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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1409 The Lord is Magnanimous

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Chapter 1409 The Lord is Magnanimous

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Auntie Chen was still in a daze from Jiang Qiran’s handsome face. When she heard his question, she smiled embarrassedly. What a handsome young man! Although he had just been seriously ill, he looked much better in person than in the photo. “Well… It’s like this. Previously, the security office said that someone sent it over. It’s just that you haven’t come back yet, so they left it in the security office.” “After I came, they asked me to move back.” Auntie Chen still found it unbelievable, but she was too embarrassed to stare at Jiang Qiran. Because su wan had asked her to look after Jiang Qiran’s movements, saying that Jiang Qiran broke up with his girlfriend and was troubled by Love. It seemed that he was still broken up! But no matter how you looked at it, this young man was perfect. His family was obviously very rich, even if you didn’t talk about anything else. In this face-oriented society, Just Jiang Qiran’s face alone should be enough to attract countless girls. I really don’t know how outstanding or blind Jiang Qiran’s ex-girlfriend was to be willing to break up with Jiang Qiran. … When Jiang Qiran heard Auntie Chen’s words, he had a strange look on his face. “Do you mean that this thing wasn’t sent by my parents?” “I don’t think so… Mr. and Mrs. Chen didn’t tell me about this.” Auntie Chen frowned and answered. … Jiang Qiran stared at the massage chair with a pure black appearance, and the doubts in his heart grew. Could it be that Wench Miaomiao was worried about his physical condition, so she bought it for him? Even if his leg was injured a few days ago, he didn’t need a massage chair to recuperate, right? Wasn’t this kind of space capsule massage chair used to relieve the pain of people with stiff shoulders and necks? If it was used for people who had just had orthopedic surgery, not only would it not relieve the pain, it might even aggravate the dislocation of the bones. … Perhaps Jiang Miaomiao was too out of line? ! He did not even have such common sense. Jiang Qiran pursed his lips and decisively dialed Jiang Miaomiao’s number. Because she had stayed up too late last night, Jiang Miaomiao was still in a daze. When she received Jiang Qiran’s call, she almost got up in anger. She did not even look at who the caller was before she started mumbling. “Who is it… I’m so sleepy. If you have anything to say, say it quickly.” … When Jiang Qiran heard Jiang Miaomiao’s lazy cat-like voice, she was instantly speechless. “Miss, it’s almost time for lunch. Didn’t your parents call you?” Jiang Miaomiao heard Jiang Qiran’s beautiful and cold voice clearly, and she immediately sat up from her deathbed. Like a carp rolling around, she hugged her little blanket and rolled to the corner. “Qiran, why did you suddenly call me? Do you think everyone is as sick as you, getting up early and going to bed early? HMPH, you don’t understand the happiness of a girl who stays up late.” ”…” When Jiang Qiran heard Jiang Miaomiao’s arrogant tone, if it was not for the fact that they were very far from Jiang Miaomiao’s house, he would probably want to forcefully pull Jiang Miaomiao up. “Miaomiao, do you need me to tell you the damage to your skin from staying up late? Do you need me to tell you that if you don’t eat breakfast every morning, your stomach will automatically start to have expired food residue…” Hearing that Jiang Qiran wanted to threaten her, Jiang Miaomiao’s body trembled and she immediately started to give in. “Okay, okay, okay. Can you stop scaring me? From today onwards, I will definitely not stay up late.” Jiang Qiran did not believe her nonsense, but there was no need to remind Jiang Miaomiao. This little girl loved to look pretty. If one day her skin turned yellow and rough because she stayed up late, Jiang Miaomiao would also go to bed on time without Jiang Qiran’s reminder. … “Miaomiao, I want to ask if you have bought me a massage chair. It’s pure black.” Jiang Qiran’s voice was cold. Even he didn’t know what kind of answer he was expecting. If Jiang Miaomiao bought it, there would be no surprise. If Jiang Miaomiao didn’t buy it, and his parents didn’t buy it, then who was he expecting? … Jiang Miaomiao was casually crossing her legs, holding a teddy bear that was almost as tall as her. When she heard Jiang Qiran’s words, she was puzzled. “Massage chair? What massage chair? I didn’t give you this…” “Oh, OH, I almost forgot about that because the day after your accident was your birthday. I originally booked a boat trip in the bamboo sea to take you and Linlang there, but… sigh.” When Ye Linlang’s name was mentioned, Jiang Miaomiao suddenly felt a heavy breath coming from the other side. Even though Jiang Qiran didn’t say anything, Jiang Miaomiao also realized that she had said something wrong. Ye Linlang had already gone to the Dongchen Kingdom. It was useless to say anything more. She had only received ye Linlang’s text message after ye Linlang had boarded the plane. Jiang Miaomiao really didn’t know what to say to this good friend of hers. It just so happened that Jiang Qiran was already like this. She also couldn’t Hate Ye Linlang. However, she probably couldn’t be friends anymore. Her identity was too awkward. … Jiang Miaomiao was afraid that Jiang Qiran would be angry or sad, so she quickly laughed and tried to change the topic. “Qiran, how about I give you another gift? Do you like watching football games or something like that? It seems that city a is going to hold an all-star league. I can go with senior Gu and you.” … On the other end of the phone, Jiang Qiran’s thoughts had already drifted nine days away when he heard ye Linlang’s name. How could he have the mood to ask Jiang Miaomiao for a birthday gift. Moreover, if he really let Gu Yichen and Jiang Miaomiao watch the all-star league together, wouldn’t he be a big third wheel? He might even be hurt by the scene. … Jiang Qiran’s lips curled into a self-deprecating smile. “Alright, I got it. I’ll hang up now.” Without waiting for Jiang Miaomiao’s reply, Jiang Qiran hung up the phone. Jiang Miaomiao could already hear the loneliness in Jiang Qiran’s tone. She was about to comfort him a little, but she did not expect him to hang up so quickly. “HMPH, rude. Alright, I’m a magnanimous person. On account of your heartbreak, I won’t hold it against you.” Jiang Miaomiao groaned as she rubbed her high-end teddy bear. She held the small blanket in one hand and the teddy bear in the other. She didn’t even want to get out of bed. How was she going to break it? Jiang Miaomiao blinked sleepily. She completely ignored the promise she made to Jiang Qiran to wake up early and go to bed early. With a plop, she fell back into the blanket. … On the other side, Jiang Qiran began to call the security room. He had a premonition in his heart, but the closer he got, the more nervous he became. “Hello, I’m a resident of A1750. A few days ago, someone signed for a massage chair for me. May I ask when that massage chair was delivered? Did they leave any messages?” After the security room picked up the phone, they immediately started to help Jiang Qiran look for it. After a while, there was news. “The owner has been found. It was sent by a shop that is responsible for the production of health care equipment. They also left their contact information.”


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