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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1583 One Planet, Ten Super Divines (3)

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Chapter 1583 One Planet, Ten Super Divines (3)

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The entire starry sky was in turmoil. The Assassin Planet was really being dealt with. Shi Yu and the others didn’t plan to give the Assassin Planet any chance of survival.

“Roar!!!” Soon, as Emperor Shi attached its three sources of transcendence to the monster that looked like a year beast, it roared in space and time. The number one killer in the universe who was fleeing suddenly felt that it was trapped in another space and time, and its life force accelerated!

“Damn it!”

Its bloody eyes widened, and its hair was messy. Siphane regretted taking over the assassination of the Four Holy Family very much.

If it had known that the power behind Shi Yu was so terrifying… Even if the Four Holy Family was a long-term partner of Assassin Planet… Assassin Planet definitely wouldn’t have accepted it!!

“The Four Holy Family! You guys harmed me!”

Siphane roared in its heart.

“I knew it. Take care.” At this moment, Shi Yu, who was broadcasting, sighed, attracting the attention of countless shocked spectators watching the live broadcast.

At this moment, no matter who the audience was, they were all shocked.

The pupils of the Four Saints super divine of the Four Holy Family constricted to the extreme, not understanding the current situation.

They were originally worried about Shi Yu, but when they saw Shi Yu easily shake out the ten super divines, their heads buzzed, and they found it difficult to understand.

“Let me introduce you to everyone. In the Blue Planet’s Mythical Era, countless Blue Planet divines went to the starry sky. These five seniors were the descendants of the divines at that time, the current strongest experts of the five divine races.”

“As for Senior Emperor Shi, he’s the founder of the Dong Huang Dynasty. He’s a mighty figure who has transcended three times, and his four pets have also reached the super divine level. Just like his title, they’re all expert time element and emperors of the time domain!”

“Although the number one killer in the universe is good at escaping, it’s impossible for anyone to escape the restraints of time. Speaking of which, he was still very arrogant just now. Why is he escaping now? Strange.” When Shi Yu finished speaking, the corners of countless people’s mouths twitched. They felt that Shi Yu was kidding.

Apart from the cosmic level, anyone who faced the 10 super divines, especially when five of them were time-element super divines, would only choose to escape.

At this moment, countless people were digesting Shi Yu’s terrifying description. The five super divine beings of the Dragon, Phoenix, Kirin, Angel, and Demon were actually races from the Blue Planet’s Mythical Era?

Not only that, but what was wrong with Emperor Shi? He actually contracted four super divine beings alone and was even a terrifying time Beast Tamer.

One planet with 10 super divines!

Now, everyone finally understood why Shi Yu had the confidence to assassinate the Assassin Planet Realm. This Blue Planet was actually so terrifying. It had a powerful foundation of one planet with 10 super divines. In the entire starry sky, apart from the five cosmic-level factions, this foundation was also peerless.

Blue Planet… wasn’t to be trifled with!

Soon, the myriad races of the starry sky reached a consensus.

“Alright, the next scene might be a little bloody and not suitable for underage children to watch. I’m also afraid that the livestream will be banned, so I’ll close the livestream first. Don’t forget to farm everyone’s gifts.”

“When I find out who wanted to assassinate me from the Assassin Planet, there might even be the next round of live broadcast.”

“Finally, I’ll announce the coordinates of the Assassin Planet in the comments area. You’re welcome to come to this place for a holiday.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking, he directly turned off the live broadcast. Every audience swallowed their saliva and was stunned in front of the live broadcast.

“Impossible, definitely impossible.” Among the four holy super divines, the Black Tortoise super divine broke out in a cold sweat. Seeing Emperor Shi’s strength performance, it was shocked to the extreme, as if it knew what the great danger it had predicted back then was.

“Shi Yu’s backing is actually so terrifying. I’ve never heard of one planet with 10 super divines.” The White Tiger super divine also panicked and asked for everyone’s opinion.

However, when it thought of the Assassin Planet that had been divided into two and was visited by the 10 super divines, the haughty Green Dragon super divine was also swayed, and its dragon eyes widened with disbelief.

The cosmic overlord army’s 177th Army and Zi Jian’s special forces, who had always wanted to recruit Shi Yu, were stunned. To recruit this guy… Could they start a war with the Assassin Planet for Shi Yu? Obviously not.

It wasn’t just them. It was the same for the Environmental Protection Association, the Plant Association, and the Space Disaster Research Institute… No faction could do it.

But Blue Planet… did it.

Moreover, it had forcefully wrecked the Assassin Planet.

The people who regarded Shi Yu as a grassroots genius hadn’t expected that this live broadcast would actually reveal such frightening information.

Originally, some of the Four Holy Evolvers who were biased against Shi Yu and had even insulted Shi Yu online were scared sh*tless on the spot. Their faces were pale, and they were momentarily uneasy.

An assassination against the genius failed, and the genius then sent 10 super divines to destroy the assassin’s entire family. Even the cosmic overlord army wasn’t so domineering.

The Astrologer Family watched the live broadcast and the prophecy scene of the family’s treasure. The Exposing King, who had revealed the source of transcendence, took a deep breath, and shock appeared in his eyes.

What was going on with the Blue Planet that its sister had reincarnated into?

After the live broadcast was cut off in the Assassin Planet Realm, it was the celebration of the Blue Planet’s lunatics. The gem cat girl and the Prediction Owl girl walked out of the cosmic battleship.

Seeing the blood-stained starry sky, they took a deep breath and were a little afraid.

“I saw it, I saw it. It’s the source of transcendence!!!” The Prediction Owl said excitedly. However, it seemed that the owl, who had been lazing around the whole time, couldn’t get it.

The gem cat girl didn’t forget the serious matter and said, “Senior Space Emperor, Senior Lin Feng, remember to keep them alive. Don’t miss… Keep them for Little Qingyi to kill. Using the life of the Assassin Planet as a talent resource, we might be able to raise a super divine killer for Blue Planet…”

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