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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 883: Sword Formation as one

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Chapter 883: Sword Formation as one

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This was a very touching scene. The four swords of the celestial eradication sword and the sword formation resonated together. Accompanied by their battle hymns, they let out a sharp sword cry

The celestial eradication sword formation was the number one killing sword. It did not have any defensive power, nor could it predict the past or future. It also did not have the ability to protect its master.

The only advantage of the celestial eradication sword formation was its extreme offensive power.

With the celestial eradication sword in hand, it could slash through the nine heavens.

With the celestial eradication sword formation in hand, one would either die or one would die.

There was no third choice.

It was extreme, but it was also very powerful.

This was the invincible technique. Ye Sheng had always been pursuing the invincible technique, and now, this was the invincible technique.

As long as I could kill all my enemies, I would be invincible.

The invincible technique was this.

The Sword Formation and the four long swords let out a clanging sound that reverberated throughout the weapons burial valley. The weapons in the valley were all vibrating. Every single one of them was watching. They could feel the extreme killing intent, the extreme madness, and they were all shocked.

“What is the sword formation boss doing?”

“Can’t you see? Those four swords are part of the sword formation boss. Or rather, only by combining them together can they be complete.”

“Then what does the sword formation’s boss mean? Is it leaving?”

“I’m not sure.”

The weapons discussed animatedly while Ye Sheng and old Xuanwu watched silently.

Old Xuanwu said in surprise, “How did you obtain the four celestial eradication swords?”

“It was a coincidence.”Ye Sheng did not elaborate.

“Sigh, now that the Sword Formation has been perfected, it can also pursue transcendence. With its strength, it can transcend to a large extent,”old Xuanwu said enviously.

Ye Sheng was silent.

The Sword Formation would choose transcendence?

If it chose transcendence, then ye Sheng would not agree.

Ye Sheng had promised someone, so he had to do it. Saving the Immortal King, in this era, he had to go no matter what.

If the Sword Formation wanted to transcend, that was definitely not something that this era could accomplish.

The Sword Formation and the four swords of celestial eradication began to communicate. Seeing the miserable scenes, they silently floated down and stared at Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng let it stare at him with a calm expression.

Old Xuanwu was worried that the sword formation would kill Ye Sheng and snatch the four swords of celestial eradication.

But its worries were unnecessary.

The Sword Formation took a deep breath and said, “You’re too weak.”

Ye Sheng smiled bitterly. It was the same sentence again. He felt that if it were someone else, they would be called too weak by different people. Their mentality would explode.

“I will do my best,”Ye Sheng could only say firmly.

The Sword Formation looked at Ye Sheng and suddenly let out a long cry, “Sword Formation Fusion!”

Clang, Clang, Clang!

The Sword Formation suddenly changed its shape and turned from a human body into a formation diagram that was suffused with endless sword light.

This was the original celestial eradication sword formation diagram.

It was a sword diagram that was a hundred meters long and a hundred meters wide. It was misty and suffused with a chaotic aura. In addition, endless sword qi shot out. It was very frightening.

It was this sword diagram that became the boss of the weapons at the periphery of the weapon burial valley with its powerful strength.

Zhan ge, Ah Qing, tie rod, Old Xuanwu, and the others were all watching silently.

The Sword Formation turned itself into a sword diagram. It shook violently and endless sword qi shot out.


The celestial eradication sword was the first to fly into the sword formation. With a boom, the sword diagram and the Longsword made the power of the celestial eradication sword formation explode.


The Ultimate Immortal Sword flew into the sword formation, once again increasing the power of the immortal Slayer Sword Formation.


The Immortal Slayer sword also flew into the sword formation.


The immortal trapping sword also flew into the sword formation.


The four swords and the sword diagram combined into one, and the true immortal Slayer Sword Formation finally appeared in front of Ye Sheng.

The Immortal Slayer Sword Formation was already at its peak at this moment. Four longswords hung in all directions, and a formation diagram encompassed the heaven and earth, the Sun, Moon, and stars, changing endlessly.

Everyone stared with wide eyes. It was the number one killing weapon in the universe.

Even a divine weapon was nothing in front of the celestial eradication sword formation. It was easily killed by the celestial eradication sword formation.

Old Xuanwu suddenly said, “The sword formation has given up its hope of transcending.”

Ye Sheng was stunned. He looked at Old Xuanwu in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Old Xuanwu was also stunned. He did not expect the sword formation to be so determined.

The hope of transcendence was not for humans to transcend, but for weapons to transcend. This was unprecedented. However, not long ago, an ancient weapon had succeeded.

The Sword Formation was praised as the one with the most hope of transcendence in the weapon burial valley.

However, the sword formation had never been willing to cultivate. It slept every day and did not work hard for transcendence.

It was waiting for its own mission to arrive.

Now, it had even more of a possibility of transcendence.

When Old Xuanwu saw this scene, he was also dumbfounded.

“If the Sword Formation leader chooses to transcend, then the four swords of the celestial eradication will not be able to maintain its integrity. The celestial eradication sword formation will kill sharp weapons. There will be no emotion. With emotion, the killing will lose a lot of flavor. It Won’t be invincible and won’t be the first killing.”Ah Qing slowly walked over, looking at the Immortal Punisher sword formation hanging above everyone’s heads, she spoke.

“It has a chance of transcending. When the time comes, the four swords would be able to restore it to its peak.”Old Xuanwu spoke. This was also a path.

However, the sword formation didn’t have a choice.

Ah Qing frowned as well. She didn’t know why the Sword Formation didn’t choose to do so

Ye Sheng knew.

At this moment, his heart was a little heavy. He knew why the Sword Formation didn’t choose to transcend and take back the four swords.

It was because of their mission. They were forged for extreme killing. It should be said that when the immortal king and his disciple studied the four swords, their target was the chaotic clan.

Hence, the First Battle of the immortal slaying sword formation was to charge into the chaotic clan and kill them all.

And the second battle was to charge into the chaotic clan and kill them all.

When the Sword Formation communicated with the four swords, it saw its former master. It saw that he only had a remnant soul, but he was trying his best to re-forge the four broken swords. It saw that before he died, he dragged his remnant body away, he took away a chaos race emperor.

Master did all this in order to save the immortal king in this era.

How could the Sword Formation choose to transcend?

It said that Ye Sheng was too weak because ye Sheng was really weak. Compared to the chaos race, he was too weak.

However, Ye Sheng firmly said that he would give it his all. The Sword Formation still chose to believe in its master’s choice.

Since its master had given the four re-forged swords to Ye Sheng, then it was Ye Sheng.

It was just a formation map. It didn’t need to think too much. It just needed to do its job well.

Therefore, it was natural for the formation map and the sword to become one.

Knowing this, Ye Sheng’s heart was heavy. Another brave person who knew that he had to sacrifice a lot, but still did it without hesitation.

The Sword Formation gave birth to spiritual intelligence. It was already an independent entity, but for the sake of the integrity of the celestial eradication sword formation, it still chose to sacrifice its spiritual intelligence without hesitation.

At this moment, the sword array was as one. The sword diagram was only a sword diagram and had no consciousness.

Ye Sheng stretched out his hand with a solemn expression and took the celestial eradication sword array.

Crack Crack Crack!

The four long swords rolled up the formation diagram and entered Ye Sheng’s body in an instant, bringing a terrifying power to his body.

“I, Ye Sheng, will definitely bring all of you into the primal chaos ancestral land and slaughter everyone in all directions,”Ye Sheng said in a low voice.

This was a promise to himself and also a promise to those who had sacrificed themselves.

The immortal slaying sword array, the number one killing tool in the universe.

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