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«The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1912: Are you the Devil? (6)

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Chapter 1912: Are you the Devil? (6)

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In the President’s office.

Fan Yu was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, making a phone call.

It was as if he was explaining to someone or taking the initiative to make a phone call to explain something…

Qiao Yuanfei could not hear.

It was not because she could not hear from afar, but because of the shock.

From the moment she stepped into the fan group’s new product launch today, her mind did not belong to herself.

One shock after another…

Her face was now deathly pale. Her assistant poured her a cup of hot water to calm her down and kindly turned on the television, wanting to help her divert her attention.

However, when the television was turned on, it was filled with news of Fan Yu’s relationship being exposed and his ability to protect his girlfriend…

Seeing Qiao yuanfei’s face turn even paler, the assistant hurriedly turned off the television.

“Wait, let me see!”

The person who spoke was not Qiao yuanfei, but Fan Yu, who had been standing in front of the French window on the phone just a second ago.

He did not know when he had hung up the phone and walked back to the sofa.

His tall and straight body stood beside the sofa, gesturing for the assistant to give him the remote control and turning a few channels.

In the end, he chose a television station that had the clearest picture taken and stopped.

Qiao yuanfei could not help but chuckle when she saw the whole process of “Who am I, where am I, what just happened”.

“The level of this batch of gossip reporters is not good. Their photos are just average. Go and ask the colleagues in the group’s publicity department. Those who were present at the time, if there are any better-looking photos, send them to my email.”


Qiao Yuanfei was finally jolted back to her senses by these words.

She stood up from the sofa shakily.

She slowly turned around and turned to look at Fan Yu.

“You, you, shouldn’t you be explaining our relationship to everyone?”

“Why should I explain?”

Fan Yu raised his eyebrows and fixed the television screen on him speaking on stage. Qiao yuanfei watched the scene with ‘tenderness’.

Qiao Yuanfei did not notice what he had done. When she heard his question, her voice unconsciously became louder.

She pointed at the television and said.

“Now everyone has misunderstood us… We are dating…”

“Oh, misunderstood?”

Fan Yu opened his mouth casually and put down the remote control carelessly.

Qiao Yuanfei was anxious.

“It’s true. The report is out. Look at those photos. They were taken out of context and sent out. Everyone will misunderstand our relationship. Moreover, we did not use the employee channel today. You brought me into the venue. So many reporters saw it…”

Qiao Yuanfei was speaking excitedly when she suddenly realized that fan Yu was not listening at all.

She instantly choked.

She watched as he walked in front of her. He reached out to grab her shoulder and turned her around. Then, he pointed at the frozen scene on the television.

He lowered his head slightly and whispered into her ear.

“What were you thinking when you looked at me?”


“Am I good-looking?”


He was poisonous.

Qiao Yuanfei’s brain was not working properly again.

Her breathing was rapid, and she spoke with a big tongue.

After a long while, she could not utter a single word.

Three words floated across the sky: she was finished…

She actually wanted to answer him and admit that he was really good-looking.

She was so seduced that she could not resist at all.

In the end, she used her pee to escape and rushed into the bathroom at lightning speed.


Fan Yu’s arms were empty. He looked up and saw that she had disappeared. The corners of his mouth were curved like a demon’s.

He heard a cell phone ringing on the sofa and looked sideways.

It was her cell phone.

The two words “Baby”that flashed on the screen suddenly reminded him of his past.

The phone call that he did not receive last time…

Fan Yu narrowed his eyes and reached out to pick up the phone!


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