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«The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 748 - Fireworks Night (2)

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Chapter 748: Fireworks Night (2)

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“You mean that’s from the Vast Moon Lake, where Ye Lang is?!” said Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi at the same time. They looked at the spot where the fireworks came from. Based on the distance, it was likely Vast Moon Lake.

At the very least, the fireworks definitely came from outside the city. In that direction, other than Vast Moon Lake where Ye Lang resided, no one else lived there. It was a desolate piece of land.

And based on Ye Lang’s personality, he often released fireworks at this scale!

“Yep, that’s it! I don’t know what the heck he’s been doing in there, I hope he’s not there just to do research on fireworks. He asked for so many materials…” Seventh Brother felt like crying when he thought about it.

“Research on fireworks? That’s possible,” said Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi, nodding. They agreed with his guess but that just made Seventh Brother sadder as he sulked in a corner.

“Seventh Brother, what are you doing here? Let’s go watch the fireworks, it’s beautiful!” Seventh Aunt (his wife) ran in without even greeting Ye Chengtian and his wife, pulling Seventh Brother up.

They had been together when the fireworks started, excited as they watched the show.

However, very soon, he realised where the fireworks came from, which was Ye Lang’s Vast Moon Lake. His face fell and then he dashed to whine to Ye Chengtian and his wife.

Yep, he was just there to complain. If he went over to Vast Moon Lake now, he was sure the firework show would have ended already. A firework show cannot last too long, even if that person was Ye Lang.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful! But this is all money! He’s basically throwing money into the sea!” Seventh Brother said painfully, as if his heart had been stabbed.

Ye Lang’s firework show had been going on for more than a minute now. Seventh Brother’s heart bled. If Seventh Brother had known how long Ye Lang planned for it to last, he would’ve run over to Vast Moon Lake to scream at Ye Lang instead of coming to Ye Chengtian.

“Hey, you know how prodigal Thirteen is. You can’t stop him from spending his money. Why not enjoy the show with me, instead of sulking here? To be honest, it’s really pretty…” Seventh Aunt knocked his head with a smile.

“Yeah, Seven. Thirteen has always been like this, how would you stop him? But it’s a good sign if he was researching fireworks. This means his research has been a success, he can come out and you can start selling your Vast Moon Lake properties1” Third Brother appeared out of nowhere. There was a pretty lady next to him that looked like Anna.

“Hey, I didn’t think of that! Vast Moon Lake’s a very popular spot right now, this is just a trivial matter. He can have his fun. We’ll treat this as the opening ceremony for Vast Moon Lake!” Seventh Brother perked up.

Seventh Brother grinned creepily at Third Brother and Anna. “Third Brother, what have you been doing with Miss Anna…”

“Watching the firework show!” said Third Brother immediately.

Right now, everyone was watching the fireworks, it was a useless answer.

“Anna, why are you here?” asked Long Anqi. She wasn’t teasing like Seventh Brother but Anna rarely came here although her mercenary group’s camp was close by.

“I…” Anna hadn’t spoken and she was cut off.

“Fifth Aunt, why do you even have to ask? Third Brother must’ve decided that the time was right to bring her home,” interrupted Seventh Brother. He gazed romantically at the couple.

Anna felt her face heat up. As an iron lady, she rarely acted this way. Her skin was thick from being put in all sorts of situations in her life…

“Is that so? This is great news!” said Long Anqi with a smile.

“Fifth Aunt, don’t listen to Seven’s nonsense! We’re not like that! Anna’s just here to ask what is going on. She could tell that the fireworks came from Ye Lang’s spot,” said Third Brother, rolling his eyes at Seventh Brother.

Seventh Brother did not accept his explanation and said nonchalantly, “Tsk! Excuses! You’re going to bring her home anyway. Might as well admit it now and make it official, you’re not young anymore! Ah…”

As he spoke, Anna unsheathed her sword. Her threatening aura made Seventh Brother think she was going to kill him.

However, he could still dodge her- though it looked pathetic.

“Who are you calling ‘not young’?! Seven, you should repeat yourself,” said Anna coldly.

“Ahh, what was I talking about? I can’t remember! Look, such pretty fireworks…” He pointed at the sky to change the topic.

He knew he had made a mistake by calling her old. Any girl would’ve been upset, this woman in particular would beat him up immediately.

It was general consensus that Anna was a powerful lady. She could be quiet and looked harmless but once provoked, she could explode suddenly like what just happened.

Just like how she questioned Ye Chengtian and the rest when Ye Lang went missing years ago- this said a lot about her personality!

Seventh Brother’s words weren’t based on nothing either.

Anna and Third Brother had been spending more time together recently. Anyone would’ve been able to tell that there was something- no, the spark of love,- between them.

Although they were still embarrassed about it, good news was coming. Everyone was sure that it was only a matter of time.

At this moment, although Seventh Brother was changing the topic, they still turned to watch the fireworks. It was pretty enough for them to forget everything else.

Time passed slowly. The entire city was deeply mesmerised in the firework show. They wished this moment would last longer, maybe last forever.

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