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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1582 One Planet, Ten Super Divines (2)

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Chapter 1582 One Planet, Ten Super Divines (2)

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With the support of Emperor Shi, they were also bolder now. They felt that this feeling of courting death was so good.

After being silent for so long, their first battle today was to destroy the Assassin Planet and shock the starry sky!

[Holy sh*t! Five super divines! Where did they come from, what’s going on!] The audience in the livestream was stunned. Was this what Shi Yu meant by using his integrity to guarantee that he didn’t bring bodyguards?

Not only on World King Planet, but any planet in the Cosmic Sea that could receive the signal trembled as they waited for news.

It could be said that the current situation of the Assassin Planet Realm was the center of attention.

“You have a death wish!” At that moment, Siphane was furious. Others didn’t know what these five super divines were, but didn’t it know? A few trash, who were lucky enough to obtain the source of transcendence from the ruins of the era and then hid, actually dared to insult it?

It was fine if these weak super divines hid on the World King Planet, but now, they actually came to its territory. The feeling they gave Siphane was equivalent to the other party coming to deliver the source of transcendence. It was extremely ridiculous.

“Senior Emperor Shi!” At this moment, everyone was shocked that after Shi Yu instantly summoned five super divines to block the attack of the number one killer in the universe, Shi Yu’s shake was still not over.

Shi Yu shouted a shocking name.

Emperor Shi.

Why did everyone feel that it was so familiar?


When Shi Yu explained the history of Blue Planet, he said that the first Legendary Emperor of the Dong Huang Dynasty on Blue Planet was called Emperor Shi. Could it be that he was the same person?

In the next moment.

“Alright.” Under Shi Yu’s call, a voice that echoed in the starry sky and flowed in space and time sounded. Apart from the five super divines at the start, a black-robed man walked out of the starry sky and revealed his true appearance.

His expression was dignified. Although he looked no different from an ordinary person, when he appeared, even Siphane’s super divine eyes were shocked and he couldn’t believe it. This was because Emperor Shi’s appearance was accompanied by the seven suns rising behind him.

Of the seven sources of transcendence, four were scattered and floated above the four super divine beasts summoned by Emperor Shi. Behind Emperor Shi himself, there were three sources of transcendence that were as dazzling as the sun, proving that his level wasn’t inferior to Siphane’s.


Time passed. With Emperor Shi as the lead, 10 terrifying super divine pressures rushed towards the killing intent head.

“10 super divines…”

This time, Siphane panicked a little. It knew the five super divine pets on Blue Planet, but who was this Beast Tamer who could summon four super divine pets and had three sources of transcendence?

Moreover, it was certain that it had sensed the power on the other party correctly…

Time-element super divine… Five time-element super divine!

Including the five super divines on Blue Planet, there were a total of 10 super divine descents on Assassin Planet!

This scene was a little difficult for Siphane to accept.

“You… who are you!!!” Under his final voice, the huge head of killing intent was directly exploded by the 10 super divine pressures, turning into dispersed killing intent again.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!!!

Right on the heels of that, the gazes of the 10 super divines on Blue Planet stared at the nearly ten thousand assassins. A terrifying pressure enveloped them, and the eyes of the assassins instantly turned white. Blood flowed from their seven apertures, and their bodies were almost flattened. They let out miserable cries!!


Under miserable cries, the members of the assassin organization that made the entire starry sky tremble in fear immediately fell into the boundless starry sky like blood-

colored raindrops.

They didn’t die from the shock. There was still a use for them. They had many uses. Shi Yu was kind, and he couldn’t bear to see anyone die in front of him. The Space Emperor and Lin Feng emerged and took over the unconscious assassins. Their eyes lit up.

This wasn’t the end. The true goal of the 10 super divines on Blue Planet was the Assassin Planet. Emperor Shi held the super divine sword and waved at the Assassin Planet. The entire planet was instantly divided into two.

On the planet, a black light escaped outside the Assassin Planet Realm. Obviously, Siphane knew that it was impossible to fight 10 super divines alone and directly chose to escape.

As the number one killer in the universe, its escape ability was naturally at the top of the super divine level. Otherwise, the Assassin Planet wouldn’t have existed for so long.

However, this time, what shocked Siphane was that no matter how he ran, he couldn’t leave the range of the Assassin Planet Realm. It was as if the distance of the Assassin Planet Realm had become infinitely far.

“Not all of Dong Huang’s juniors are qualified to assassinate.”

“From today onwards, Assassin Planet, Star Destruction!”

Emperor Shi’s black dragon pulled out the Space-time Dragon Vein from the Assassin Planet that had been divided into two and roared in its dragon claws. Emperor Shi said, “All creatures recorded in the Space-time Dragon Vein of the Assassin Planet will be dealt with next.”

As soon as Emperor Shi finished speaking, the pupils of the assassins who were originally not on Assassin Planet suddenly widened.

World King Planet.

A sure killer who was carrying out a mission on the World King Planet seemed to have seen a transparent fish swimming in front of it. Seeing this fish that was identical to Emperor Shi’s super divine beast in the live broadcast, it unveiled a shocked expression and instantly fled into the sky as if it had gone crazy.

But in the next moment, its body turned old infinitely. Its strength flowed away, and it immediately fell from the sky, its eyes emitting an incredulous divine color.


It landed on the ground. The crowd on the road was shocked by this situation and dispersed.

This situation was happening everywhere.

Originally, there was a faction receiving the assassins from the Assassin Planet. They suddenly realized that the assassins in front of them quickly unveiled desperate expressions, coughed out blood, and quickly turned old while letting out a hoarse voice.

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