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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1576: The Power of a Collective Machine

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Chapter 1576: The Power of a Collective Machine

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The power of a collective machine was very terrifying.

Once a group of people targeted something with all their might, it was very easy to get a result.

Before today, the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization had received a report from the former director of the Genetic Committee, Raymont, as well as various reasons for the constant internal strife on the Blue Star.

The Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was like a fish in water, be it on the Blue Star or in the extra-terrestrial.

The various sectors had been encircling and suppressing them. However, because there was no unification of operations and intelligence, coupled with the fact that the interior was riddled with holes, there were basically no results.

As a result, Dawn Salvation grew into a huge tumor that no one could stop.

Actually, Xu Tui had given such a mission when they had just been integrated. However, more than a month ago, the intelligence department of the Worldly Demon Slayers had just begun to consolidate.

Originally, Wei Bin was temporarily the division commander of the intelligence department of the Worldly Demon Slayers. Zhu Lang was the first deputy division commander, and Yan Lie was the second deputy division commander.

However, it was still not enough.

This was also why Wei Bin wanted Xu Tui to authorize the complete mobilization of the intelligence agencies of the American Sector and the European Sector.

The intelligence department of the Extra-terrestrial Worldly Demon Slayers had been integrated, but this intelligence department did not involve the intelligence department of the Blue Star.

This was the bottom line that he had set previously.

Coincidentally, some of the top-secret infiltration operations that the intelligence departments of the various sectors, including the Huaxia Sector, had carried out a long time ago were actually handled by the intelligence department of the Blue Star.

This was the authorization Wei Bin wanted.

In other words, from the moment Xu Tui authorized it, the intelligence department of the Worldly Demon Slayers was not the only one targeting Dawn Salvation. Almost all the intelligence forces inside and outside the Blue Star were targeting Dawn Salvation.

This was an intelligence force that used the Blue Star as a collective force to target an organization like Dawn Salvation.

Including the Huaxia Sector, the lurking members of the intelligence organizations of the American Sector and the European Sector who had been in Dawn Salvation for more than ten years had already been secretly activated.

At 6 p.m. on October 8, 2040, Wei Bin had already sent Xu Tui a few top-secret intelligence encryptions.

“I’ve already completed the intelligence work. After the specific operation plan is out, tell me how to get the intelligence personnel under me to cooperate. By the way, the information is valid for three days at most.” Wei Bin was very efficient.

“Thank you, Lieutenant Wei.”

“It’s my duty! It’s also a great blessing for the Blue Star to be able to eliminate the Dawn Salvation in one fell swoop under your integration,” Wei Bin said.

After gathering the power of all the intelligence agencies on the Blue Star, the effect was very terrifying. The main characters and locations of Dawn Salvation were all on paper. The highest leader of Dawn was naturally Dawn. However, his current identity was unknown and extremely mysterious. Only Aurora might know.

The second person was Aurora. His whereabouts were unknown, but an intelligence officer who had been in Dawn Salvation for more than 12 years happened to know Aurora’s whereabouts.

The identity of the third person in Dawn, Moonlight, was extremely mysterious. However, Xu Tui already knew that Moonlight was actually Raymont.

The fourth person in Dawn, Rays, was currently lurking in the Blue Star. He was mainly responsible for the internal affairs of the Blue Star. Currently, he could only lock onto the approximate location. The information about his strength a year ago was that he was a quasi-planet.

The fifth person in Dawn, Starlight.

Xu Tui recognized this person. He was originally another key figure that Dawn Salvation had nurtured and supported. He was the former deputy director of the Sing-Malaysia Genetic Committee, Li Jin, who Xu Tui had killed.

Other than that, there were also 17 sub-chiefs of the Dawn Salvation, 10 extra-terrestrials, and seven people in the Blue Star. There were only 11 people who had a clear location.

There were 21 secret strongholds, eight extra-terrestrials, and 13 in the Blue Star.

“Lieutenant Wei, is there a possibility of a secret being leaked on such a scale?” Xu Tui contacted Wei Bin again.

“Yes! But the possibility is very small. Currently, the people who participated in the initial intelligence operation were all senior people-in-charge of the various intelligence agencies. Their identities were reviewed extremely well and frequently. The possibility of them being sold was extremely low. However, we can’t guarantee it 100%. However, we still have to have a plan in this aspect during the operation,” Wei Bin said.

“Understood.” Then, Xu Tui contacted Cai Shaochu directly. He then encrypted the relevant information and sent it to Cai Shaochu. “Principal, how long will it take for the General Staff of the Demon Slayer Division to come up with a plan to wipe them out in one fell swoop?” After he finished speaking, Xu Tui added, “The priority ranges from core members to leaders to strongholds.”

“Is it very urgent?”

“The information is valid for three days at most.”

“Give me three hours.”

“Be careful to keep it a secret.”


Then, Xu Tui contacted Yan Lie. “Yan Lie, bring Yan Xuejin, Yang Huai, Cui Xi, Tao Guan, and the others. Choose another ten Transmutation Realm experts who can fight a quasi-planet. Return to the Blue Star immediately and wait for the action plan.”


According to the information, Dawn Salvation might have a Planetary realm hidden on the Blue Star. There were four known quasi-planetary experts.

It was enough to let Yan Lie go over. Yan Lie was currently at the Three Satellites Planetary realm. It would not be surprising if he encountered the Four Satellites Planetary realm.

With the two of them working together, their strength had greatly increased.

Under extreme circumstances, Yan Lie and Yan Xuejin would be able to retreat unscathed if they encountered the Five Satellites Planetary realm with the power of the Eight Extreme Star Official Seal.

It should not be a problem for them to deal with the Dawn Salvation of the Blue Star.

What Xu Tui needed to deal with next was to wait for the battle plan to come out before making arrangements. However, there was still the most important person that needed to be dealt with.

Dawn’s number one figure—Dawn!

Currently, there was no conclusion as to who Dawn was, even if they gathered the intelligence forces of the entire Blue Star.

Dawn had hidden himself too deeply. Xu Tui felt that Dawn was most likely the Lord of The Myths, Ullr, based on the results of Raymont’s interrogation. However, there was no evidence.

Could Xu Tui kill Ullr?

To be honest, Xu Tui had more than 95% confidence in killing the lightning-type supernatural being under Ullr if he encountered him again. The characteristics of the main planet force field of mind power could trap them.

However, it was hard to say for the Lord of Myths, Ullr.

Ullr definitely had many life-saving treasures. Moreover, Ullr had already completely refined the seal of the Lightning Division. It had extraordinary power and could help him escape at the critical moment.

From this point of view, Xu Tui had a 50% chance of killing Ullr. At most, he had a 60% chance.

However, with Shang Long’s help, the possibility of Xu Tui killing Ullr was as high as 90%. Xu Tui was 99% confident that he could kill Ullr if he cooperated with a special building or geographical advantage.

After arranging everything, Xu Tui came to see Shang Long again while he was waiting for the action plan of the staff of the Worldly Demon Slayers.

Shang Long had said before that he was like a sword and preferred to be direct. Xu Tui was very direct when he arrived. He directly explained why he wanted to deal with the Lord of The Myths, Ullr.

“Ullr is Dawn Salvation’s number one figure?” Shang Long looked at Xu Tui and said, “Dawn Salvation has done many evil deeds. If you have solid evidence, I can cooperate with you. In my name, I can lure Ullr to the Water Origin Palace. Then, you can use the defense power of the Water Origin Palace to completely seal off the Water Origin Palace. In that case, the probability of killing him is as high as 99%.”

“This… There’s no solid evidence. Currently, I’ve only combined information from many aspects and deduced that Ullr might be the dawn,” Xu Tui said.

“That won’t do!” Shang Long rejected him directly.

Xu Tui was stunned. “Mr. Shang, you can actually be flexible. Even if Ullr is not Dawn, it’s not wrong to kill him based on his previous actions and wavering attitude.”

“I’ve already promised him!” Under Xu Tui’s puzzled gaze, a hazy light suddenly rose around Shang Long. He stood there like a peerless sword in the air. It was sharp, murderous, and straight. “Humans are like swords. Swords are like humans. The brightly lit sword is my Dao. Do you understand?” Shang

Long looked at Xu Tui. “Since I promised Ullr, I can’t submit. Otherwise, if I kill Ullr, my Dao will be gone! Unless you have direct evidence that he is Dawn. In that case, it’s only right and proper for me to kill him!”

Xu Tui smiled bitterly. He had already expected this before he came, but he did not expect Shang Long to reject him so directly.

Although Ullr had come to Ceres Star several times and listened to his orders, he was actually extremely cautious every time. Every time, Shang Long would be by his side or appear before he would come over readily.

If Xu Tui asked him to go somewhere alone, this guy would probably immediately be on guard.

Shang Long could not bear to see Xu Tui smile bitterly, so he said another sentence. “Xu Tui, I understand what you mean by being flexible. However, this is not because I am pedantic. You should understand me. Not only are our paths different, but our positions are also different.

“You are the commander of the Worldly Demon Slayers. You only need to lead the Blue Star humans to fight against the alien species. As long as you obtain most of the victories, no one will care what you used. But I’m different.

“This is not only my Dao. Actually, it is also the cornerstone of the trust of the Worldly Demon Slayers that can unite the various factions. Therefore, there are some things that you can do, but I definitely can’t!” Shang Long said.

“I understand, Mr. Shang. However, if we want to completely eliminate the

Dawn Salvation and ignore the Lord of The Myths, Ullr, if he is really the Dawn, I’m afraid we will fail on the verge of success with him in command,” Xu Tui said.

“Without direct evidence, I can’t work with you to kill Ullr! However, I can trap Ullr here during your operation and make him lose contact with the outside world. If he was Dawn, he would definitely be leaderless when Dawn Salvation was attacked. If he’s not, success or failure will depend on your plan,” Shang Long said.

This surprised Xu Tui.

Shang Long could not join forces with him to kill Ullr, but he could trap Ullr and cut off his connection with the outside world.

“Mr. Shang, I want to know how you trapped Ullr.’

“You don’t have to worry about that. Inform me an hour before the operation begins. I can naturally do it,” Shang Long said.

Xu Tui was very curious…

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