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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2269 Decisive Moment

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Chapter 2269 Decisive Moment

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While Minos and his group were solving the problem concerning their mission in Zocarro, the situation in the Spiritual World was reaching a new level!

At this moment, troops were once again fighting on the outskirts of the ancient Yellow City, with alien forces trying for the fourth time to invade this place and destroy those hiding in Minos' Spatial Kingdom.

The four remaining Gods of the alien forces were currently fighting Vico, Willow, and the last level 100 bodies they had, Aarav and the level 100 dragon.

Aurae wasn't around. She was on Elves Island, too far away to arrive in time for this battle, which was already in its decisive moments.

The last living robot of the enemies in this world was fighting directly against the resurrected level 100 dragon, while Aarav was supporting his companion, who had died to that robot in the last battle.

But this fellow helped by Minos to reach level 100 was also assisting Willow while this woman faced two enemy Gods, trying to hold them off while the others tried to seriously injure or even eliminate their opponents.

They were in equal numbers, but if each of them tried to take on a different enemy, they would end up losing the fight.

Willow wasn't the strongest one there, but she was the one who had the best defense of the group of Gods fighting for the Spiritual World above the Black Plain Army headquarters.

As such, she kept two enemies busy while Vico focused on one opponent and the level 100 dragon on another.

As Abby's summons would only last another 30 seconds or so, Aarav helped Willow with counterattacks to the enemies to give this woman more time, but he was also helping the level 100 dragon deal with the level 100 robot.

"Watch out!" One of the enemy Gods said as he saw the ferocity of the level 100 dragon's attack, watching it act frantically against the partially damaged robot from the last few battles in this world.

The level 100 dragon was in its peak condition, and as it was already dead, it had nothing to fear. Not only that, but because it was a summon, it felt no pain, and its energy would remain at its peak until the summoning time was up and it disappeared.

As such, even though he had died to that robot in the last battle, he demonstrated a good performance in the short battle so far, even outperforming the enemy at times.

When the level 100 robot dodged Aarav's last attack, the level 100 dragon attacked it by manipulating space and making its mouth appear around that metallic creature as if he were going to chew it.

Black flames appeared in the creature's mouth, targeting the 5-meter-tall robot, which seemed small compared to the dragon's body.


Flames covered the robot's surroundings before the level 100 dragon quickly closed its mouth, trying to crush the opponent with his teeth.

Vico saw this from afar but remained focused on dealing with the strongest of the enemies there. He used everything he had to stop this opponent and look for ways to weaken him.

However, the Spiritual World side had no advantage in this fight. Their formation was holding off the enemies for the moment. Still, these Gods of the Mechanic Empire were more relaxed than the local experts would have liked.

"Vico, you should surrender. We can still work together." Said the alien while moving against Emperor Travisani. "Maybe you'll manage to kill one of us in this battle. But what about when your two dead companions disappear? There will be three of us against two of you, even if one of us falls. That will be the end of you!"

"Tsk! If you're so sure of your victory, just kill me, alien!" Vico commented firmly.

He was very different from Maximillian. He was committed to his people and to the cause of fighting the aliens. He wouldn't change his position, no matter how bad their situation was in this war!

He again used his weapon and divine ability, sacrificing half his strength to launch a powerful attack against that opponent.

That alien God laughed as he moved from side to side in the surroundings while the space nearby cracked, with storms of great destructive power raging up to 500 kilometers away from where they were.

In part, this was because of the various God fights in the area, but the Ice Age had also been intensifying the situation in the region.

Apart from the Black Plain Army headquarters, which was hidden behind a quasi-Space Kingdom made by Minos' black holes, that area of the Black Plain Empire was desolate.

There was no more vegetation, cities, or mountains for hundreds of kilometers of this place. The only thing that existed in this area was an extremely devastated place, constantly under storms, where ice sometimes covered the entire terrain planned by the many battles that had taken place there over the last few years.


Suddenly, Willow let out a loud cry of pain as she was hit full-on by an attack from one of her opponents, finally making the other level 100 individuals there realize that the current situation wouldn't hold for long.

Vico saw this and also noticed Aarav moving to help Willow. Meanwhile, the level 100 dragon was about to disappear and was slowly destroying the level 100 robot with his teeth.

Vico shouted. "Finish off the other enemy first!"

Aarav looked over and saw that if he didn't help that dragon, they wouldn't be able to kill any of the opponents.

He felt sorry for Willow and moved to help the dragon finish eliminating that robot.

Meanwhile, the level 100 blonde woman didn't complain, even though she had a spear stuck in her abdomen.

"Die!" One of her enemies disappeared into thin air before reappearing behind her with another spear in his hands.

This time, Willow didn't manage to dodge so well that the enemy missed his target. He hit her in the back, sending a three-meter-long spear through her body at the height of her left breast.


She coughed up blood as she felt herself being knocked off balance.

'Damn it!' Willow realized she was lost and thought about sacrificing herself right there to finish off these enemies.

However, the opponents had seen this strategy before, and the second God dealing with her appeared in front of her, causing chains to appear around her body, quickly sealing this weakened woman's powers.

Just as they were about to kill her, something suddenly happened, attracting the attention of everyone there!

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