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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2271 New Situation in the Spiritual World

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Chapter 2271 New Situation in the Spiritual World

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Arriving at Vico and Callie's side, Abby and Gloria mourned the loss of Willow, once again coming across losses among their specialists.

Now, only Vico and Aurae remain alive among the level 100 individuals who had been in the Spiritual World before the war began.

The number of experts on this planet has dropped considerably in just a few years, reaching the current point where their situation is still extremely serious despite this day's victory.

"Sigh… How many more of us will fall before the war is over?" Abby muttered as she saw that the Demigod battles on the outskirts of that area had ceased with Callie's appearance and the escape of the last enemy God.

"That will change, Your Majesty," Callie commented to Abby. "Now that there's only one enemy God, we'll end the war." She clenched her fists, full of determination and the will to fight.

"It won't be that easy," Gloria commented. "The enemy will hide and most likely ask for reinforcements… In any case, we've gained an advantage and can force the enemy to retreat for at least a few months."

Vico agreed with Gloria and said to the level 100 woman there with them, "Callie, you should join Aurae in taking action against the enemy forces. I'm not in a good state to accompany you, and these lands need someone on hand to deal with the enemies.

But you two could do a lot of damage to the enemy forces and soften the situation for the Spiritual World forces."

"Where is she? Is she the last remnant of the Gods on our planet?" Callie asked.

"Yes, unfortunately, we've lost many companions. She's on Elves Island. Maybe she is coming here now because of this attack, but if you move now, you should find her faster." Vico replied.

Callie looked at Abby and Gloria and asked. "Are you going to be all right?"

"Yeah, don't worry. We don't like to use the dead to defend ourselves, but if anything happens, Her Majesty Willow Sista will be able to help us one last time." Abby said, this being the last card up her state's sleeve to fight level 100 threats.

Vico would also be staying on the mainland so he could join them in fighting the aliens in that area if necessary.

With that said, Callie would soon say goodbye to those people, heading to Elves Island to see Aurae again and talk about the Spiritual World forces' new plans for this war.

It was time for them to counterattack their enemies, force them to retreat and return their lands, and eliminate the aliens' strongest specialists!

With the death of those alien Gods, today could be the beginning of the end of the war!

The others stayed behind until Vico also left, heading to his own state to recover from today's battle and prepare for future problems.

Abby and Gloria would soon send Willow's body to the place where their dead and revivable specialists were.

"Sigh! It's a shame she died. Sarah and George will be devastated." Gloria commented on her daughter and the young woman's husband.

Abby imagined that this would be the case but didn't say much. "Unfortunately, that's our reality. Tomorrow, one of us could fall."

"Unfortunately, that's the truth… But what do you think will happen from now on?" Gloria asked her harem sister.

"We'll probably have some peace until the enemy reinforcements arrive.

But even if there are reinforcements, they shouldn't be terrifying." Abby commented, being positive even though there was still a risk of them dying. "The danger of the Spiritual World being taken over by the Mechanic Empire has passed.

I believe we will either maintain the current situation for a few years, perhaps decades or the war will end in no time. One way or another, the chances of our enemies taking over our world are over."

The Mechanic Empire supposedly had 32 Gods before the war began. Of these, 16 came to the Spiritual World in the first group to arrive on this planet and all of them had already died.

In addition to them, a group of enemy Gods had arrived in this world as reinforcements after the disastrous arrival of the Mechanic Empire's forces. However, of these individuals, only one had survived to this point.

As a result, the Mechanic Empire now had just over 10 Gods to deal with in all its domains and still tried to dominate the Spiritual World.

Would the forces of The Adamant Land drop everything to take over the Spiritual World and send all their experts here? Abby didn't think so.

In her humble opinion, the enemies would send one or at most two Gods to reinforce their forces in the Spiritual World, and even then, their plans would no longer be for domination, but for integration into that world.

In all likelihood, the aliens from The Adamant Land would either be eliminated from the Spiritual World or would become milder in their strategies as they recovered their lost strength. One way or another, the great danger to the forces and beings of that world had passed, and now it was time for them to reclaim their land and strengthen themselves again with the future in mind.

Gloria listened to Abby and couldn't help but agree, feeling that Callie's advance and her actions had bought them some time.

The danger was still there. They could still die at any time in the future, so they wouldn't weaken just because the situation had changed.

However, they could now see a light at the end of the tunnel and a more distant future for their family and state.

They didn't know where they would be in a year or ten years. But if everything around them was dark and difficult to analyze before, now they could see better and have better expectations. They could once again think about the long term and the continuity of their lineage.

The day after Callie's advance, forces from all over the Spiritual World would celebrate the victory in the previous battle and the advance of this woman, finally glimpsing hope of victory in this war of the worlds.

The forces most disbelieving that the world would win the war, or rather survive the worst of it, changed their minds immediately after the news spread, talking about the drastic change brought about by Callie.

That wasn't the end of the war, but it was a new phase in the conflict, where the local forces would finally be able to hit the invading forces and make them retreat, rather than advance, as they had done until now.

Thus began the retaking of the forces of the Spiritual World, a new path that few knew exactly where it would lead but which was already being celebrated on all sides of the planet!

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