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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 426 Trap Of Memories: DANGER

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Chapter 426 Trap Of Memories: DANGER

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426 Trap of Memories: DANGER




The sound of a heartbeat echoed in a dark space where Asher was witnessing the memories in front of him.

"Hey, Ash!"

"Your arrogance knows no bounds, Asher Greville!"

"Don't think you can take the first position from me this time!"

"Why are you associating yourself with that Garcia girl?"


"I-Isn't it better to give up on me?"

Voices kept repeating as Asher's body in this dark space was slowly turning black.

He was overwhelmed by the memories as he couldn't suppress them anymore.

And the effect of this could be seen by the Overseer himself, as the memories started distorting.

"Hmm, is this his limit?" He questioned.

The memories stored in the system started fluctuating as the Overseer tried to maintain the balance, but he couldn't interfere as he didn't have control over the System.

Rifir was only a medium that allowed the overseer to connect to the system, but it was Asher who was the owner of the system.

If the Overseer wanted, he could lessen the burden on Asher allowing him to continue watching these memories, but he didn't stop it.

The world that the overseer was witnessing was slowly shaking.

The Trials once began never stopped.

Be defeated or conquer your trials!

There was no third option.

It was the rules that the overseer himself followed.

"If you can't prevail, this is your end," The overseer said as he witnessed the world of memories crumble.

In the dark mental space where Asher's consciousness was confined, he opened his eyes as they started glowing.

He looked at the memories, he heard the voices, and he felt the excruciating pain.

[ Host's mental state is crumbling! ]

A system notification popped up, that couldn't be seen by anyone.

It was the first time since Asher had increased his Intelligence stats that such a thing had happened.

[ Host's mental state is crumbling! ]

The Rune of Eirdin, couldn't be stopped as the memories kept popping up, but for some reason, Asher's killing intent started coming out of his body.

Even when he was in deep slumber, his killing intent was increasing.

[ Rune of Eirdin can't be stopped ]

The System started displaying warnings, that went unseen.

Suddenly, the mana that was invading Asher's body became still as his bloodline ability activated passively.

His body started absorbing the mana, as he used his bloodline ability.

Neither Asher nor the Overseer noticed it, but Asher's body was absorbing the mana as a black tattoo appeared on his arms.



The crowd cheered as they were excited.

Farnus was sitting with Osbert Tarvian and Silvus Grandus who was present as well because his grandkids were about to enter the World Academy.

Farnus had previously requested Silvus to delay the admission of the Grandus twins by a year.

The reason for that delay was unknown as Silvus took Farnus's words about how he wanted some time more to create a good atmosphere for this special class.

But now that the Grandus Twins were here, Silvus was also attending this tournament as a guest.

Matches started with various students performing their best, and among them were the new first-year students as well.

There wasn't anyone exceptional in the first-year students this time, unlike the second-year students who had many students from the Elite Families.

Despite being the start of the End Year Tournament, Asher was present at the Faculty Council building as Professor Fernando called him for some reason.

"I am not sure about these documents, your research is decent, but I don't think this is practical," Fernando said.

"I can't grade this report, because the formula you have formed is completely new, and there could be side effects or a chain of problems that this can cause," Fernando picked up the document and placed it on the shelf.

"I don't know where you got ideas to do this stuff, but please don't take after your senior Vin Hargrave, his crazy research and formulas are already giving me headaches so please don't stray far off from the conventional methods," Fernando was annoyed.

Asher's research was something that didn't follow any conventional methods and it used a lot of poisonous herbs and drugs.

"If you want evidence, I can test it on myself," Asher proposed.

"Please don't, I will be honest, this subject is not for people like you," Fernando said looking directly at Asher.

"Vin Hargrave is not in a prominent spot in his family, but things are different for you, just focus on other useful subjects, because I honestly don't want to be blamed for any problems that you may create," Fernando said with a frown on his face.

"Redo the reports before the start of the next semester, I will not grade this," Fernando gave his final verdict.

"You have your trip soon, so you will get a week or more to complete it, just give me something conventional, and I will grade it with your situation in mind," Fernando said.

He was being lenient on Asher because of his status even if he liked it or not.

Asher was already causing problems since the rumors about him, and Alyssa started spreading as it was Fernando who was being pressured to make Asher leave this class.

"Please, take a look at all the previous reports I have placed outside, don't go before going through them, your matches will begin tomorrow, so you have a lot of free time today," Fernando said as Asher left his room.

While Asher was stuck reading the reports, Alyssa was exiting the Rankers Dorm when she was stopped by a certain someone.

Wearing the Black Uniform, and the badge of one of the new Seven Seats, with her long black hair and pair of red crimson eyes that Alyssa had grown accustomed to seeing.

It was Amelia Greville who was standing outside the Rankers Dorm.

"Do you have a moment?" Amelia asked with a serious look on her face.

Alyssa nodded, with an emotionless look as Amelia pointed her to follow her to the side.

"I am here to tell you one thing, stay away from my brother," Amelia said as she looked directly at Alyssa.

From the look of her eyes, Alyssa could feel the hatred, as she had seen those types of gazes a lot in her entire life.

"I don't care what your motives are, but don't think that you can use the name of the Greville family as a shield to protect yourself," Amelia said with a frown on her face.

"I am not using him," Alyssa retorted.

Her tone was cold, as her eyes looked directly at Amelia.

Suddenly the mana around them started rising as Amelia stared at her.

"Don't take my words lightly, I don't what he sees in something like you, but consider this a warning, stay away from him," Amelia warned her.


"Why not say that to him?" Alyssa asked.

Amelia's frown grew deeper as Alyssa noticed another person coming around from a corner with long blond hair and blue eyes, which made Alyssa's gaze turn cold.

"Don't waste your time Amelia," Elena said out loud looking down at Alyssa.

"Do you think someone from a family like hers would do anything good in her life," Elena said.

Alyssa clenched her fist, but she stayed silent.

"Let me take care of her," Elena said as she patted Amelia's shoulder.

"How much do you want?" Elena asked.

Seeing Alyssa stay silent, Elena crossed her hands.

"Are you deaf? How much do you want, you to be around him because of his status," Elena looked at Alyssa with a look of disgust.

"Mind your words, Elena Rothschild," Alyssa spoke out causing Elena's eyes to widen.

"Look at this, and here I thought you were a coward who always tried to hide behind Asher Greville," Elena said.

"Someone is looking for quite brave today," Elena said.

"Do you think you are his friend or something, I don't even know why someone would hang around something like you, but who knows he might find you interesting, people buy strange pets all the time for their enjoyment," Elena mocked Alyssa.

Seeing the look in Alyssa's eyes that could be seen through her mask.

"Oh, don't tell me you think of you like a friend or anything like that?" Elena said out loud.

Alyssa stayed silent, but her mind was screaming out loud. She wanted to kill Elena right now, but she controlled herself as her outburst could lead to creating problems not only for her but for Asher as well.

"No guy would find something as ugly as you are, interesting," Elena said.

"Don't become delusional thinking anything like that, the sight of you is enough to make someone puke, it makes me wonder how that guy even stays around you," Elena spoke out loud.

Alyssa clenched her fist, as she looked down.

She knew she wasn't attractive, but her scars and burns were a reminder for her, a reminder for her revenge.

But right now, she felt insulted.

Part of her agreed that someone like her wasn't suited to be with Asher. Strange emotions started to flare up, as the screams inside her head kept insulting her.

"Tsk, let's not waste our time here Amelia," Elena said.

"Consider this our last warning, it's you're blessing that we were willing to talk with you overlooking the heinous crimes your family committed," Elena said as both she and Amelia went past Alyssa leaving her there.

A bit far from the Rankers Dorm,

"Don't think about that much Amelia, this is the only way to keep people like her away from your brother," Elena said.

"But I will say it again, this problem will only be solved if your parents see the wrong here and make you the Heir instead of him," Elena added.

"It's fine Elena, they know better than me," Amelia replied.

Elena squinted her eyes but changed them quickly as she put a smile on her face.

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