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«The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1910: Are you the Devil? (4)

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Chapter 1910: Are you the Devil? (4)

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The Qiao family was the partner of the fan group. The Qiao family would definitely receive an invitation to the fan group’s new product launch.

Qiao Fangfeng’s body had not recovered, so it was inconvenient for him to attend.

The representative sent by the Qiao family was Qiao Yuanchuan.

Qiao Yuanxi heard that Fan Yu would personally host the launch and pestered Qiao Yuanchuan to bring him here.

However, when she reached the door, she realized that two people could not enter with just one invitation.

She stomped her feet in anger and waited in the car for a long time. When the press conference was about to end, the security guards let down their guard and sneaked in.

She did not manage to catch up to what had happened in front of her. The moment she entered, she saw Qiao Yuanfei standing beside Fan Yu…

She could not help but shout out.

Now that she thought about it, she realized that the reporters were all looking at her, completely ignoring the fact that Qiao Yuanfei’s dress and makeup were not as good as hers. Her heart suddenly felt a little more confident.

No matter what, she was the rightful eldest daughter of the Qiao family.

Qiao Yuanfei’s family background and education were not something that an orphan like Qiao yuanfei could compare to.

Qiao yuanfei must have come here to seduce young master fan. Shameless!

She could not stand by and watch her succeed!

With that thought in mind, Qiao Yuanxi’s gaze turned sinister. He pretended to bump into his sister at the venue, his face filled with surprise as he walked forward with the bag in his hand.

“Cousin, I know that you have a crush on young master fan, but the fan corporation did not invite you to the press conference. If people find out that you snuck in like this, they will laugh at our Qiao family.”

After Qiao Yuanxi finished speaking, she glanced at the reporters around her from the corner of her eyes.

She realized that everyone’s expressions were very strange, and their eyes were filled with surprise.

She was even more certain that Qiao Yuanfei didn’t have an invitation letter in her hand, so she must have snuck in to seduce young master fan.

If she could expose Qiao Yuanfei in front of everyone, not only would qiao Yuanfei lose face, but young master fan would also despise her.

Qiao Yuanfei had made her a laughingstock. She would definitely not let go of this opportunity to take revenge for herself…

Qiao Yuanxi made up his mind and raised his voice even higher.

“Furthermore, cousin, even if you want to come, you should at least change into a decent dress. I’ve never even seen what brand of dress you’re wearing. If people who don’t know you don’t know your bad taste, they’ll think that our Qiao family has fallen.”

Qiao Yuanxi’s words didn’t sound like much. He was thinking about Qiao Yuanfei in every way.

But if he thought about it carefully, he was slapping Qiao Yuanfei in the face.

He was mocking her for not knowing about famous brands and wearing cheap clothes.

The surrounding reporters had long smelled the scent of war. They just didn’t expect Qiao Yuanxi to be so direct.

For a moment, they all turned their heads to look at Qiao Yuanfei.

Qiao Yuanfei was a little lost in her thoughts and did not pay attention to Qiao Yuanxi at all. When she heard her words, she subconsciously lowered her eyes and glanced at the dress on her body.

She moved to Fan Yu’s villa because it was a spur of the moment idea.

Fan Yu did not give her time to go back and get a change of clothes. The dress she was wearing now was a regular outfit that the Butler had prepared for her previously.

She had not paid attention to what brand it was.

Now that she was being mocked by Qiao Yuanxi in public, her eyes sparkled. Just as she was about to speak, a noble figure had already walked up to her.

He stood in front of her.

Fan Yu raised his eyes slightly and glanced at the little dress that Qiao Yuanxi was wearing.

Qiao Yuanxi thought that she had successfully attracted fan Yu’s attention. She raised her head and puffed out her chest excitedly, putting on the most elegant posture.

The next second, he heard him opening his mouth coldly.

“I had someone custom-make the dress on her. With your taste, you really can’t tell.”


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