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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1411 A rat on the street is a target to be beaten

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Chapter 1411 A rat on the street is a target to be beaten

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The moment she heard Jiang Qiran’s voice, Ye Linlang felt her heart ache. How long had it been since she heard him speak? Was It a day, a week, or half a month? Why did it feel like such a short period of time felt like a year. … Ye Linlang’s eyes suddenly turned red, and the hand holding the purple phone trembled. There were thousands of words that she wanted to tell him, and she wanted to know how Jiang Qiran’s current physical condition was. However, when the words reached her mouth, they were more hurtful than all the words she had expected. “Jiang Qiran, why are you still calling me? Do you know that cross-border long-distance travel is very expensive?” … When she said this, tears instantly fell from her eyes. Ye Linlang bit her lips tightly, afraid that she would reveal the slightest bit of her sobs. She couldn’t cry. At least, Jiang Qiran shouldn’t know that she was crying. When did she become such an unlikable and weak person? How did she and Jiang Qiran walk on such a path? … On the other end of the phone, Jiang Qiran also didn’t expect ye Linlang to be the first to say something like this. The girl’s voice was clear and beautiful, but every word revealed a sense of alienation. She even talked about money. Was she that short of money for international long-distance calls? Jiang Qiran didn’t feel good and tried her best to sound her out. “Ye Linlang, as long as you answer my question properly, I can pay you back several times the money for international long-distance calls.” … Money, money, money, it was all money. Did Jiang Qiran think that she was such an unbearably vulgar person? Ye Linlang’s heart was so stifled that it was as if someone had blocked a huge rock. Since her words had already come to this point, she could only forcefully pretend to be disdainful. “Do you think that I care about that little bit of money? I just don’t want to waste my time with some people. If you have anything to say, quickly ask. International long-distance calls are very expensive.” … In just a few short sentences, every word was tit-for-tat. Jiang Qiran’s eyes darkened, and his heart felt like it was being pricked by Needles. A bitter smile tugged at the corner of his lips. It turned out that in Ye Linlang’s heart, he was already the kind of “Stranger”who would waste his life by asking a few questions. No, this kind of relationship was actually worse than a stranger, right? … Jiang Qiran tried his best to speak naturally, but his voice still revealed some unintentional nervousness and anticipation. No one knew better than him what he was nervous about and what he was anticipating. “Ye Linlang, what exactly do you think of me? When I returned to the apartment today, I saw the black space capsule massage chair that you bought for me. The store owner said that it was sent to me on my birthday.” “You… you went to work at the Golden Lake restaurant back then for this, right?” Jiang Qiran’s voice became anxious as he finished speaking. He wished that he could cross thousands of mountains and rivers and force the girl on the other end of the phone into a corner to see how she would avoid his question. He was familiar with Ye Linlang’s every movement and expression on her face. He could tell whether she was lying or not. However, he was not sure if ye Linlang was sincere or if she was just pretending. … On the other side of the ocean, Ye Linlang’s eyelashes fluttered and her throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton, making her feel uncomfortable. She actually wanted to ask this question? If Jiang Qiran didn’t tell her, she would have forgotten about the existence of the massage chair. She only cared wholeheartedly about the fact that Jiang Qiran had already been discharged from the hospital and could return to his apartment. It would be good if he was fine… Ye Linlang took a deep breath. “That’s right. When I went to work at the Golden Lake Western restaurant, it was indeed to buy you a massage chair.” When Jiang Qiran heard this, his silent black eyes instantly lit up. “Then you -” However, before Jiang Qiran could say anything, the beautiful girl’s voice on the phone interrupted him impatiently. “But don’t flatter yourself. It was because of that time when I worked at Golden Lake restaurant that I realized you were such a control freak. Being your girlfriend is really tiring. You Don’t even have the freedom to talk to other guys.” “At that time, Yin Zihan saved me, and you even punched him a few times. I won’t like such an indiscriminate person.” No, it was clearly not like that. Tears accumulated in Ye Linlang’s eyes. She strangled herself tightly, trying to play the role of a vicious ex-girlfriend. It was no longer possible for her to be with Jiang Qiran. On the day that they broke up, Shen Xier had already used the ye group’s property and ye Haifeng’s family to threaten her. Before she finished her university studies, she was not allowed to return to the nine regions. There were black and white words written on it. From now until she finished her university studies, she was not allowed to return to the nine regions. How Long was that? Five whole years. No matter how strong her love was, after five years of training, how much love could there be left? Most likely, it would either turn into resentment, or she would simply be more relaxed and become a complete passerby, right? Shen Xier had a few bodyguards press on Ye Linlang’s hand and press their fingerprints on it. If Ye Linlang didn’t fulfill her promise, the ye group would be directly destroyed by ye Haifeng’s generation because ye Haifeng had already signed the transfer of the Ye Group’s assets in the event of a breach of contract. Moreover, it wasn’t just a matter of property. The upper-class society valued reputation the most, but Shen Xi’er had also taken photos of ye Siyao’s clothes being torn off at a young master’s party and all sorts of messed-up photos. Once it was made public, the Ye family’s reputation would probably be completely ruined. They would be reduced to rats crossing the street and everyone would look down on them. … Ye Linlang had never seen her parents and sister act like that, kneeling in front of her with a face full of Snot and tears. She begged her. She said it so tearfully that every word was bloody. It was as if if ye Linlang didn’t do this, she would be a sinner who was disloyal, unfilial, and unjust for all eternity. Yes, what a great sinner. It was clear that as long as ye Linlang was sacrificed, the Ye family could be saved, and they could even continue to climb up under the banner of the Huanya Group. How could such a good deal be done? On that day, Ye Linlang did not know how she got through it. She was like a walking corpse who had lost her soul. Her parents and younger sister were kneeling beside her, and in the end, she was muddleheaded as she was pressed by someone to sign her handprint. At that time, Shen Xier was still in a good mood. “Aiya, what a pity. I only let you stay outside for five years. It’s best if you don’t come back for the rest of your life. It’s a pity that if that’s the case, qiran will also be suspicious. I’m really a kind person.” The bodyguards beside her also echoed Shen Xier’s words. … “Jiang Qiran, don’t tell me that you’re still trying to get me back even now?” Jiang Qiran’s tone was filled with disdain. He could even hear the sound of laughter from the other end of the phone. Jiang Qiran’s lips trembled slightly. He clenched his hands tightly, and his eyes were filled with despair. “You really think so? Then why did you go through so much trouble to buy that massage chair for me?” Ye Linlang bit her lip, trying hard to suppress the bitterness in her heart. “Don’t flatter yourself! I already signed up when the form teacher suggested the exchange activity. I only felt guilty about the massage chair’s Birthday Gift!”


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