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What We Do to Survive (Web Novel)

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What do you do when you have nothing left, when everything you’ve ever loved is torn away time and time again until there is nothing left but fear, determination, and ice-cold rage? What do you do when the world is cold and dark and you are a tiny, insignificant speck living on a tiny, insignificant island.

Orion never wanted any of this. Once, he might have been happy living out his life as son, brother, husband, father, and perhaps one day, grandfather. Life never gave him the a chance to try. He was too young, too poor, too weak. When you have nothing left, what is there to lose? If it takes a monster to claw out a future for yourself, than a monster he would become. In a world where power is life, there is nothing Orion would not do to survive

Absolutely horrible, screwed up things can and will happen, do not read if you are uncomfortable with that sort of content. As the author, I do not agree with the actions nor share the opinions of many of my characters.

On a similar note, please be advised that the story contains explicit content. If you do not want to read that sort of thing, then this story is not for you. All the tags are there for a reason. The story contains explicit depictions of sexual activity, violence, and other NSFW things. Read with caution.

Currently doing my best to update twice weekly. My best is currently not very good.

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