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The Glory After Rebirth (Web Novel)

Associated Names:

Rebirth of Glory, 重生之尊荣




A letter to break off the engagement leads Ling Family in Tangyang to endless doom. And he, Ling Zhang, is tortured to death after his legs are cruelly broken.

This time after rebirth, he swears to restore glory to his family and to seek revenge. The very first he should do is to break the engagement himself!

Yuewen Family? Far in the capital enjoying high privilege and glory?

I simply don’t care.

You think yourself some delicious cake that everyone crazes to grab a bite?

Bah! Too hard that it hurts my teeth!

Yet never has Ling Zhang expected that this ‘hard cake’ would promise him a life of glory after rebirth.

NOTE: This work is completely translated on Flying Lines, just not linked because it’s NU policy to not link locked chapters.

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