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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2176 Location

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Chapter 2176 Location

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Xiao Ba pursed her lips. I knew it. In such an event, Big Brother definitely won't allow me to go back and slack alone.

“But I'm really tired!” She leaned forward and pointed at her own eyes. “Big Brother, I haven't slept in so long. I have so many dark circles!”

Cen Yi did not even look at her. “You can sleep here.”

Xiao Ba was speechless. It's been so many years, and Big Brother is as cold-hearted as usual! I knew I couldn't count on him!

Xiao Ba wrinkled her nose. “I'll sleep then!”

She took a few steps back and coincidentally bumped into someone.

She turned around, and it was Yan Qing.

As she was exhausted and her entire person was in an explosive state, she didn't think much when she saw Yan Qing and patted his shoulders. “Lord Yan Qing, let me sleep on your shoulders for a while.”

Anyway, he was someone she knew, and Yan Qing was Rong Xiu's person, so he wouldn't be terrified like how San San and the rest were to her big brother.

Thinking of this, he was really a very dependable choice!

Xiao Ba was actually a little happy when she thought of this.

Then, her soft and boneless hand silently crept onto Yan Qing's shoulder as she closed her eyes, about to lean over.

At this point, Yan Qing suddenly held her wrist and moved a few steps away.

Xiao Ba's head landed on nothing, and she became more alert.

She looked at Yan Qing with a face filled with confusion.

Yan Qing's voice was calm. “Miss Xiao Ba, this isn't appropriate.”

Xiao Ba: “…Which part of this is inappropriate?”

Yan Qing: “Every part.”

Which lady would randomly lean on a man's shoulders to sleep? I'm fine, but there are so many people watching from the surroundings, and it wouldn't be good for her.

“Miss Xiao Ba, if you're really tired, why don't you go back and sleep?”

Xiao Ba widened her eyes. “But Big Brother didn't allow me to go back! Didn't you hear it just now?”

Yan Qing glanced at Cen Yi.

Actually, Xiao Ba's presence here didn't really affect anything, so he did not know why Cen Yi refused to let her go back.

This was a matter for the Thirteen Yue Guards, and he could not say anything much.

“I'll really die if I don't sleep!” Xiao Ba pursed her red lips, stretched out a finger, and poked Yan Qing's shoulders. “Look! Are you made out of paper? You can't even let me lean on you? I want to sleep—want to sleep!”

The thin finger with the intricately manicured nail poked his shoulder, again and again.

I'll poke.

I'll poke.

I'll poke, I'll poke, I'll poke.

Yan Qing finally grabbed her hand. “Let's sleep.”

Xiao Ba was already muddle-headed. When she heard that she could sleep, she was instantly elated and tilted her head to put it down.

However, she still didn't reach her destination—Yan Qing reached out and held her forehead.

Xiao Ba blinked.

Yan Qing waved his hands, and a ball of faint blue light appeared before him. He then said, “You can go in and sleep. There are blankets inside. Don't worry—they're new.”

As for why he had such items… One had to go back to a long time ago, when his master told him to prepare it.

He had prepared a lot, some for his master, and the remaining ones were for him.

Xiao Ba was speechless.

She was completely awake now.

“No need.” Xiao Ba took a deep breath in.

Yan Qing knitted his brows slightly. “Aren't you very tired? Don't worry. This is an individual room, and there's a barrier—”

Xiao Ba closed her eyes. She was afraid that she would scratch a few pretty blood marks when she saw Yan Qing's face again.

“I don't like this color,” said Xiao Ba with clenched teeth.

Yan Qing thought for a moment and asked hesitantly, “Then… change to pink?”

“You sleep with pink! Your whole family sleeps with pink!” Xiao Ba finally exploded and left this sentence harshly before she turned around to leave.

Not only did she not need to sleep now, she was also very energetic.

At the side, Thirteen said rather nervously, “Eight Sister seems angry…”

Shi Fang said, “When has she not become angry when she talks to Lord Yan Qing?”

Thirteen: “That's true.”

All the years of experience made Thirteen realize that when Xiao Ba raged, it was best not to talk to her, nor even look at her. Hence, they all averted their gazes toward Tang Ke and Su Li.

Yu Jiu: “Look how talented the two seniors are!”

San San: “Yeah! I can watch them for another hundred years!”

Cen Yi finally said, “Xiao Ba.”

Xiao Ba instantly pounced over with tears in her eyes. “Big Brother!”

Did Big Brother finally change his mind? Can I go back and sleep?

“Do you know how many Yuan instruments these two people have made until now?” asked Cen Yi as he raised his chin.

Xiao Ba was dazed. “I know.”

“Good that you know.” Cen Yi then gave her a precious gaze. “It seems like you're very energetic. According to this number, produce some pills. As for the type of pills… you know what to do.”

Xiao Ba's forehead twitched harshly. I shouldn't have rejected Yan Qing previously!

Red Moon Desert.

That line of words flashed according to one's breathing. Snow kept falling from the sky, and the accumulated snow became heavier, but it just avoided this icy lake.

After a moment, that purple scale flew to Chu Liuyue's hand.

She looked down, and the light on it was much dimmer than before.

Chu Liuyue slowly clenched her hands.

“…They're not here.” She tightly furrowed her brows, as if her heart was clutched.

The icy snowflakes and ice particles kept landing on her face and head. There was a layer of crystalized snow on her lashes.

“They're… at the Fantasy Divine Palace!”

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