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«Vampire’s Slice Of Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 896 Heavenly Secret

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Chapter 896 Heavenly Secret

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?In the core of the Immortal Starlight World, a desert unfolds—deceptively barren, yet brimming with the brilliance of the starry sky above.

Usually, the moonlight and the twinkling stars would illuminate this area, but currently, it was set on fire and blazing with reddish-orange hue.

Standing beside the pit of fire was the cause of it, a young lady clad in light black armour—Alexandra Constantine.

Alexandra looked at a distance and softly called out Lith's name, expressing her longing.

She knew she had met him a while ago, but it felt as if many centuries had passed since she felt his touch.

Alexandra really craved her husband's touch and was dying every single day to meet him. But, she knew her own development was crucial as well and couldn't stay together with him at all times.

There would come a realm where she wouldn't need to adventure as such and could stick around with him, but that was still a very distant goal.

While her heart longed and she felt a cold wave of loneliness brush over her, a warm chuckle from the side resounded in her pointy vampire ears.

"Hehe… Someone seems lonely."

The voice was really familiar and turning to the side, Alexandra saw a bluish-silver haired lady in a black dress, wearing black sunglasses, sit on a giant rock like an Empress.

Looking at the person, Alexandra wasn't even fazed. There was barely any change in her expression, but her heart felt warm to see her again.

"You're back, big sis." Alexandra said in a calm tone.

The older sister in question, Arya, jumped down from the rock and walked towards Alexandra.

Arya's figure was tall and Alexandra seemed a head shorter in comparison. As she closed the distance between the two, Alexandra seemed like a youngling in front of mama bear.

Arya stopped when she was in front and gazed Alexandra up and down. "Heh~… You've changed so much I didn't recognize you at first glance."

"You saw me five years ago, there's barely any change." Alexandra said in a flat tone.

"Hahaha, you've gotten humble, I see." Arya patted Alexandra's shoulder and said.

The relationship between the two was like an actual pair of sisters by now and like usual, Arya had come here to check up on her younger sister. This was hence a normal conversation between them.

Alexandra sighed in a tired tone and shaking her head, asked, "Are you done? If yes, leave me alone, I've got things to do."

Arya wrapped her arm around Alexandra's shoulder and pulling her cheek, said, "Slow down, cultivator. Do you want to go past your big sis in one day or what? Hehehe~"

Alexandra knitted her brows and tried to break out of Arya's hold, but couldn't do so and failed miserably.

Arya chuckled again and walked together with her in the desolate plains, pointed up at the sky and said, "Do you see those stars in the sky? To see those, light from those stars has to travel for eons of light years, meaning the star we are looking at right now may very well be destroyed."

Arya was sharing some facts, which didn't make much sense to Alexandra since she was new to all of this. Add to that, Arya's way of explaining things sucked, so it was inevitable for Alexandra to be confused.

Still, Alexandra kept quiet and listened, not interrupting her big sis because she may be teaching her something.

Arya continued, "You know, in the same way, it may take years to reach the goal in your mind and the journey would surely be very painful."

Alexandra blinked and replied, "So you're saying I should persevere, right?"

Arya nodded. "Absolutely… not. Heh heh heh… See those stars again…"

Arya and Alexandra tilted their heads up to look at the starry sky.

"Light doesn't travel in a straight line, it takes the fastest path. There's a difference between the two. Also, in light's path, there could be portals making it skip some points in space and move faster. A lot of factors come into play and it's not just a straightforward thing."

Such an info dump overwhelmed Alexandra and showing a confused face, she asked, "You're trying to say that…?"

Arya chuckled and stopping in her tracks, stared at one particularly bright star in the sky. "What I'm trying to say is that, take whatever path you feel is the fastest. You've got the potential, the only thing holding you back is time. The same is the case with husband."

Alexandra nodded. "I understand about husband, but me too? Don't you think I am severely less talented than him?"

Arya laughed and replied, "That you are."

Alexandra knitted her brows, not expecting Arya would say such a thing. She tried to hit Arya with her elbow, but Arya simply held it and spun her into her embrace, hugging her tightly from behind.

Swaying side to side, something she learnt from Lith, Arya said to the struggling Alexandra, "No matter what, always have faith in yourself and never underestimate yourself or degrade yourself."

"Let me go!" Alexandra didn't listen and continued to struggle.

Arya turned Alexandra around when she said that and placing her hand on her shoulders, bent down to stare right into her eyes.

Arya's glasses were on her nose bridge and half her menacing, serious blue eyes were seen by Alexandra, making her stop her struggle immediately and stare back.

"Listen Alexandra… Power comes from belief, and belief comes from having faith in yourself."

The sentence contained such wisdom within it that Alexandra was momentarily stunned, not expecting to be taught such lessons so suddenly.

Arya continued, not minding Alexandra's shocked expression, "If you don't trust that you're the strongest, you'll never be the strongest. At any given point in my life, had you asked me who's the strongest, I would've always answered it being myself. Even now, if you ask me that, I'll still tell you…"

Arya's ocean blue eyes shined with a calm glint.

"…I'm the strongest."


Alexandra felt the ground beneath her to have disappeared and the world to have suddenly turned upside-down.

What lay below her was bottomless sky, but that didn't matter, because right in front was Arya, staring at her with those serious eyes.

Alexandra blinked once in disbelief and found herself to still be in the desolate plains, fire burning just a few meters beside her and Arya in front of her.

"That… What…" Alexandra was stunned.

Arya let go of Alexandra and chuckling, walked away from her, looking up at the starry sky.

"Faith is not a symbolic word, it's a weapon. It's the reason why I've come this far and am standing in front of you right now."

Memories of the past flashed in front of Arya's eyes as she gazed at the twinkling stars.

A normal little girl from a normal family had her ability to love sealed by some scum, which was depressing as the girl could neither feel a mother's love nor a father's care or a friend's affection.

Surrounded by many, the little girl felt herself all alone.

This loneliness was what eventually led her to move out of her house and pursue happiness.

The unlovable little girl didn't find the happiness she was looking for, but ended up finding something so precious that it changed her life completely.

A high level of emotional maturity took over Arya right after she found this thing and her outlook changed her outlook towards life as a whole.

For having her ability to love taken away, Arya got compensated with one of the heavenly secrets.

It was through this secret did she realize that the heavens were just and no matter what, there would never arise a situation wherein you are totally in peril, unless one's cause and effect were totally fucked or one had astronomically bad karma.

This heavenly secret unknowingly made Arya really overpowered and through a series of manipulating karma as well as cause and effect, she ended up achieving what nobody else could.

The way she did things and the secrets she knew, they were far too scary to even know about.

At the end of the day, what everyone knew about her and what she displayed was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was definitely not out of thin air that Arya became a Supreme Rank and how far she'll go further was a mystery for everyone, including to Arya herself.

In any case, Arya handed out whatever information she could to Alexandra and let her figure out the rest.

The faster she did that, the stronger she would be in less time.

Telling her more about the heavenly secret would land Arya into the territory of bad cause and effect, which was a massive threat to herself and her loved ones.

Smiling, Arya walked up to Alexandra and hugged her tightly. "Good luck on your adventures, if you want to come home, summon me. Bye, choooooo~~"

"UGH! GO AWAY!" Alexandra yelled and tried to push Arya away, not letting her kiss her cheek.

Arya did it anyway and left her lipstick remark on Alexandra's cheek. She laughed looking at it and then vanished.

After she was gone, Alexandra shook her head and thought, 'Faith in myself huh…'

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