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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 904: Tai, Gu, and Qing

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Chapter 904: Tai, Gu, and Qing

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Blood Dragon was still madly smashing the city walls. With its strength, the damage it caused was simply too great. Every single strike was enough to cause the city walls to tremble and the city walls to fall.

The city walls were falling, and large areas of the city walls were destroyed. The Blood Dragon was able to tear the city walls apart very quickly.

Yuan Feng couldn’t take it anymore!

He didn’t want to come out. He definitely didn’t want to.

But if this continued, it wasn’t a matter of whether he wanted to or not. It was that he was about to be forced out.

Once the stone city was destroyed and the immortal king appeared, that would be a huge problem.

“Damn it, what is Tai Heqing doing?”Yuan Kuang cursed in rage. He was stalling for time precisely because he wanted to wait for these two transcendent-level experts.

The moment these two appeared, he would be able to calmly complete his task.

Refining the immortal king.

Inside the Stone City, Ye Sheng and old turtle were silently watching.

The changes in the Stone City could not escape their eyes.

But Yuan had not been discovered.

“Sure, continue to hide. I want to see how long you can hide for.”The old turtle sneered, smoking his cigar in anger. He was simply smoking without any regard for his life. One could see how angry he was.

The stone city was already half shattered, but Yuan still did not appear.

It was equivalent to him giving up on this magic treasure that he had refined for six epochs. He was also trying to drag out the time.


The old turtle had to admit that these old fogeys were ruthless. Once they decided on something, they would definitely use their full strength. If they were cowards, then they would continue to be cowards.

“Continue to smash. Since you aren’t willing to come out, then smash for me. Stone city is completely smashed. It will definitely appear.”Ye Sheng said coldly. Now that there was a path in Mount Hua, they would do nothing but save the Immortal King.

“Smash!”The old turtle roared and ordered the blood dragon to attack without hesitation.

The Blood Dragon swayed its body and smashed down with its tail.


Stone city trembled violently. Another street was destroyed.

Yuan couldn’t take it anymore. If he smashed down again, he would reach the place where he was hiding.

“Don’t be anxious. We are here.”At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded, causing yuan to be overjoyed.

Tai, Qing was here.

The two transcendence realm patriarchs of the primal Chaos finally woke up.


A terrifying aura descended from the sky and smashed into the blood dragon, causing it to stagger. Its body rapidly shrank as it returned to the old turtle’s side, staring at him without saying a word.

An old man and a young man.

The old man was Tai, the young man was Qing.

Their arrival caused the old turtle’s expression to turn extremely unsightly.

He didn’t manage to save the Immortal King in time and Tai He Qing was actually the first to appear.


The pressure now made the old turtle speechless. He stared at them aggrievedly.

Ye Sheng stared at them and at the old turtle. He said in a low voice, “What should we do now? Who will settle these two?”

The old turtle didn’t say a word. His cigar was smoking and burning very quickly, indicating that the old turtle’s heart wasn’t very calm.

“No one can solve it. We have been born for seven eras. In this universe, there are not many people who can defeat us head-on. Now, they are not here. You Can’t do it. Just accept your death.”The old man’s voice was old, like an old pine tree, it entrenched itself on the earth and gave off a sense of time.

“Old Turtle, I see you again. I didn’t expect you to have transcended. Unfortunately, you are still a little far from us. You might not even win in a one-on-one fight. Do you want to fight two-on-one?”Qing sneered.

The old turtle suddenly cursed, “Motherf*cker, it’s not good for you two bastards to wake up at any time, but you have to wake up at this time. F*ck!”

“Are You So Angry?”He sneered and looked at the old turtle with disdain.

“Back then, you helplessly watched your master being killed by us. Now, you are still powerless to watch the destruction of this era.”Qing took a few steps forward and took a step. A terrifying power erupted, this caused the old turtle to jump in fright as he hurriedly looked at the ground beneath his feet.


A huge crack split the stone city into two. The badly damaged parts were stripped away together with Ye Sheng and the old turtle, leaving behind only a small piece of land.

“The Immortal King and Yuan are definitely in that area.”Ye Sheng said regretfully. If he knew earlier, he would have destroyed that area and forced Yuan out to save the Immortal King.

“It’s not too late to destroy it now.”A crisp tinkling sound rang out, jolting ye Sheng’s spirit. He looked to his side.

A beautiful figure appeared in the originally empty area.

She had fiery red hair, wore a leather jacket, and had braided hair. Her makeup was extremely gorgeous, and her fiery red lips were chewing on something. She was not tall and looked like a Loli.


Chi, who had always been active in the river of time, appeared here and looked at Qing hetai with interest.

“You’re Not Dead Yet?”The old turtle said in surprise.

“How would I dare to die if I didn’t drink your turtle stew?”Chi glanced at the old turtle and said indifferently.

The old turtle shrunk his head and muttered, “Impolite girl. Every time you see me, you have to boil me. My meat is old, and it doesn’t taste good.”

“It’s okay. The longer a bastard lives, the better it is. If you don’t believe me, I will save a bowl of Soup for you. Come and have a taste of it, your soul?”Something spoke very quickly and quickly, making the old turtle speechless, this was the first time he had lost to someone else in terms of eloquence.

“It’s useless even if you come, Girl. You Can’t win.”The old turtle sighed.

“A scholar should be treated differently after three days. Do you think everyone is like you, doing nothing and Wasting Your Time All Day?”Something sneered.

“Don’t talk big. If you have the ability, come. You get rid of these two guys.”The old turtle said angrily.

“I can only deal with one.”Something said indifferently.

“Then what should I do? I still have to deal with Yuan.”The old turtle frowned.

“You guys go. I have a way.”Yi waved his hand and said casually.

Old Turtle and Ye Sheng both looked at Yi with doubt. Was It True?

Tai Heqing smiled when he saw this scene.

“You guys really treat us as nothing.”Tai heqing laughed ferociously. His old face was full of wrinkles. When he laughed, it was extremely terrifying.

“Using people who have played for several epochs to conquer my chaos race. No one is as arrogant as you guys.”Qing said indifferently.

“Courting Death!”Tai He Qing shouted at the same time.

“Courting death?”As if he had heard a joke, he tilted his head and pointed at Qing: “I will come and deal with you immediately. I will definitely let you remember my name.”

“Then how do you plan to deal with me?”Tai laughed coldly.

“Your opponent is me.”An ethereal voice sounded, causing everyone to be stunned.

Was there anyone else coming?

Ye Sheng also looked at it curiously. Suddenly, his eyes widened in disbelief, but soon after, he began to laugh loudly.

A refined, scholarly middle-aged man appeared beside Ren. This person’s appearance was very familiar to Ye Sheng.

Absolute beginning!

Back then, Ye Sheng had met Ren in the DAO College’s trials a hundred thousand years ago. Later on, he had met Ren in the river of time and handed over absolute beginning to Ren.

Tai Chu had brought Tai Chu to a million years ago and had been recuperating and recovering from his injuries.

Now, Tai Chu had recovered. The first battle he fought after his comeback was against Tai Chu.

Tai Chu smiled at Ye Sheng and said, “Thank you, Little Brother.”

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