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«Vampire’s Slice Of Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 897 An Important Mission For Hecate

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Chapter 897 An Important Mission For Hecate

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?Royal Castle, Nightingale.

Lith was in his study, sitting on a chair and looking at the two ladies in front of him.

One of the ladies had ash-colored hair while the other had black hair and heterochromatic red and blue eyes.

One wore a tight fitting purple robe with black pointy hat while the other was in a sexy maid uniform.

A slight friction could be felt between the two ladies and the atmosphere in the room was tense.

Looking at the two, Lith said calmly, "Ease up, you two. Especially you, Sylvia. Hecate's not an enemy."

Sylvia had her brows knitted and didn't comment on it, but it was evident that she didn't like whatever that was going on.

Meanwhile, Hecate had a big frown on her face and what was going on inside her mind was unknown.

"Now, let's have a brief introduction. Hecate, that's my maid Sylvia and Sylvia, that's Hecate, a Witch Queen." Lith said to the two.

Still having her brows knitted, Sylvia asked, "I'm sorry to interrupt Master, but why is she here?"

Hecate had her brows knitted as well, but didn't say anything in response because she was a professional and this was her client's place. Here, mishaps would not be tolerated.

Lith asked calmly, "Do you know her by any chance?"

Sylvia slightly shook her head. "No. But I dislike being in the same room as those affiliated with that Witch."

"That Witch? Do you mean the Mother Queen of Witches?"

Sylvia scoffed. "That's a very fancy term you're using, Master. She doesn't deserve any of those."

Hecate, still maintaining a professional look, clenched her fist tightly and had blood drip out of her palms.

Lith's sensitivity to blood made him notice that and realizing the matter was tense, he asked, "Before we talk about anything, first make this clear to me: would you two work together or not?"

"Absolutely not!" Sylvia said immediately while Hecate had her head down, not wanting to look Lith in the eyes.

Hecate couldn't reject any orders because she was affiliated to the Royal Clan whereas Sylvia was Lith's maid and had a say in giving out her opinion.

Sylvia had nothing to lose while Hecate may lose her affiliation with the Royal Clan, which would be a major loss for the entirety of the Witch Race.

Lith, reading the two's body language, could understand that there was an enmity between the two. Why was it the case, he didn't know.

He was slightly curious about it, but didn't dwell on it much because there were important matters at hand.

Lith looked at Sylvia, then at Hecate, and sighing, said, "Hecate, would you mind taking a stroll outside for a while? There's a newly opened courtyard just a few metres away, it'll be a good spot."

Hecate understood the underlying meaning behind it and nodding her head, got up and said with a slight bow, "Then, please excuse me, Your Highness."

Saying so, Hecate left and now it was Lith and Sylvia alone in the room.

"What's the problem?" Lith went straight to the important question.

Sylvia knitted her brows and said, "I dislike Florencia. If I see her, I'll kill her."

Lith rubbed his chin and asked again, "Why? Did she offend you?"

Sylvia stared at Lith for a good few seconds and said calmly, "She worsened my already miserable life, hence I made a pledge to kill her the moment I saw her next."

"I see." Lith responded calmly, as if it was all normal. "Well, I won't interfere in that matter, but for now, I need you to do some work that involves the Witches."

Sylvia knitted her brows, but eventually knew she couldn't object to her master's orders and nodded her head in agreement, albeit reluctantly.

"Good. Call in Hecate now."

Sylvia snapped her fingers as per Lith's orders and in no time Hecate walked in.

Lith made her be seated and looking at the two witches once again, said in a flat monotonous voice, "I have some important work for you two. It's a big mission and if you end up succeeding, I'll reward you with whatever you'd like."

There was no change in expression on the two's faces despite the reward being of the highest degree possible. This just showed how much they loathed each other.

Lith could do nothing in this situation and just let everything happen naturally.

He ignored the two's enmity and talked about the mission.

With all seriousness, Lith looked at them and said, "First things first, it's mission that will have you rebel. The Witches are to be riled up and put against the Underworld organizations."

"I'm sorry, what?" Hecate felt her ear buzz at this statement while Sylvia's face lightened up.

Lith, with utmost seriousness, replied, "The Witches will war against the Underworld. Prepare them and cause tension. Who among the two of you will be responsible to rile up the Witches and who will cause conflict with the Underworld, that's on you two to decide."


"There's no ifs and buts. If you can do it, Hecate, well and good. If you cannot, we'll simply have to find someone else. The choice is yours."

Lith was not fooling around this time. The matter was serious and what he was doing was also testing Hecate's loyalty for future missions.

If she was more loyal to the Clan, she would be treated as their own, but if she wasn't, she would be totally forgotten.

The clan had many maidservants and Lith also had his own maids too now. They were fully capable of doing anything Lith wished and hence, Lith was handing this mission out to see what relationship Hecate wanted with the clan.

Hecate's a smart lady, she would find the meaning of this mission sooner or later and Lith hoped that she made the right decision.

The job here was done and it was up to them to decide which role they wanted to take. What mattered to Lith was getting the mission completed, that's about it.

In the upcoming world war, he was pitting the Witches against the entirety of the Underworld, or more correctly, Scelestus.

Lith had thought about things thoroughly and decided on who would be fighting who.

It was intel vs intel and also the Witches vs his wife Arya.

As far as Lith knew about his wife, she seemed like an overpowered strategist to him, but that was just his opinion. The reality could be totally different.

This war would thus work out to see what his wife was capable of and maybe Lith would see a glimpse of her power.

The war Lith was brewing ever so slightly had multiple reasons.

The most important one was that he wanted to make the overall prowess of the world rise and get everyone prepared for war.

The other reasons were that he wanted to see who was capable of what and there was also a curiosity to see the power his wives would display.

This war also was an important event in Lith's life as it was a test of intelligence and patience. If Lith succeeded in achieving his goals with this war, it would be a major boost to his overall cultivation.

Lith was hence looking forward to this with great interest.

Lith had a chat with Hecate and Sylvia for a bit more and after instructing them further, stated, "Take Zen with you, Sylvia. He needs some fresh air every now and then. You two are dismissed."

Lith's instructions had many reasons to them.

Zen grew stronger with summonings and adventuring was a great way to explore this field of magic. Staying in the castle and playing with Ren all day won't get him anywhere.

Add to that, Sylvia was still as emotionless as ever and only changed slightly. This mission would teach her a lot of things and strengthen her bond with Zen, taking it to a level like Lith and Ren's.

There was still a long way to go for the war to actually happen and so far, there were actually a lot of things happening in the background for the main stuff to take place.

Ilyas was working in the Elven Continent, the Werewolves were already in deep trouble and Ruben was there on business to further intensify their problems.

Noman was in the Angel Continent, undercover and making preparations for the war.

The small Jingmei Guild was preparing to go up against the monster World Adventurer's Association in the Neutral Continent.

Yuwen, the blonde guy Lith found during the conflict with Senzal-Kenzal Clans, was working hard in capturing the World Merchant Association.

And lastly, Vanessa, the Supreme Rank Array Master, was in the Vampire Continent, making arrays and fooling around with Duchess Rivera.

Lots and lots of stuff was going on and many more were yet to begin.

Lith planned to monitor everything from his study and the first thing he decided to check up on was Vanessa.

She played a crucial role regarding the arrays and Lith wanted to see if she was working on it or not.

To do so, Lith summoned Fei, who was in charge of her.

A petite and cute blonde-haired butler appeared in the study, who was less than half the size of Lith.

Looking at this fragile tomboy, Lith smiled and said, "Fei, is Vanessa doing her job? If she is, good job. But if she isn't, oil up and get your ass ready for punishment."

"Master, what!?"

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