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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1584 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to? (1)

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Chapter 1584 Who Should I Give the New Source of Transcendence to? (1)

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At this moment, in the eyes of Shi Yu and the others, the entire Assassin Planet was a treasure.

Assassin Planet was also a large faction that had existed for a long time. It must have accumulated a huge amount of wealth and was waiting to be plundered.

The assassins of the Assassin Planet also involved various races.

Among them, non-humans were also covered in treasures.

Their skills also belonged to the top-notch divine techniques in the assassination category. Perhaps there were some worth replicating.

Apart from that, the talent of a human assassin was definitely suitable for assassination.

It could be said that the top assassination talent in the entire universe was focused on Assassin Planet.

Every killer from various places in the universe was excavated, abducted, and brainwashed by the super divine killer, Siphane. Almost no one had poor talent.

If Lu Qingyi were to use the plunder talent to plunder all the assassination talents, she would definitely become a first-class assassin in the Cosmic Sea…

Although it was a little strange for an archeologist to change his profession to an assassin, the identity of an assassin also matched the plundering talent… In the future, it could maximize the use of plundering talent.

At this moment, the entire Assassin Planet Realm had become a battlefield.

“A super divine has descended. Aren’t you going to submit?” After stunning a portion of the assassins in the outside world, the five super divines of Blue Planet descended inside the Assassin Planet.

Not only were there assassins on the Assassin Planet, but there was also a large number of support assassin logistics personnel. For example, the Teleportation Master who teleported the fourth assassin to the vicinity of Blue Planet was one of the best.

It was the same for these guys. As long as they didn’t resist especially strongly and didn’t self-destruct, they wouldn’t kill them if possible. After capturing all of them alive, the benefits could be maximized.

In the divided Assassin Planet, a certain city was already in chaos.

“Lord Igor, please, I beg you. Teleport me away. This is all my savings. I’ll give it all to you!”

Outside the Assassin Planet, the 10 super divines descended. Siphane chose to escape. The people who stayed on the Assassin Planet naturally wanted to escape.

Among them, a portion of them found the teleportation slot of Igor, who had mastered the “Magnetic Path” skill, hoping to leave this place with its power.

“It’s over, it’s all over. The entire Assassin Planet Realm has already been sealed. We can’t go anywhere.” However, in the face of the request for help from the outside world, the planet spun, but the Teleportation Master, Igor, could only sit in his room in a daze, helpless.

Now, it couldn’t even teleport itself away, so how could it teleport others?

“It’s here, I found it!!!” Just as many people gathered in this city, two figures appeared in the sky. One was a voluptuous owl girl, and the other was a beautiful cat girl. They flew into the sky and pointed at a building.

“Roar!!!” As they descended, space was torn open. One of the five super divine beings on Blue Planet, a Holy Kirin, stepped through the city and blew away the buildings. Its divine eye locked onto a strange cosmic life form that was blown away.

“Surrender or die.” The Kirin super divine pressure spread in all directions.

“I submit!! I’m willing to submit!!!”

As a perfect god, Teleportation Master Igor was scared out of its wits when facing the descent of the super divine level Kirin Ancestor. It was unable to resist at all and could only shout during the process of being blown away.

The other people in the city were additionally firmly pressed to the ground by the power of the super divine. Their pupils turned white, and they didn’t dare to look up or get up. Their bodies trembled.

“It should be it. I want it alive,” the Prediction Owl said. Shi Yu had asked her to lead the super divine seniors to capture the Teleportation Master alive… This was simple!

Not only could the owl predict where this Teleportation Master was, but it could additionally predict where the treasure vault of the Assassin Planet was!

“You’re pretty tactful.” The Kirin super divine let out a thunderclap. The Teleportation Master, Igor, fainted from the vibration and was pinched in the Kirin super divine’s huge palm.

“A mere Assassin Planet!” The super divine of the Kirin Race only felt like a super divine level today. It turned out that it was actually so strong.

The number one assassin organization in the universe could barge in and break through just like that…

Did the juniors in the race… see its heroic bearing?

When the gem cat and the others entered the planet to catch people and search for treasures, Emperor Shi additionally placed all his attention on the super divine killer, Siphane.

At this moment, Siphane was trapped, but it wasn’t weak either. It was very difficult for Shi Yu and the others to capture Siphane alive like those divine-level creatures. They could only kill him on the spot.

“Senior Emperor Shi, so handsome.”

“Wu wu wu!”

“Yi!! (You have my style!)”

Shi Yu and the others stood on the cosmic battleship and didn’t run around. They weren’t in a hurry to snatch the treasures in the star. Instead, they focused their attention on this battle, which was enough to destroy the star domain.

Shi Yu’s pets cheered and supported him while staring intently.

In front of him, the river of stars reversed, and time was drowned. Space and time were trembling. The super divine assassin’s body was covered in blood, and his killing intent rose, but he kept hiding, not wanting to fight Emperor Shi head-on.

However, the battle was almost one-sided, like a cat chasing a mouse. No matter how Siphane ran, it couldn’t escape from Emperor Shi’s palm.

The light of the radiant sun flowed, and divine power surged. The time laws were intertwined into an inescapable net, forming a gorgeous battlefield. There were several scenes on the level of law usage that even Shi Yu and the others couldn’t understand now. Only Qi watched with interest.

“Shi Yu, if it’s an expert at the level of Emperor Shi, there’s a risk of failure if we travel through space and time in front of him…”

“Ah…” Shi Yu said, “That’s normal. After all, it’s five time-element super divines. Moreover, the second major element that Emperor Shi is an expert in is the spatial element. Space and time aren’t separated… Fortunately, Senior Emperor Shi is from the same camp. Otherwise, such an opponent would be too terrifying.”

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