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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2177 Whose Seal

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Chapter 2177 Whose Seal

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However, what kind of place was Fantasy Divine Palace and where was it?

She knew nothing of it.

Her connection with Big Baby's was broken now, and the only thing that could forcefully maintain this was this scale. But judging from the situation of this scale, Big Baby's situation was also very worrying.

Chu Liuyue surveyed the surroundings.

There was nothing in the vast world.

She suddenly recalled the middle pavilion in the air.

“Is that… the Fantasy Divine Palace?” muttered Chu Liuyue softly.

At this point, the words on the lake slowly disappeared.

Rong Xiu held her hand. “We can't stay here for long. Let's go back first and discuss this.”

Chu Liuyue was about to nod when she suddenly recalled something. “Hold on first.”

She struggled out of Rong Xiu's hand and flew toward the icy lake.


Rong Xiu knitted his brows slightly and was about to go over when he heard Chu Liuyue say, “Don't come over first.”

Rong Xiu stopped walking.

Nan Suhuai glanced at Rong Xiu and also stopped. However, his face was filled with worry. “Yue'er Girlie, what are you doing? This place is very dangerous. You have to be careful!”

Everything here was very strange, and one could not help but worry.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. “Thank you, Mentor. I know what to do.”


A ray of rainbow light flashed across!

The Chi Xiao Sword suddenly appeared in her hands!

She held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly and put it on the icy ground.

The cold wind from the snow, coupled with the icicles, blew her clothes up.

Her hair flowed with the wind, and a thin layer of frost quickly formed on it. It could be seen that the temperature here was low, and the weather was harsh

The originally iridescent and clear lake water was already frozen with a thick layer of ice, which glowed with a crystallized white color, causing one to be unable to see the situation inside.

Actually, she had always been curious about what was underneath the lake.

She had stayed in the Red Moon Desert for quite some time and had seen Big Baby walk out from below the lake. However, she had never gone down herself.

She had always been smart and could tell that Big Baby's group of three didn't really want to discuss this, so she never asked anything about it. However… she suddenly had a strong urge of curiosity for this!

Anyway, Big Baby's group of three weren't around. Then, she wanted to see what secret was hiding underneath!

She rapidly circulated her force and inserted it into the Chi Xiao Sword!


The sword roared!

The red-golden color and the transparent fire intertwined and burned intensely on the Chi Xiao Sword!

Chu Liuyue held the sword tightly, raised it up, and then… harshly pierced it down!


The sharp blade cut through the lake surface and made a crisp sound!


A crack rapidly spread across the icy surface! At the same time, the fire on the Chi Xiao Sword rapidly followed and spread across the crack!

The scorchingly high temperature caused the ice to melt.

Increasingly numerous tiny cracks were produced, and they spread toward the surroundings.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in and stared at it closely. But at this point, the snow that came down from the skies suddenly gathered here.

The snow landed on that fire and crack.

The fire gradually extinguished, and the crack was slowly repaired.

Chu Liuyue used all her force to slash out an opening, but it easily recovered its original appearance!

“How did that happen?” Seeing the icy surface that was as smooth as the start, Chu Liuyue almost did not dare to believe her eyes.

She was currently a legendary warrior, and she did not hold back with that attack!

Even if it were a mountain… With this one sword attack, it would become even ground!

Another faint opening was slashed open on this icy surface. Even if she had already thought of triggering her fire earlier on, it was still to no avail.

In 15 minutes, all the traces on the icy surface had been removed.

At first glance, it was clean. Even the patterns of the ripple did not change at all.

This attack of hers… It didn't affect the lake at all!

The cold air came from all directions, and it was like a metal needle that pierced into her surroundings.

The rainbow glowed on her body and covered her transparent and iridescent armor before the coldness was driven away.

Chu Liuyue did not believe it and slashed again!


The moment the sword landed, a Xuan formation suddenly appeared from below the icy surface.

An indescribable suppression spread from the surface.

Chu Liuyue was the first to take the hit! When she felt that aura, she knew that something was amiss.

Following that, a crisp sound was heard!


Shock flashed across her eyes. That was because… the moment the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands was covered by the light from the Xuan formation, it instantly broke!

Without thinking, she backed away!

A light intertwined with the Chi Xiao Sword.

Rong Jiu immediately took action. A ray of golden light flashed across and rapidly pressed against Chu Liuyue's palm!

The Chi Xiao Sword was instantly broken! Almost at the same time, the broken sword body broke into many tiny pieces!

The Chi Xiao Sword… was completely destroyed!

Chu Liuyue looked down, and only a broken sword hilt was left in her hands.

She instantly gasped.

Rong Xiu went forward, held her waist, and brought her away from the lake surface. Then, he took a step forward and hid her behind him.

On the icy surface, that Xuan formation gradually appeared and glowed with the light.

There seemed to be ripples in Rong Xiu's deep eyes.

Nan Suhuai hurriedly rushed forward. “Yue'er, are you alright?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head and looked at that lake with a complicated gaze. “Whose… seal is that?”

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