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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1410 They were separated by mountains and seas

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Chapter 1410 They were separated by mountains and seas

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After a few twists and turns, Jiang Qiran finally got the phone number of the shop that produced the health-care equipment. The prices of these health-care equipment shops were usually more expensive, and they were not considered as necessities, so there were not many customers. With Jiang Qiran’s reminder, the other side quickly remembered who the buyer was. “Oh, Oh, you’re asking about the person who bought our new massage chair a few days ago?” “We don’t know the specific name, but it’s a girl. She’s very young and Petite. She looks like the girl next door. She’s probably seventeen or eighteen.” With these characteristics, Jiang Qiran’s throat tightened. When he spoke again, his voice was slightly hoarse. “Then… you mean that the buyer’s facial features aren’t very beautiful, right?” “You can’t say that, right? She’s a very delicate and pretty girl, the type that makes people feel very comfortable looking at her.” “Okay, then I understand. Thank you.” … After getting the answer he wanted, Jiang Qiran slowly hung up the phone. Although he had already predicted it, the feeling was still different when he asked it personally. He dragged his heavy steps and sat on the sofa alone, his eyes somewhat absent-minded. What exactly was this? ! … According to the shop owner, that little girl had come to their shop early to look at the goods. The price of this massage chair was 8,800 yuan. For Jiang Qiran, it was definitely something that he could easily buy with a wave of his hand, but ye Linlang just happened to be short of some money. A month ago, he had bargained with the shop owner and bargained to 8,000 yuan. He even said that he would definitely buy it before his friend’s birthday. He wanted to reserve one for her. … The lights were not turned on in the living room. The golden rays of sunlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling window and shone on Jiang Qiran’s broken hair. He was stunned and seemed to have suddenly understood something. That day, when he went to the Golden Lake restaurant, he saw ye Linlang and yin zihan having an ambiguous relationship. He was so angry that he lost his mind. He almost thought that ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran had made an appointment to show up, or that Yin Zihan knew where she was going to work, so he specially looked for that restaurant. Now that he thought about it, he really thought too much. How much money could a casual waiter earn? At that time, he was still angry at Ye Linlang for being so strong. She was willing to work for such a small amount of money. If there were any difficulties, he would help her solve them! So… Ye Linlang went to that Golden Lake restaurant for him. A month in advance, and she was already preparing to buy him a birthday present? … His entire heart felt like it was being tortured by ice and fire. If she didn’t like him, why did she do this? There weren’t many girls who would like to work as a waitress in a restaurant. They even had to endure the unreasonable complaints of some customers. … Jiang Qi suddenly had an impulse. He wanted to see ye Linlang with his own eyes. Even though ye Linlang was currently far away in Dongchen country. Jiang Qiran was still brooding over the matter of their breakup. He had only received this information over the phone. How cruel was that. Couldn’t he even tell him in person? … Auntie Chen looked at the dispirited youth sitting on the side of the sofa and spoke cautiously. “Young Master, Are You Alright?” When Jiang Qiran saw the black massage chair earlier, he felt that something was wrong with Jiang Qiran. She had made so many calls over and over again. Moreover… she felt that the situation was not going well. When Jiang Qiran had just called the people in the shop and talked about the appearance of a girl, Auntie Chen had already become alert. Should she call Jiang Qiran’s parents? … Auntie Chen had a little idea in her mind, but the youth suddenly raised his head and began to instruct her indifferently. “I’m fine.” Jiang Qiran looked around at the spotless furnishings and nodded at Auntie Chen again. “You’ve worked hard today. It’s already very clean. You Don’t need to clean anymore. Go home and rest.” “Okay.” Auntie Chen quickly nodded. Just as she changed out of her slippers and was about to go out, she suddenly heard a sentence from the young man behind her. “Don’t tell my parents about what happened today.” “I don’t know what my parents told you, but I have my own personal space. Do As I say and I’ll pay you another salary. In the future, respect my privacy.” Auntie Chen was just an ordinary person after all. How could she withstand such a big temptation. Moreover… What happened today was not a big deal, right? Su Wan only said that she had something to report. With today’s situation, it should not be a problem for her to not report it? Auntie Chen gritted her teeth and finally nodded her head hurriedly. “Okay, okay! I will remember it. Thank you, Young Master!” With Su Wan’s salary, it was enough for her to spend. Now that she could get an extra salary from Jiang Qiran, she felt that she would soon have enough money to save up! Her prodigal son always did not learn well, and she hoped that she could help him save some money for his wife. As expected, rich people were different. Auntie Chen’s eyes lit up with the light of a money-grubber, as if she had already seen the beautiful life waving at her again. … And now, only Jiang Qiran was left in the huge apartment. Jiang Qiran stood up and walked step by step towards the black massage chair, his expression uncertain. He gritted his teeth and finally convinced himself to try calling ye Linlang after adding the area code of the capital of Dong Chen. Jiang Qiran didn’t know if ye Linlang had changed her number, nor did he know if ye Linlang had opened an international roaming service. After all, Ye Linlang was going to Dong Chen, and Jiang Qiran was just trying it out. If the phone number was changed, he could still send her an instant message. There were some things that one couldn’t accept without asking clearly. … To Jiang Qiran’s surprise, the phone actually displayed a signal! Jiang Qiran’s pupils constricted slightly, and his fingers unconsciously tightened, his knuckles turning white. Although it was noon in the country, at this time in the Dongchen kingdom, it should be midnight. … In the Dongchen Kingdom, a dim crescent moon hung on the treetops. Ye Linlang had been in the Dong Chen Country for a short period of time, but she still couldn’t sleep at night. Every time she dreamed, she would think of Jiang Qiran’s face, tormenting her. She sighed. Just as she turned on her phone, she felt the phone buzzing. Wait, a call from the country? Ye Linlang saw the caller’s number and name. Her hand trembled, and she directly threw the phone on the quilt. However, the phone still rang non-stop. It was as if if you didn’t pick up, the other party would call forever. … Why was this necessary? Ye Linlang’s eyes were instantly covered with a layer of tears. They were separated by mountains and seas, and even broke up. Her heart tightened, as if someone had stabbed her. After an unknown amount of time, Ye Linlang finally reached out her hand shakily and pressed the answer button. She didn’t say anything, but she heard a cold male voice suddenly ring out. “Ye Linlang — ?”


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