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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1586 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to (3)

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Chapter 1586 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to (3)

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“It really exploded.” The Space Emperor and Lin Feng were also very excited. Who knew the despair when they spent so much effort and finally succeeded in assassinating the super divine without the source of transcendence appearing?

But this time… fate was finally not teasing them.

Generally speaking, the probability of obtaining the source of transcendence by killing super divine lives was very low.

Of course, this was for relatively weak super divines.

Their source of transcendence power had a high chance of flowing away as their main bodies died.

However, for powerful super divines who had transcended several times and had their source of transcendence replicated several times, the probability of the source of transcendence disappearing was undoubtedly greatly reduced.

If the probability of killing a transcendent 1 super divine and dropping the source of transcendence was one in ten, then at the moment, the probability of killing a transcendent 3 super divine and dropping the source of transcendence should be 30%!

In addition to the support of Shi Yu, Ling, Qi Xing, and astrology, they finally didn’t let this battle miss the greatest gain.

“My luck is pretty good!” At this moment, Emperor Shi also crossed space and time and held the source of transcendence in his hand.

He looked at the Space Emperor, Lin Feng, and Shi Yu and said, “Who wants this source of transcendence?”

Emperor Shi’s words made Emperor Kong and Lin Feng smile bitterly. Emperor Kong said, “Senior Emperor Shi, I didn’t help much in this operation at all. This source of transcendence can’t be mine no matter what.”

“Me too, Senior Emperor Shi. There’s no reason for me to take this source of transcendence.”

Although the Space Emperor and Lin Feng yearned for the source of transcendence, they also understood that this source of transcendence had nothing to do with them.

“Damn it.” At this moment, the five super divines of Blue Planet were very envious. They felt that Dong Huang and the others were extremely ridiculous. They could actually refuse something like the source of transcendence?

No one wanted to give it to them.

“Meow!!!” The Prediction Owl was also envious. Hey, hey, hey, Emperor Shi, right? You used the five sources of transcendence I predicted. Now that a new one has popped up, why didn’t you ask me?

Even if you don’t want to give it to me, it’s still good to be polite!!

“Looks like no one is embarrassed to take it. After all, you were the one who resolved this super divine killer, Senior Emperor Shi.” Shi Yu smiled and said, “Why don’t we let the remaining five pets use it?”

“No.” Emperor Shi shook his head and said, “I don’t plan to nurture the next pet with the source of transcendence.”

“Uh.” Lin Feng and the others were stunned.

Emperor Shi said, “The source of transcendence is the condition for a divine-level to advance to super divine, but do you know the condition for a super divine to advance to the cosmic level?”

The Space Emperor and the others shook their heads. There were only five cosmic levels in the entire universe. Probably only they knew how they advanced.

“I have a guess.”

“Me and my four pets weren’t in a perfect state when refining the source of transcendence, so they wasted a lot of the power of the source of transcendence and didn’t perfectly fuse with them.”

“It can be said that before fusing with the source of transcendence, the stronger one is, the better the absorption effect.”

“Isn’t there a legend of the epoch god in the universe? As a divine level that can fight against super divines and break through the restrictions of the divine level…”

“Therefore, I’m wondering if I need to reach a certain limit at the divine level and break through a certain limit before advancing to the super divine level to reach the cosmic level. Or rather, apart from the source of transcendence, there are other ways to advance to the super divine level.”

“Is there another way to enter the cosmic level?”

“The epoch god is only a divine-level expert who broke through the perfect limit and mastered a transcendent divine skill. According to Dong Huang’s division of skills, what if there’s another level of divine skills above transcendent-level divine skills? At that level of divine-level, forget about fighting against super divines, can its battle power approach the cosmic level?”

“The epoch god breaking through to the super divine level is already a peak expert among super divines. Then, is there a stronger god?”

“Next, I want to use the remaining pets for experiments.”

“For me, no matter how high I advance to the super divine level, it’s meaningless. Next, what I have to do is see the truth of the universe level.”

After Emperor Shi finished speaking, everyone fell into deep thought.

After a moment of silence, the super divine of the Demon Race said, “Sigh, the five of us can get the. Back then, we broke through before we reached the perfect god level. We couldn’t understand the full limit of the divine level.”

“Stop pretending to be good after taking advantage of me,” Lin Feng said in disdain.

He would give them another chance, just like how they would give up the source of transcendence.

“Humans might also have new limits above the tenth level of the divine level, but unless I reincarnate and cultivate again, I can no longer explore,” Emperor Shi said regretfully.

“I have a karma with Blue Planet. This origin of transcendence is also a tool to eliminate karma. It’s better to leave it to you to deal with.” Emperor Shi looked at Shi Yu and said, “How do you think we should allocate it?”

Emperor Shi also knew that Blue Planet needed five extraordinary deity humans to explore the ruins of Earth.

Therefore, he wanted to try his best to nurture five super divine humans first and end the fate of the five sources of ascendancy left behind by him using the remains of Earth.

“Well…” Shi Yu was speechless. “My level isn’t high enough. Leave it to Senior Space Emperor and Senior Lin Feng to choose…”

“If I need it, I’ll find it myself.”

was confident that he could definitely obtain a lot in the future. He didn’t think that this thing was that rare.

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