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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1585 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to (2)

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Chapter 1585 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to (2)

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“Yes.” Qi nodded in the Beast Taming Space. Back then, in the Blue Planet’s Mythical Era, sometimes experts like the emperor were nothing.

“Wu wu wu.” At this moment, Eleven and the others were getting more and more excited. There was more than one Assassin Planet in the Assassin Planet Realm. Of course, the other planets weren’t as important as the Assassin Planet, and these planets were like exploding balloons in the battle between the two parties. They flickered in the starry sky and turned into gorgeous fireworks.

The aftermath exploded stars!

Eleven and the others looked forward to when they could have such battle power.

“It’s not far. That time won’t be far.” Shi Yu’s heart was also stirred during this team building. After this, be it him, the incoming Emperor Wu, the Empress, the Dragon Emperor, and the other seniors of Blue Planet’s Dong Huang lineage, they would definitely have a good growth environment.

After this battle, Blue Planet’s reputation of being protective could be completely spread.

Who dared to provoke a planet with 10 super divines?

He didn’t believe that, at this point, the Four Holy Family still dared to continue assassinating him. That was no different from courting death.

Looking at the battle in the distant galaxy, Shi Yu and the others paid attention. Time seemed to be meaningless at this moment. Baby Ginseng and the others could clearly sense that the time flow of the Assassin Planet Realm had changed.

As for the time changes on Emperor Shi’s and the others’ sides, it was even more chaotic. It was impossible to tell how long they had been fighting.

However, the super divine battle was undoubtedly the longest. The current Assassin Planet had even been plundered. The gem cat, owl, Space Emperor, Lin Feng, and Blue Planet’s five super divines had even returned to the starry sky.

Everyone watched the battle that shocked the galaxy together. The five super divines swallowed their saliva together. They felt that when Emperor Shi fought them, he didn’t use his full strength at all, as if he was warming up.

And now, the battle with Siphane seemed to be an experiment. If he went all out, how much could he suppress the number one killer in the universe?

Shi Yu and the audience had already seen the outcome. That was, the “number one killer in the universe” could only use continuous escape to stall and avoid the battle. It was completely impossible to resist head-on.

“I hate it!!!” The crazy Siphane’s thick purple hair turned white. Countless white wrinkles appeared on his black skin, and the two withered horns that connected to the dimensional space had already been broken.

This was the most miserable time for Siphane. As a powerful black shadow race, it had never expected that it would walk to the end of its life in such a miserable situation.

Accompanied by a cry that shocked the past and present, the super divine killer, who was covered in blood and had its life force constantly depleted, seemed to finally be unable to hold on.

“I want you to die!!!” The crazy Siphane seemed to have been calculating something the whole time. When it reached the extremely weak state, it finally broke through Emperor Shi’s restraints. It didn’t think of leaving, because there were even greater restraints outside the Assassin Planet Realm.

At this moment, it only wanted to kill the source of all of this, the culprit, Shi Yu.

Although the five super divines of Blue Planet were all around Shi Yu, the Space Emperor and Lin Feng, at this moment, Siphane had already burned its origin and erupted. It was confident that it could definitely take away a divine-level.

As night approached, the river of stars reversed, and the dark curtain enveloped Shi Yu and the others. Shi Yu sighed and said, “Looks like it’s over.”

Did this guy really think that it was the spatial restraint he had shattered free from?

As the super divine killer attacked, the five super divines on Blue Planet had mocking expressions. The Space Emperor and Lin Feng also had looks of anticipation.

This segment was discussed with Emperor Shi, the buff segment!

He deliberately revealed a flaw and attracted the desperate super divine to take the buff!

“Come!” Shi Yu stretched out his right arm, and a black codex appeared in his palm, activating the Origin Plunder ability.

“Ling, Wind of Blessing!” Under Shi Yu’s command, a light wind of luck blew on the universe battleship, sweeping up Shi Yu, the gem cat, and the owl.

“I make a wish and drop the source of transcendence!” The gem cat girl looked at the attacking killer. Although she was afraid, she still activated the ability of her Star Prayer Race.

“The premonition of fate is set!” It was the same for the owl girl. She strengthened it again and predicted the fate of the source of transcendence.

Under the superposition of the multiple buffs, the current super divine killer, Siphane, gazed at Shi Yu and the others who were looking at him like ferocious beasts and were slightly stunned.

In the next moment, a time sword crossed the Void and accurately stabbed into Siphane’s heart, nailing it in the starry sky in a daze.

Right on the heels of that, Siphane’s corpse began to collapse like a star, forming a divine power vortex. It exploded with a bang, and a large amount of nomological aura flowed…

“I’m indignant!!!” With its final cry, its body exploded with a bang, but it was all blocked in another space and time. As its body exploded, a large amount of power flowed out of its body. Two of the three transcendence sources that appeared began to disperse, but in the end, they didn’t all disappear. The light of the radiant sun was all absorbed by the source of transcendence at the beginning and floated in the starry sky.

“It exploded, it exploded!!!” When Siphane’s figure turned into dust in the universe, the source of transcendence that represented his super divine identity was permanently left behind. It was like a mini sun, emitting astonishing divine power and illuminating the entire star domain.

Upon seeing this source of transcendence, Shi Yu and the others were extremely excited. They felt that they had previously obtained the greatest gains from this battle.

The five super divines revealed yearning expressions. Although each life form could only absorb the real source of transcendence once, it was useless to obtain a second one. However, be it leaving it for their descendants or trading it, this universe treasure-level source of transcendence was undoubtedly the most precious thing in the entire universe.

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