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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1577: Surrounding and Killing Dawn Salvation

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Chapter 1577: Surrounding and Killing Dawn Salvation

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The planet of the Myth extra -terrestrial base—the Land of Hope. Ullr received a message from the Huaxia Swordsman, Shang Long.

“If you’re free in a day or two, come to Ceres Star.”

This message came out of nowhere. However, out of respect for Shang Long,

Ullr immediately replied, “Mr. Shang, why did you call me to Ceres Star?”

Ullr’s respect for Shang Long was not only strength, but also character. This was because he had already gone to Planet Kono and Ceres Star several times. Shang Long had ensured his safety, causing Ullr to completely accept his current situation. Of course, he still had basic vigilance.

“I have a day or two of free time, and the Spiritual Race is very content. I’ll find the time to guide the top elites of the Blue Star and let them experience the true power level of the Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses.

“This way, they would have a higher chance of surviving after encountering a Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse. If you have time, you can come over.”

Shang Long’s answer was as approachable as before, but the content made Ullr’s heart thump.

Ullr had come into contact with many Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses, such as Gu Ji and Shui Zhi. He also knew that Nine Satellites was very powerful, but he had never experienced it like this.

He did not dare to experience it with those people. What if the experience turned into a real kill? Now that Shang Long had mentioned it, he was tempted. This was an extremely rare opportunity. However, his years of habits and experience made him ask a few more questions.

“Mr. Shang, can I go anytime these few days?”

“Think about it. Cai Shaochu, Xu Tui, Erera, Ruan Tianzuo, and Augusto have already finished experiencing it. I’ve already informed those who are qualified and have the ability to experience it. However, you have to hurry up. My breakthrough is imminent. The flames of war might flare up again at any time.

It depends on your time.”

There was no urging in Shang Long’s reply. It was as if it was up to him.

However, the cautious Ullr contacted Augustus, Ruan Tianzuo, and the others. He had cooperated and traded with these people before. Their personal relationship was not bad.

“Experience it yourself. The power of the Nine Satellites Planetary realm was simply…” Augustus’ voice was filled with emotions. “A few days ago, I thought that when I, an earth-element supernatural being who specialized in defense, broke through to the Seven Satellites, I might have the strength to resist the Planetary realm of the Nine Satellites. However, after experiencing it yesterday, I realized that it was completely different. Mr. Shang saved my life.”

“What exactly is the situation with the power of the Nine Satellites?” Ullr was a little anxious.

“This… I can’t say for sure. It’s very strong and a little different from our current strength. You have to experience it yourself,” Augustus said.

Ullr also received a similar answer from Ruan Tianzuo. He had to experience it. After verifying the connection, Ullr made a decision.

Moreover, as a Six Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse, Ullr also understood that such an opportunity was very precious. It could be said to be something that could only be chanced upon by luck.

At 8 p.m. on the 9th of October in the Blue Star Solar System, six hours after receiving the news, Ullr brought people and rushed to the Wood Origin Palace of Ceres Star to seek an audience with Shang Long.

Fang You asked Ullr to wait for a while.

Shang Long was guiding An Xiaoxue, but Anlevich, Ganjiv, Maguwa, and Haydoff were lined up in front of him.

This time, Ullr was completely relieved.

Shang Long was really taking advantage of his free time to guide the top

Planetary realm powerhouses of the Worldly Demon Slayers. Of course, An

Xiaoxue was from the Genetic Miracle, so it was normal for him to guide her.

At this moment, Ullr was glad that he was not late. There were only four people in front of him. If he had come later, it was hard to say if he would have been able to wait. After all, a person’s energy was limited.

After waiting for half an hour, An Xiaoxue came out. She greeted Ullr and left in a hurry. Ullr waited in the Wood Origin Palace for five hours. It basically took about an hour to guide a person.

In the four origin palaces, other than some newly installed wired equipment with super-strong anti-jamming devices that could communicate, everyone else’s technological equipment would be ineffective.

Ullr could only wait. There were three more people queuing behind him. If he left halfway, he would have to queue again. Mr. Shang Long had already rested once during his guidance. It was a little difficult to say if he could guide all of them.

Therefore, Ullr could only wait.

At 1400 on the 9th of October, Ullr finally entered a hall where Shang Long was after resting for another half an hour. At the same time, before Ullr entered, Shang Long also sent a message through the cable technology equipment. “Ullr will have two hours of lost contact.”

Xu Tui, An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, Zhao Hailong, Mu Xingluan, Yang Huai, and the other elites of the Worldly Demon Slayer Team, who were already on standby on a colonial planet controlled by the India Sector, were already gathered here.

This colonial planet could lead to Planet Kono through another planet.

However, most importantly, there was also a quantum teleportation channel that led to another resource planet. On this resource planet, there was a planet that led to the Dawn Colony Planet—the Dawn Asteroid.

The Dawn Asteroid was the most important colonial asteroid in the extra-terrestrial. Dawn’s various technological arms, including their fighter jet production line, were all on the Dawn Asteroid.

Previously, he had learned from Itavi that the resource planet controlled by the India Sector’s Demon Slaying Brigade had a quantum teleportation channel built by Dawn between Dawn Asteroid and this resource asteroid.

Originally, it was used for support or escape in an emergency. Itavi did not know that it was secretly built. However, the spy who had infiltrated Dawn Salvation happened to be a participant.

It might also be luck.

Dawn Salvation had powerful forces stationed on the Dawn asteroid. There were three regular Planetary realms and all kinds of powerful technological forces.

Previously, the second-in-command, Aurora, would come to patrol the Dawn every two years. He would patrol for half a month every time.

However, according to the spies, Aurora had rushed over from somewhere this time. He had been staying on the Dawn asteroid for 20 days. He did not know when he would leave, but he would leave at any time.

“Xiaoxue. ”

At the quantum teleportation tunnel, Xu Tui and the others, who had already changed into the clothes of the India Sector’s Demon Slaying Brigade, sent a mental message to An Xiaoxue after receiving Shang Long’s message. In the next moment, An Xiaoxue stepped into the quantum teleportation channel.

Thirty seconds later, five Planetary realm experts and 12 quasi-planetary experts were teleported to this resource asteroid. An Xiaoxue, who was holding the seal of the Rabbit, amplified the frequency of the quantum teleportation channel.

The moment he arrived, Xu Tui’s mind power instantly spread out. The realistic characteristics of his mind power’s main planet force field instantly activated. He comDletelv controlled the two SDies that Dawn Salvation had planted among the guards.

Under the control of Xu Tui’s force field of mind power, the two spies could not even move their eyes or mind power, let alone move their fingers. It would definitely not be able to warn him.

At the same time, his and An Xiaoxue’s mind power force fields also enveloped the others. They would kill anyone who made any abnormal movements.

“Let’s go to their secret passageway.” Xu Tui controlled the two of them and quickly brought everyone to the location of the quantum teleportation channel to the Dawn asteroid—deep in an abandoned mine.

He could not kill these two spies yet. If they died, it might be a warning. When they were 500 kilometers away from the mine, several unmanned machines controlled by Ah Huang’s clone flew in first.

Ten minutes later, Ah Huang’s voice sounded. “The invasion was successful. All the technological warning equipment here is still working normally. They haven’t lost contact, and they won’t send information about you. You can enter now. There’s a team stationed here.”

To Xu Tui, a defensive human team was much easier to deal with than technological equipment. He got Ah Huang to use an unmanned machine to transport several Origin Crystal powders containing Xu Tui’s mind power mark to the vicinity of the quantum teleportation channel.

Xu Tui learned about the strength of the defense team. A quasi-planet with five Transmutation Realm experts. The guards were not strong, but they were enough to warn him. Everything was for the sake of the big fish, Aurora. Therefore, Xu Tui was very careful.

Xu Tui did not kill this quasi-planetary guard team. If he killed them, there might be a warning. Therefore, Xu Tui activated his spiritual resonance and remotely used Spiritual Concealment to set up illusions. Then, he silently hypnotized all of them.

Then, Xu Tui hypnotized the captain of the quasi-planetary guards and took the initiative to contact him. He passed the verification and activated quantum teleportation.

The moment the quantum teleportation was activated, An Xiaoxue instantly stepped into the quantum teleportation channel. At the same time, Xu Tui gave the order for the siege inside and outside the Blue Star to begin.

Thirty seconds later, five Planetary realm and ten quasi-planetary realm experts appeared in an unfamiliar completely sealed fortress at the same time.

The guard of the fortress looked at the sudden crowd and suddenly grinned sinisterly… “There are actually invaders! Good timing! Three-phase thermal explosive!”

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