Many even called the Williams Head cunning for his move of engaging his son to Kamden's daughter Raelyn, but they were just jealous that the Williams would prosper even more.

It wasn't just that caught people's envy. The mana crystal mines that were under the Williams family made their standing among other Elite families even stronger.

'But that kid isn't too bad either,' Silvus thought to himself as looked at the person that was standing in the waiting area.

It was Asher himself, and he got noticed by Silvus as he could see the man with his eyes, and it made him notice the stillness of mana around Asher.

Such fine mana control was something that surprised Silvus and the fact that Asher had reached C+ Rank, was enough for the old mage to notice him.

'Didn't he awaken just before enrolling here,' Silvus thought.

It was hard to believe such a growth could happen, but knowing the blood flowing through Asher's veins, it was possible.

But whatever the future held for Asher or the Greville family it was a matter that didn't concern Silvus.

Kevin got off stage, and Asher went up, he had an emotionless face but his eyes weren't on the opponent.

The fight began, as the student who was Rank 58 tried to charge at him, but Asher instantly closed the distance between them and countered his sword.


The boy lost his grip against Asher's sheer strength, as Asher put his sword at his neck.

"The Winner is Asher Greville," The referee announced as Asher quietly turned and went back.

He wasn't interested in the match all he wanted to do was finish his match and go back and see the condition of Alyssa.

In the VIP Area,

"Cade, are you going back already?" A man asked.

"What happened Cade?" Another woman stood up.

"Yeah, Blake's match hasn't even begun yet," Another man spoke.

They were the friends of Cade Cranston who had come to witness the End Year Tournament, but he suddenly said that he was going back to Fashia.

"It's a waste of time," Cade waved his hand as he went out.

He was bored.

"I guess he didn't learn that Sword Art," Cade muttered.

"Tsk," Cade clicked his tongue as he was annoyed.

He wanted to prove his swordsmanship, but the one who he wanted to best had already left the world.

Cade who was studying Nathaniel Greville's sword art to counter it, could see that Asher hadn't learned anything related to it.

All these duels meant nothing to him, who had lost the reason he was trying so hard.

"Alyssa Astaria can't duel so we have to remove her from the tournament," Professor Argas said.

Asher was standing there as he wanted to know about it from Argas himself.

"What will happen to her rank?" Asher asked.

"She would probably drop to 30th Rank," Argas replied.

"Professor Argas, we need to reinstall the barrier," A staff member came up.

Argas nodded as he left the area, and Asher turned to leave.

"It meant a lot for her," Asher muttered.

He knew, what Alyssa tried to hide from him, the desire for her revenge, the burning hatred she buried deep inside her.

But Asher didn't want that, he knew that the more Alyssa would get closer to her revenge, the more distant she would become.

"Isn't it fine like this, I can protect her better," Asher questioned.

Unaware of the hands plotting against him, all Asher wanted was to protect his peace.

What he wanted since he was young, the reason for which he refused to grow stronger and betrayed his talent, the 'normal' he wanted to become.

He had found his conclusion, although still confused about what he felt.

Selfish was he?

To stop Alyssa from burning under her revenge, Asher started thinking of plans that he could use to manipulate things according to his way.


"Excuse me, I can't allow you to enter the medical ward like this," The Head doctor said.

"Even if you are the Son of the World Association Chairman, doing something like this is just not possible," He said.

"I see, but I received the Permission from Professor Argas," Leonard said.

"But, we-," The Head doctor stuttered.

Leonard Tarvian standing before him was an A Rank Hunter who was strong enough to injure Alyssa by using just his mana.

"Don't worry, it will be not me that will be meeting her," Leonard said.

"Gavin, go and ask if there were any 'strange' activities happening, or if this just happened due to her health conditions," Leonard smiled as Gavin who was standing beside him nodded.

"Isn't it fine now, Head Doctor?" Leonard asked.

"But please, make sure to do everything under 5 minutes, I can't allow a second above that even if this investigation is done under the order of one of the Seven Seats," He replied.

The old doctor stepped aside, as Leonard watched Gavin enter the lift.

"Thanks for your help, I will also leave now," Leonard said as he turned around.

Leonard exited the medical facility as he started walking toward the outer sector.

He pulled out a card with a red jewel in the center and he started flipping it around.

Crack! Crack!

Cracks started forming as the scenery changed Alyssa saw Gavin standing there.

"Don't you want your revenge?" Gavin said with a smile on his face.

Alyssa frowned as she looked at Gavin who sat on a chair present in the room.

"I know it was Alan Astaria who did this to you," Gavin said.

Alyssa remembered her interaction with Alan and the fact she was in her condition because of him.

"He did all that to remove you from the Tournament," Gavin said.

"A pity, you would lose your ranker position without even being given a chance," Gavin mocked her.

Alyssa tried to manifest her mana out of anger, but the bracelets around her wrists were blocking her from using mana.

"You know, I hate Alan and the others, and you want your revenge right?" Gavin asked.

After 3 minutes, Gavin stood up to leave as he looked back at Alyssa.

"Remember, if Asher Greville got involved, his family's reputation might plummet, worse case his parents would disown him," Gavin said as he left the room.

Alyssa saw the door close as she clenched her fist.

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