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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 887: Reunion after a long separation

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Chapter 887: Reunion after a long separation

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The people in the town were not surprised by the old Xuanwu who spoke. They did not mind their floating iron rods, war weapons, and Lady Ah Qing.

They had seen it many times, so they got used to it.

Seeing that they were used to it, Li Xiandao looked for a passerby and asked, “May I ask if there have been many people coming in recently?”

This person thought for a moment and said, “You are talking about outsiders from other places, right?”

Ye Sheng immediately nodded. They were outsiders.

Old Xuanwu and the others all listened silently.

“Quite a number of people have come, but none of them are here. There are a lot of aborigines here. Our ancestors have all been here for generations,”the passerby nodded and said.

“Then can you show us the way? I’m eternally grateful,”Ye Sheng immediately said.

“Fly in the southwest direction and you’ll see countless new cities. They live there,”the passerby pointed with his hand.

After Ye Sheng thanked the passerby, he didn’t delay and flew in the southwest direction with old Xuanwu and the others.

Their speed was very fast. Even Ye Sheng, who was the slowest, had the Kun Peng’s extreme speed. Now, when Ye Sheng used it, he was already at the peak of Kun Peng’s Extreme Speed. He couldn’t be compared to an emperor, but he wasn’t slower than immortal King realm experts either.

This was Ye Sheng’s advantage.

The few of them rushed forward. They flew and flew past a large group of mountains. Only then did they see countless new cities being built.

Their arrival immediately attracted the attention of others.

Shua Shua Shua!

Immediately, more than ten experts stared at them either openly or secretly.

“Ye Sheng?”At this moment, a surprised voice sounded.

Ye Sheng focused his eyes and looked. In an ancient city, a titan that was four to five meters tall was looking at him in surprise.

“Chi Jun!”Ye Sheng let out a long howl. He was overjoyed. If Chi Jun was fine, then his wife and daughter must be fine.

“How did you find the seventh world? It’s unbelievable. When we left, we couldn’t contact you. We waited for you for a few months, but you didn’t come, so we left.”Chi Jun flew up and said apologetically.

“This is my problem. I was too intoxicated with my breakthrough and forgot the time. How long have you guys been in the seventh world?”Ye Sheng immediately asked.

“Almost ten years. has the main universe been completely destroyed by the Primal Chaos?”Chi Jun asked curiously.

“More or less. The dead can no longer be calculated. Countless stars are begging to be destroyed, the universe has collapsed, and there are flames of war everywhere.”Ye Sheng sighed.

“This is the reason why we gave up on the main universe. We Can’t win.”Chi Jun shook his head bitterly.

“We’ll go down first. There are many eyes watching us from above,”Ye Sheng said.

“That’s right. Follow me down. I’m in charge of this city. We’re entering the seventh world with many civilians and troops. The entire sky dome planet has moved here.”Chi Jun brought Ye Sheng Down and entered the main hall.

Old Xuanwu, iron staff, Lady Ah Qing, and Zhan Ge all followed.

Ye Sheng looked around and asked, “Zhuge Xiaoming, where’s Du Qingyi?”

“Zhuge Xiaoming and his grandfather went to train together. Du Qingyi became the young master of the Immortal Court and went to receive the baptism of the immortal court,”Chi Jun said.

“What? He actually became the young master of the Immortal Court? Aren’t they not on good terms with the Immortal Court?”Ye Sheng asked in surprise.

“The intentions of the primal chaos race were exposed, shocking the silent faction within the immortal court. They cooperated with Du Qingyi’s faction and agreed to accept du Qingyi as the young master. They chased away those spineless people and those who wanted to surrender to the primal chaos race, and then entered the seventh world.”Chi Jun gave a simple introduction.

“They are now on a mountain thousands of miles away, rebuilding the immortal court. Du Qingyi has gone to receive the inheritance of the successive great powers of the Immortal Court,”Chi Jun said.

“I didn’t expect it to be like this. Even the immortal court knows to enter the seventh world?”Ye Sheng asked in surprise.

“Du Qingyi asked me for help and brought the people of the immortal court in. Because they were separated, there weren’t many people, so I brought them in,”Chi Jun explained.

Ye Sheng understood. So that was the case.

He looked at Chi Jun and asked, “What about my wife and Daughter?”

Chi Jun smiled and said, “I acknowledge you as my big brother. Naturally, I will take good care of my sister-in-law and niece. They have followed me into the seventh realm and are living in seclusion in a quiet place.”

Ye Sheng immediately felt relieved and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Now that you have come in, let’s rest here and wait for the great change to come,”Chi Jun said seriously.

“The arrival of the Great Change? What does that mean?”Ye Sheng frowned.

Old Xuanwu and the others were also listening quietly.

“Once my grandfather entered, he left this place and went to visit some unfamiliar friends. He personally told me that when this epoch is destroyed, it will be the time for the chaos race to be destroyed.”Red Army said excitedly.

“This is a fight.”Iron Rod muttered.

“Exciting. Starting a war with the chaos race. Interesting.”Zhan GE’s eyes lit up.

Red Army said in surprise, “These are?”

“You don’t have to care who we are. Since we came to the seventh world and received this news, then Ye Sheng, we will take our leave.”Old Xuanwu waved his hand.

“Where are you going?”Ye Sheng asked. He did not ask them to stay. Their cultivation bases were all stronger than Ye Sheng, so naturally, they would not put Ye Sheng as their main target.

“We’re going to find some experts. After we came in, many experts here sensed it. Now, we’re going to meet them,”miss ah Qing said.

“Okay, have a safe trip.”Ye Sheng nodded and watched them leave.

Old Xuanwu waved his hand and left with iron rod, battle spear, and Miss Ah Qing.

Soon, they disappeared in front of their eyes.

Ye Sheng placed his hands behind his back and looked at the mountains and lands outside, deep in thought.

“What are you thinking about?”Chi Jun asked.

“I’m thinking, what should we do next?”Ye Sheng sighed.

The main universe had fallen. The primal chaos was too powerful, and Ye Sheng was burdened with a heavy promise, making it hard for him to breathe.

“Go and cultivate. My grandfather said that once the primal chaos has settled the outside world, they will attack the seventh world. We don’t have many peaceful days to live.”Chi Jun said solemnly.

“Yes, cultivate. I have to work hard to cultivate.”Ye Sheng took a deep breath. It seemed that this was the only thing he could do at the moment.

“Oh right, the DAO College has moved to the seventh world. There is no dao college in the outside world.”Chi Jun suddenly said, “If you want to cultivate, you can go to the DAO College.”

Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up. He did not expect the DAO College to come to the seventh world. It seemed that the destroyed dao college that Ye Sheng saw when he woke up was just an abandoned place.

“I will. I have many friends in the monastery.”Ye Sheng nodded. It was not bad to go to the monastery to cultivate.

“Alright, I Won’t disturb you. Go and marry sister-in-law. Although sister-in-law won’t say it, I know that she is very worried about you. She looks at the horizon in her yard every day and is very sad.”Chi Jun patted ye Sheng’s shoulder.

Ye Sheng was silent. He had let down the others, but he had let down Beauty Zhou and ye Yun ‘er.

“Good, I go.”Ye Sheng said goodbye to the Red Army, immediately flew to the position of Zhou beauty.

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