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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2270 Reinforcement at the Right Moment

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Chapter 2270 Reinforcement at the Right Moment

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Just as the two enemy Gods were about to kill Willow, with one of them preventing her from moving and the other attacking her with his spiritual weapon, a golden pillar of energy appeared from the quasi-Spatial Kingdom below them.

Vico and Aarav looked in that direction and gradually changed their expressions, smiling as they saw it.

On the other hand, the alien Gods understood what it was all about and naturally felt worried when they saw it. One of them was about to die, and suddenly, a new expert was appearing in the enemy forces.

"Sh*t! Kill that woman quickly! Time to retreat!" Said the enemy facing Maximillian.

But it was too late for them to escape without putting themselves in danger. As Aarav finished helping the level 100 dragon eliminate the enemy robot, a woman with light blue hair appeared above that quasi-Spatial Kingdom.

But the aliens quickly realized that she was not the wife of Minos, the great enemy they had wanted to eliminate since the beginning of this war.

That woman was at level 100 and had never shown herself before since the beginning of the war!

That was Callie, the ally that Minos had obtained through Julian!

Callie quickly understood the situation the Spiritual World was in, seeing that the Ice Age was at its worst, but also that the aliens had arrived in this world and done a lot of damage.

She quickly saw Aarav and the level 100 dragon gradually disappearing. She noticed that several Gods from her world had probably already fallen in this war.

"Aliens, you shouldn't have come to this world!" She opened her mouth as she looked in the direction of the two individuals trying to kill Willow.

After saying that, space itself froze at her words as she clenched her fists and made all the space around her give way to her Ice Domain.

The leader of the aliens there saw this and opened his eyes wide, feeling a power so threatening that he felt goosebumps all over his body.

He no longer hesitated and began to run, ignoring his companions and also Vico.

Meanwhile, the two men dealing with Willow didn't have the same opportunity as that individual.

The moment Callie acted, their bodies froze, preventing them from continuing what they were doing against Willow.

Vico didn't fly in pursuit of the fleeing enemy and went straight to where Willow was falling with two spears through her body.

Amid this, Callie crossed the space, appearing right next to the two remaining enemy Gods in the area.

She had just advanced and was in top condition. Meanwhile, the Ice Age made her feel very good, and the enemies were clearly far from their best fighting states.

The moment she pointed her hands toward the bodies of those two aliens dressed in special armor, their suits shattered as if they were made of glass.

Meanwhile, the ice on the surface below where they were flying melted as she stole the heat from their bodies and transferred it to the ground.

The two felt the most excruciating pain of their lives, feeling their bodies freeze from the inside out as their cells gradually exploded, killing them quickly.

"It ends here!" Callie said before closing her hands and making the two ice sculptures next to her explode, ending the existence of those two level 100 creatures in a single instant.

She had killed two enemy Gods right after her awakening!

Aarav saw this while the dragon had already disappeared, leaving behind only the destroyed metallic body of the dead level 100 robot.

He flew to her side, having a few more seconds before disappearing from this world. "Congratulations on your breakthrough, Callie. You've come at just the right time."

"Elder…" That blue-haired woman looked at Aarav and felt sorry for what had happened to him.

Aarav smiled at her. "Don't worry, I've lived a long life. I shouldn't have moved on if it hadn't been for Minos, so I was going to die very soon anyway… Having the chance to fight and defend this world was the great thing I did with my life.

I hope you can continue our work and ensure this world remains ours…"

As he said these words, increasingly transparent and weakened, Aarav closed his eyes and sighed one last time in his world.

"Good luck." He muttered before disappearing in front of Callie. At the same time, the newly promoted 11th-stage woman clenched her fists, angry at herself for not having advanced earlier.

If she hadn't taken so long, perhaps the situation in the Spiritual World wouldn't be as bad as it seemed to be now!

"Damn it!" She closed her eyes.

But then, she heard Vico's voice getting increasingly agitated as he landed with Willow near the entrance to the Black Plain Army headquarters.

"Don't give up! Don't do this to us, Willow! You've become a God! You can go further than that!" Vico said as he saw the blonde woman's eyes gradually turn opaque.

A subtle smile formed at the corners of Willow's mouth before her last words in life left her lips. "It was my honor to fight for this world at the end of my life. I hope I can fight alongside you one last tim…"

After she said this, the Black Plain Army medics arrived where she and Vico were, almost simultaneously as Callie stopped next to them.

However, it was already too late. Another of the Spirit World's specialists had fallen to the aliens!

That day, Willow Sista, one of the oldest spiritual humans in the world, died in Vico's arms!

Vico and Callie stood side by side as they watched the doctors signal that there was no more hope, both feeling great sorrow for the Spiritual World's losses.

Callie respected all these experts, but now that she could finally join them, hardly any of them remained behind.

Even if they had won today and only one God enemy remained now, they couldn't celebrate their victory.

"I'm sorry. I took too long." She muttered to Vico as Minos' wives finally appeared around, all of them with terrible expressions on their faces.

"It wasn't your fault. You did your best." Vico shook his head negatively as he looked at Callie and touched one of her shoulders. "Now it's our mission to end this war. Together, we can eliminate the last aliens in our world!"

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