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«The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 747 - Fireworks Night (1)

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Chapter 747: Fireworks Night (1)

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“I don’t know!”

“What do you mean, you don’t know? Are you kidding me?!” asked Ye Lanyu immediately. You were the one who said it, how can you say you don’t know now?!

“Well, I don’t! I can only sense it but how do I describe it to you? I can’t describe the feeling!” Ye Lang said innocently, implying he had no intentions of lying to them.

And because he felt wronged, he decided to eat his feelings away to comfort himself. He picked his chopsticks up and ate furiously, devouring his food like a tornado. It was a hilarious sight.

“… Kid, I wasn’t scolding you… And if you want to eat, just eat! Don’t use us as an excuse!” Ye Lanyu knocked his head with a huff and then picked up some vegetables for him.

“What? I’m not doing anything.” Ye Lang felt even more wronged.

Well, he was telling the truth. It was just a feeling…


“Let’s eat, let’s eat! We shall have a firework show tonight to celebrate!” yelled Ye Lang suddenly then buried his head in food again.

“Fireworks again? We had fireworks a few days ago,” said Ye Lanyu but she did not stop him.

Previously, they released fireworks for Ye Zhiqing’s celebration. This time, it was a celebration for them. They wouldn’t refuse, if they did, it would mean they were less important than Ye Zhiqing.

“Awesome!! Fireworks! Brother, I love fireworks…” shrieked the little princess.

“Ye Lang, how are you going to do it? What will you use?” This was what the seventh princess was more concerned about. Ye Lang’s fireworks might not be true fireworks. Perhaps he would use some alchemy tools or magic scrolls.

Previously, he had already thrown away priceless magic scrolls to light up the sky with beautiful magical essence.

Ye Lang said, “This time, I mean true fireworks! I want you all to experience the true meaning of ‘fire trees and silver flowers’! No, I want everyone to see it, I want everyone in Ye City to see it.”

Ye City?

It’s probably going to be for a while, who’s going to notice… Wait, you mean…

“How long will the fireworks last?” Ye Lanyu and the rest realised that if the fireworks lasted for a while, the Ye City folk might not even realise there was a firework show from a distance.

“Not too long, just an hour tops…” said Ye Lang.

“What? An hour?” Ye Lanyu and the rest realised he was going to be a prodigal son today again. The ultimate prodigal son.

No matter what material would be used, a one-hour firework show would be very, very expensive. Some people might not be able to earn this amount of money in their lifetimes.

“Prepare a few buckets for after this meal!” said Ye Lang.

“Why are you doing this?” Ye Lanyu and the rest were confused.

“For fun,” said Ye Lang.


Yep, the reason was simple. For fun.

Whatever, it was his money. And it would only be weird if he wasn’t being a prodigal son.

It was a quiet night, an ordinary night to Ye City. Suddenly, explosions and booms could be heard.

“What… what’s happening?”

“Oh my! What’s going on?”

“Woah, look! Fireworks…”

“Oh my goodness, such magnificence! Who’s spending that much money for this?”


In a moment, the entire city was bustling with life. Everyone was looking far in a direction but the fireworks were so huge they felt very close by.

“Where’s that place?”

“I remember that’s just a piece of empty land there…”

“Empty land?! Have you forgotten where that is? That’s our little king’s Vast Moon Lake!”

“Ah, right! How could I forget? I’ve almost forgotten about our little king, he hasn’t appeared in a while!”

As everyone talked, they remembered Ye Lang. This was a person who had recently been forgotten. The ones who called Ye Lang a ‘little king’ were natives of this place, they had been here when this place was still a tiny kingdom instead of a city.

Previously, the residents did not recognise the Ye family as their leader but as the city developed across the next few years, the Ye family became well-respected figures. Ye Lang was especially loved among the people.

The Ye City folk did not call Ye Lang ‘young master’ but ‘the little king’ because he was technically the king of this place. He was the one who won this place from its previous king. The citizens were used to this term and it felt very intimate.

At the Ye Residence…

Ye Chengtian was talking to Long Anqi as they watched the beautiful night sky. Both of them were having a romantic time, forgetting the world. They did not want to be disturbed.

“Fifth Uncle, Fifth Uncle!” Seventh Brother hurried in.

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a rush?” Ye Chengtian frowned, he was slightly annoyed but did not blame him because it could be an emergency.

“Fifth Uncle, look… look at the sky…” Seventh Brother was panting. He slowly regained his breath. “I’ve been looking at it, what’s the matter?!” huffed Ye Chengtian. He had been looking up with Long Anqi all night, enjoying themselves.

“Uh… Fifth Uncle, in which direction have you been looking at the sky?” said Seventh Brother.

“What has that got to do with anything?” asked Ye Chengtian, confused.

“It has got to do with anything! You must’ve been looking that way, right…” Seventh Brother pointed in the direction Ye Chengtian had been looking at.

“Fifth Uncle, look here and you’ll understand what I mean!”

They turned in the opposite direction.

“Hey, who’s having a firework show? It’s beautiful!” Long Anqi’s eyes shone as she sighed watching the fireworks.

At this moment, Long Anqi and Ye Chengtian were merely admiring the fireworks, not thinking.

“Who? Well, you’ll understand when you realise what that place is!” said Seventh Brother.

“What?” Both of them hesitated. Seventh Brother would not have come all the way here if this person wasn’t important.

Seventh Brother would have gone to his wife, not them.

That was why they started to think hard. Who could make the calm Seventh Brother so excited like that?

After thinking for a while, they thought of someone. Someone they had been talking about in their conversation before this.

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