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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 885: Entering the universe graveyard

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Chapter 885: Entering the universe graveyard

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing the all gods pill furnace merge with that foot and reveal its original appearance, Ye Sheng’s heart was extremely warm.

The all gods pill furnace was his natal magic treasure, and Ye Sheng paid more attention to it than the celestial eradication sword formation.

If he could only choose one of the two, Ye Sheng still wanted the all gods pill furnace, and not the celestial eradication sword formation.

A Natal Magic Treasure was one that would rise and fall together.

The Pantheon Pill Furnace, which had burned its own impurities, became beautiful and magnificent, bringing with it an aura that could suppress all things.

After old Xuanwu saw it, he clicked his tongue and said, “What an amazing magic treasure. I can’t compare to it.”

“When I came to the weapon burial valley, this leg was already there. I was so proud that I didn’t care about anyone. I didn’t expect it to be on this magic treasure,”Ah Qing muttered.

“It’s still incomplete, but its power is already so terrifying. If I stabilize the other leg, wouldn’t it be even more terrifying?”Iron staff sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Ye Sheng, why is your life so good? All these magic treasures are on You?”Zhan ge said enviously.

Ye Sheng chuckled and didn’t explain. Instead, he stretched out his hand, and the Pantheon Pill Furnace spun around and landed on his hand. Then, it seeped into his skin and entered his dantian.


The pantheon pill furnace suppressed his dantian. Just like the celestial eradication sword array guarding ye Sheng’s four limbs, it became incomparably terrifying.

Ye Sheng had just broken through, but at this moment, he felt a terrifying energy enter his body. It came from the Pantheon Pill Furnace.

The Pantheon Pill Furnace was Ye Sheng’s natal magic treasure. It recovered its origin and rose from the previous four or five levels to the seventh level of origin power. It was incomparably dense, and it was fed back to Ye Sheng’s body, immediately allowing him to quickly rise.

At this moment, there were two steps to climb up the immortal’s thirty steps.

The peak of the immortal, thirty-two steps.

Ye Sheng held his breath and focused his mind, trying his best to stabilize his body. He didn’t cultivate these things by himself, but by the massive increase in energy brought about by the Pantheon Pill Furnace and the immortal slaying sword array. Although his strength and realm had increased, he still needed to change many things.

Ye Sheng would need to spend a lot of time to stabilize his realm later on.

But now, he had broken through again and again, and he was stunned by iron staff and the others.

“What is this?”Iron staff said in surprise, not daring to believe his eyes.

“Is it so easy to break through?”Zhan GE’s eyes were red with envy.

Ah Qing was also a little envious. This time, Ye Sheng had crossed nearly ten steps consecutively. It was unbelievable.

Ye Sheng himself was also very surprised, but after thinking about it carefully, he was not that surprised.

After all, the all gods pill furnace was his natal magic treasure. It was natural for it to bring him energy.

After the breakthrough, Ye Sheng looked at Old Xuanwu. He had gained a lot from coming to the soldier burial valley this time, but he still wanted new gains.

“Do you know how to go to the seventh world?”Ye Sheng asked curiously.

Old Xuanwu muttered, “The seventh realm. This is a magical place, the epitome of the last era. But to be honest, I don’t know how to get there.”

Old Xuanwu had been imprisoned here for millions of years. He knew very little about the seventh realm, so he could not help ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng sighed in disappointment.

Lady Ah Qing looked at Ye Sheng’s sigh and asked, “Do you really want to know about the seventh realm?”

Ye Sheng nodded and said happily, “You know about it?”

Ah Qing nodded and said, “My master went to the seventh world when she was alive.”

Iron Rod, war spear, Old Xuanwu, and Ye Sheng looked at Miss Ah Qing together.

The weapons here gave birth to a will and became a new species. Miss Ah Qing was one of a kind. She did not give birth to a will on her own. Instead, she inherited a part of her master’s unyielding will and used the main body of the long sword…, to give birth to a will.

Therefore, Lady Ah Qing walked very far. Within the weapon burial valley, other than the sword array, she was the most special one, and no one dared to provoke her.

Back then in the Universe Graveyard, when the primal chaos race invaded, Lady Ah Qing even came out and swept across tens of thousands of miles with a single sword.

Therefore, what Lady Ah Qing said made ye Sheng very pleasantly surprised. He immediately said, “Can you tell me how to go to the seventh world?”

“Why are you in such a hurry to go to the seventh world?”Miss Ah Qing asked.

“The chaos race has already started to destroy this era. If I don’t go to the seventh world, I might not be able to survive,”Ye Sheng said bitterly.

The main universe was becoming more and more difficult. The chaos race attacked wantonly, killing people at every moment. Immortal kings and emperors were everywhere. The accumulation of the chaos race for many years exploded at this moment. It was terrifying.

It was already impossible for Ye Sheng to continue cultivating in the universe. He now had the immortal vanquishing sword array and the Pantheon Pill Furnace, these two heaven-defying magic treasures. He had to do something.

After entering the seventh world, he would ask Chu Xiangyu for his opinion and bring Beauty Zhou along with him.

Regardless of whether this universe was alive or dead, Ye Sheng wanted to be with the woman he had promised his entire life.

As for his daughter, Ye Yun ‘er, she had her own life. She had already grown up and was like an eagle soaring. In the end, she would become very powerful.

Ye Sheng did not want to interfere with his daughter’s choice, so he did not choose to bring ye Yun ‘er along.

The premise of all this was that Ye Sheng could enter the seventh realm.

Miss Ah Qing’s answer was extremely important.

“What do you want to do now?”Old Xuanwu suddenly asked Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng looked at Old Xuanwu in puzzlement and said, “I want to enter the seventh world.”

“And then?”Old Xuanwu asked.

Iron Rod, Battle Spear, and Lady Ah Qing all looked at Ye Sheng and old Xuanwu.

“And then?”Ye Sheng pondered for a moment and suddenly laughed. “Then, prepare to improve yourself. Before this universe is destroyed, enter the ancestral land of the primal chaos race and save a very great person.”

“Save Who?”Lady Ah Qing asked.

“Immortal King!”Ye Sheng replied.

“Immortal King!”Lady Ah Qing’s eyes widened, filled with joy.

Iron staff and Zhan Ge also stared in shock, not daring to believe it.

To the weapons of the weapon burial valley, immortal kings were no strangers.

Back then, the corpses of the five old men they were guarding were sent in by Immortal Kings. The Immortal Kings even instructed them to take good care of them.

“Isn’t the Immortal King Dead?”Tie Gan asked in surprise.

“That’s right. The Immortal King vanquished the nine heavens. I’ve heard of this legend for many years.”Zhan ge replied.

Lady Ah Qing and old Xuanwu silently looked at Ye Sheng.

“The Immortal King vanquished the nine heavens is a legend. But in reality, the Immortal King vanquished the Nine Heavens isn’t a legend. It’s a true existence. It’s just that this nine heavens isn’t the nine heavens you know of. It’s the ancestral land of the primal chaos. “The Immortal King single-handedly held back a group of primal chaos old farts. He was suppressed by them in the ancestral land of the primal chaos. I have to go and save him.”Ye Sheng said.

“Just you, you don’t even have the Immortal King Realm, you want to go and save the Immortal King?”Zhan ge expressed his doubt.

Ye sheng smiled bitterly, “No matter what, I have to give it a try.”

Lady Ah Qing said, “There are several routes to the seventh world. There’s a passageway in the deity world.”

“If it is destroyed, the deity world will collapse and no longer exist. If the deities are no longer around, who knows where they will escape to?”Ye Sheng shook his head.

“Then there is another place.”Miss Ah Qing immediately said.

“What Place?”Ye Sheng looked at Miss Ah Qing expectantly.

Iron Rod, battle spear, and old Xuanwu were all listening.

“The universe graveyard, that is the end of the universe. There are countless talents buried there, and they are also connected to different places. The seventh world has a passageway in the universe graveyard.”Miss Ah Qing said.

“The universe graveyard, where is it now?”Ye Sheng was confused.

Ever since the universe graveyard separated from the soldier burial valley 100,000 years ago, the soldier burial valley had come to the era battlefield, the universe graveyard had disappeared.

“I know where it is, I’ll bring you there.”Iron Rod suddenly said.

Zhan ge was shocked, “You’re not transcending?”

All the weapons in the entire soldier burial valley were pursuing a transcending, in order to transcend, they could give up anything. Now that iron rod said this, it meant that he was leaving the soldier burial valley.

It was chaotic outside. If he left weapon burial valley, he would face the great calamity of the new age.

This was a very unwise choice.

Only Zhan GE would question Iron Staff’s choice.

“Is it safe to stay in weapon burial valley?”Iron staff asked.

Zhan GE had nothing to say. Weapon Burial Valley said that it was safe, but they would change places regularly. With just their weapons, there was no one else, so it was very quiet.

However, the weapon burial valley still existed in this universe. Once the epoch was destroyed, everything would be destroyed, and the lives would be ruined. Would the weapon burial valley be able to escape the fluctuations?

Not to mention other things, at least half of the weapons in the weapon burial valley had died, or even more.

“That’s at least much better than going out.”Zhan ge persuaded Iron Rod.

“Actually, I’m hoping to find my master. He left me in the weapon burial valley for so many years, and I’ve always felt that he wasn’t dead. Although I have the hope of transcending, with my character and strength, I still have no hope of transcending.”Iron Rod told the truth, he was very self-aware.

Transcending did exist, but since ancient times, countless weapons became spirits in the weapon burial valley. Then, they wasted time and used up their lifespans. Even if they didn’t use up their lifespans, they had already passed through a few eras and were hiding in the depths of the weapon burial valley, they were on their last breath.

Weapons that passed through an era in the weapon burial valley would enter the depths, leaving the outer space for weapons that entered the weapon burial valley in a new era.

Therefore, Zhan GE, tie rod, Lady Ah Qing, the Sword Array, and the old gossip all entered the weapon burial valley in this era.

Zhan GE was silent, not knowing how to persuade them.

He and tie rod were also the type to kill each other. They often fought, but they cherished each other.

Now that tie rod was about to leave the weapon burial valley, Zhan Ge was very sad.

“Ye Sheng, take the immortal vanquishing sword array and give my iron chain a hit. Let me escape, I’ll help you too,”old Xuanwu suddenly said.

Ye Sheng said in surprise, “Can the immortal vanquishing sword array break your iron chain?”

“Of course. The Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array is the number one killing weapon. It can still cut my iron chain,”old Xuanwu immediately said.

“No problem. Chu Xiangyu and I promised you a hundred thousand years ago to help you get out of here. It’s been a hundred thousand years. I should fulfill my promise,”Ye Sheng agreed immediately. He took out the immortal vanquishing sword array and walked out of the weapon burial valley.

Old Xuanwu’s main body was still outside the weapon burial valley.

“I’ll go with you.”Miss Ah Qing suddenly said.

“What? You’re leaving the weapon burial valley too?”Zhan ge looked at Miss Ah Qing in surprise.

“I’ve stayed for too long. I’ve been training my soul and master’s soul. Now that I’ve reached a perfect level, it’s time for me to go out. This time, the sword formation’s boss has sacrificed himself like this. I Won’t stay in the weapon burial valley.”Miss Ah Qing said firmly.

“Damn it, all of you have left, leaving me alone here. It makes me look so miserable. No, I want to follow you too.”Zhan ge suddenly hardened his heart and walked in front of Ye Sheng, he raised his head and said, “Do You Want Me Now?”

Ye Sheng laughed loudly and grabbed zhan ge, saying, “All of you have gained sentience. You Don’t need to look for master anymore. Why do you need to follow me?”

“Ye Sheng, although we have gained sentience, we don’t know much about the outside world. Moreover, the sword formation boss has chosen you. Then I’ll follow you. I believe in the judgment of the sword formation boss,'said iron staff.

“I just don’t want the efforts of the sword formation boss to be wasted. You Don’t have to think too much. I also don’t have the intention of letting you be the master,'said Miss Ah Qing calmly.

“Right. I just want you to lead us. Don’t think too much. You are too weak. You Aren’t worthy to be my master.”Zhan ge curled his lips.

Ye Sheng wasn’t angry at all. These weapons were all extremely powerful, especially old Xuanwu and Lady Ah Qing. Ye Sheng estimated that within the emperor realm, they were all very powerful.

“Then let’s go. We’ll enter the seventh world. When you understand the situation, you won’t need me anymore.”Ye Sheng said.

He took the celestial eradication sword formation and left the weapon burial valley. When he saw the old Xuanwu’s chains, the four swords suddenly became one. The sword diagram revolved and turned into a sharp ray of light.


Like cutting tofu, Ye Sheng’s attack cut the chains on the eight trigrams into pieces and broke them on the ground.

“Hahahahaha, I’m finally free.”The old Xuanwu threw his head back and roared. A huge eight trigram appeared in midair and shot into the sky, turning into a huge eight trigram diagram.

Old Xuanwu’s true form was an eight trigram.

Now that he was free, he completely washed out his power. It was like water, vast and mighty, changing thousands of times.

“Old eight trigram is still so boring,”iron staff muttered.

“If he’s not boring, is he still him?”Zhan ge sneered.

“Indeed.”Even Lady Ah Qing, who did not like to joke, agreed.

Ye Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Old Xuanwu had been trapped for a long time. Now that he had escaped, he was actually in the air, demonstrating the various functions of the eight trigrams.

If you said that he was deducing some future, that was fine too. However, he was just purely showing off. His momentum was great, as if he was fighting with someone. He was putting on an act. He was very stupid.

Ye Sheng was too embarrassed to say it, but tie gun and Zhan ge did not have any scruples.

“Idiot!”Miss Ah Qing still said a simple word.

“Brain-dead.”Tie Gun gave a direct evaluation.

“Showing off and brain-dead.”Zhan GE’s mouth was the meanest, and he said directly.

Old Xuanwu was so angry that he wanted to activate the eight trigrams formation and fight them one-on-one.

“Alright, stop showing off. Let Iron Rod take us to the universe graveyard,”Ye Sheng shouted. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Alright, I’ll carry you. I can cross space at a very fast speed.”Old Xuanwu stopped showing off. His body swayed and transformed into Xuanwu’s main body, carrying Ye Sheng and the others.

“It’s at this landmark. Hurry over.”Iron Rod immediately gave the location of the universe graveyard to old Xuanwu and let him carry out the black hole transmission.


“Sit tight, let’s go.”Old Xuanwu excitedly howled, rushing into the black hole and disappearing.

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